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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – For Love

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - For Love

Blood Moon

The full moon looms above Dracula’s castle. As they open the gates, the flooding holy water washes outside. Dracula defeats the remaining forces from Styria, but his eyes go red with rage.

Down in the trove, the staircase is a wreck. It will be a challenging climb, but Sypha conjures an ice pillar that carries them above. The three are rife with anticipation for what they have to do. Trevor looks at Leon Belmon’s portrait as they rise and clutches his weapons.

They see the moon glow a bloody red as they reach the surface, yet their eyes match its intensity. Trevor congratulates Sypha for her work as they gaze at the castle. He asks Alucard if he’s ready, and he tells him he’s not, but they’ll do it anyway.

The vampire factions stop fighting as they sense the newcomers enter. Trevor calls out roles, and they charge. His morning star proves effective against vampires as it burns and explodes each enemy it hits. Sypha casts her spells for support, while Alucard shapeshifts into a wolf and fights, assisted by his flying sword.

Sypha hurls icicles that slice an enemy in half while Trevor duels with another soldier. Alucard fights three generals simultaneously, including a vampire that can turn into mist. Sypha catches her with a spell and shatters its body. Trevor comes in and wrangles a flying vampire while Alucard slices another. Sypha catches the last of them with a flame spell.

The lower floor gets cleared of vampires, but the creatures of the night are next.


Dracula escapes through the rising staircase, assisted by Isaac, who sees Alucard approach from below. He tells Dracula his son is here with a hunter and magician. Isaac vows to save Dracula and his wisdom of ages, and Dracula denies this and throws him into the desert via the magic mirror.

Alucard meets with his father and tells him the war is over. They both claim to be doing what they’re doing for Lisa. Dracula fends off Alucard’s attacks. He subdues Trevor and hurls Sypha to the ceiling, and Trevor’s fists can’t smash through him.

Alucard manages to catch his father while Sypha burns his face. Trevor stabs Dracula with a stake, but it’s not enough. They fight three against one with Dracula and land successive blows. Angered, Dracula hurls a giant molten rock at them. The three thwart it with their combined talents and push it back towards Dracula. Alucard gets the upper hand, throwing his father back deep into his library.

The two get into a brutal fistfight. Alucard takes a stake. He tells his father that he died when his mother died, and this is just history’s longest suicide note. The two continue brawling through several of the castle chambers.

For Love

Dracula catches his son and smashes his face through the floor. Alucard is on the back foot, but they stop fighting when they arrive at his childhood room.

Dracula realizes what he’s doing. He looks at his wife’s portrait and weeps. Alucard is Lisa’s greatest gift to him, and he’s trying to kill him. Alucard takes a stake and plunges it into Dracula’s heart, and it goes through, and Dracula’s body sizzles to the ground. Trevor comes in to behead him, and Sypha follows by burning its remnants.

Dracula’s fumes lash out of the windows like spirits of the night. The three marvel at their victory, both in shock and awe. Alucard weeps at his father’s death while the two tell him he saved countless lives. Alucard smiles and says the man died long ago.

Our Thoughts

Wow, this episode flew through my expectations. If only they could do all episodes consistently like this, although I understand this isn’t too practical. This is the best episode they’ve done so far, and I rate it a 4/5.

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