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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Last Spell

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Last Spell


Isaac sits at the top of the castle, and he unfolds a cloth and throws Godbrand’s ashes to the wind.

Meanwhile, Carmilla deploys her troops to the town of Braila. Someone reports to her that Godbrand is missing.

Sypha and Alucard are still busy browsing Belmont’s books at the Belmont library. Spyha wishes the Speakers had written more of their knowledge just like the Belmonts had. Alucard doubts how many of these are helpful. He’s concerned that he’s working with a man-child in Trevor. She tells him Trevor probably feels the same about him.

Alucard warns her not to be too distracted by his antics. He’s a drunk and self-destructive man. Sypha convinces him that they’re all in this together, and they can’t fail.

Sypha finds a fascinating book that they might be able to use, but it’s written in an archaic language. They try and dig deeper.


Hector and Isaac go outside to talk in the daylight to avoid interference. Hector thinks the others act like animals but still feels a kinship with them. He tells Isaac that they need herding, but Isaac thinks that’s treason.

Hector argues that Dracula doesn’t care how his plans are acted out. He’s worried that they’re failing him. Hector wants Isaac to be on the same side and to agree to attack Braila. Isaac doesn’t budge because it’s Carmilla’s plan. Hector tells him they’ll station the castle by the ocean as a vampire deterrent.

Back in the castle, Carmilla and Hector convene to enact their plans. She praises his schemes and tells him to be proud.

Dracula shows Isaac his old transmission mirror from centuries ago. The two enact their strategy as Isaac reveals what Isaac and Carmilla are up to. Isaac doesn’t think there’s a betrayal, and if there is, he vows to stop it himself. They believe the attack in Braila can appease the others. Dracula doesn’t care anymore, as long as the deed is done.

Dracula laments that he used to savor the details and draw his schemes to ambush entire towns and cities. He remembers a long time ago how he lured and trapped the city’s defenders through fear and cleverness. He even relished putting them on stakes, displaying their corpses for all to see. Right now, he wants it over with.

Carmilla and Hector come in to suggest their plans to attack Braila’s port. Isaac agrees, and so does Dracula, as long as all humans die in the end.

He tells them he’s tired and to get on with it. Isaac vows to stay until it is done, but Dracula says it doesn’t matter again.

Moving parts

Carmilla flaunts that she’s now in control. Hector asks her why, to which she rants about babysitting the children, animals, and old men in the castle. She tells him he’s implicated in her schemes now, and there’s no turning back. The only way out is to see it through.

Sypha finally finds a breakthrough in the Belmont’s library. The Belmonts have been working on a locking spell for generations to capture Dracula’s castle. They tried for centuries to prevent the castle’s advantage of being able to go wherever it wanted. The spell is unfinished, but Sypha thinks she can complete it using an ancient language. However, the library starts to shake soon as the night creatures attempt to break in.

Our Thoughts:

The attack on Braila feels drawn out by this point. I think the pacing dragged a little bit in this episode. We could have used more action to break the monotony of schemes and book-reading. I rate this a 3/5.

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