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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Assault

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Assault

Volcano Head

Jogo attacks Gojo in the middle of the road. The curse creates volcanic geysers on surfaces to shoot spouts of flame. He hits Gojo with a blast, but he emerges unscathed.

Jogo piques Gojo’s interest. He wonders if Jogo is connected to Sukuna’s appearance as he welcomes it to a fight.

Jogo attacks him with a distraction of insects and fire blasts, but Gojo simply waves them off again. Jogo can’t believe his point-blank attacks are missing. Gojo tells him he merely hit the infinity that separates the two of them.

Gojo invites him to touch his hand, but the cursed spirit can’t get close. He attacks using Divergence and Infinity, harnessed with his cursed energy to blast Jogo away into the woods. With Jogo‘s every attempt to counter, he gets swept away by Gojo’s overwhelming power.

After being thrown to a nearby lake, he remembers Geto’s warnings that he might die. Gojo arrives, carrying Yuji with him. He cuts out Yuji’s training so he can give his student a demonstration. A lesson on the apex of Jujutsu Technique: Domain Expansion.

Yuji can’t believe ten seconds ago they were at school. Jogo sees them and remembers he can’t kill Sukuna’s vessel. Jogo asks Gojo what Yuji’s doing there, telling Gojo he just brought a burden. Gojo says it’s fine and adds that Jogo is weak. This makes Jogo erupt in anger and swear at them.

A Lesson

Yuji can’t believe Jogo is weak, but Gojo reassures him. Jogo clasps his hands for Domain Expansion and encloses them both inside what looks like a cave full of gushing lava: Coffin of the Iron Mountain.

It’s similar to their previous encounter in the detention center, albeit this one has more intent built to it by the sorcerer. If they had encountered something like it as first-years, they would have died. Domain Expansions take up a lot of cursed energy, but you can easily direct your attacks to the opponent, and they can’t easily escape.

Seeing as the enemy hasn’t burned yet, Jogo slowly realizes he’s outclassed. Gojo explains a Domain Expansion can be countered by opening your own and demonstrates this by pulling down his blindfold.

Jogo’s fire attack is stopped in its tracks. Gojo unveils his blue crystalline eyes and opens his domain: Unlimited Void. Suddenly, Jogo gets sucked into a dimension of infinite space as his domain gets obliterated. In that space, he experiences everything in existence, leading to infinity.

Gojo pulls out his head and decapitates him. Yuji is in awe after witnessing the strongest sorcerer. Gojo asks the severed head who he’s working for and who’s trying to kill him. But then the cursed spirit Hanami comes in to save him by creating a garden of flowers that distracts Gojo.

A New Enemy

Hanami grabs Yuji using branches and thorns, but Gojo saves them. Through the commotion, Hanami escapes with Jogo’s head. Gojo can’t help but be impressed at how well they concealed their aura. At the same time, he’s bothered that two Special Grades have teamed up.

Now that a new enemy has appeared, Gojo is much more eager to train the students. Yuji wonders if he’ll still be alive in a month.

Geto enters an abandoned building where he enters a door leading to the beach. Hanami arrives thereafter, carrying Jogo’s head. Jogo burns with anger, but Geto reminds him that Gojo will have to be captured for their plans to work. Another human-like curse is on the beach: Mahito, who’s eager to work soon.

Our Thoughts

Now that’s an overpowered character! I rate this episode 4/5.


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