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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Boredom

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - Boredom

Type of Girl

Panda tells Maki Zenin the Kyoto Principal will be arriving that day. He wants to know where the first-years are since tensions are still high after Yuji’s death. Nobara and Megumi might be in trouble. Panda specifically worries about the third-years Todo and Mai who tend to harass people.

As he predicted, Megumi and Nobara meet the two by the vending machines. Nobara learns that Mai and Maki Zenin are twins from how they look.

Mai mocks them about their dead classmate, calling him a half-cursed monster who deserved to die. Todo stops her. What he wants to know is if the two first-years measure up. He asks Megumi what type of girl she likes and swears to beat him up depending on his answer. Todo admits he likes tall girls with large bottoms.

Megumi doesn’t want to answer such a weird question. Todo explains knowing a man’s type determines their personality, and he hates boring men the most. The Goodwill Event is a display of passion and soul. Todo doesn’t want to be disappointed. He asks Megumi one more time.

Megumi replies he doesn’t have a preference. Nobara thinks his answer will get him in trouble. Todo affirms this by crying and attacking him for being so boring. Nobara wants to help his friend, but Mai grabs her from behind. Nobara insults Mai by telling her Maki is prettier, which makes the third-year pull out a gun on her.


Todo beats Megumi up in close range, rendering his Shikigami almost useless. Before they clash again, the second-years arrive. Toge stops Todo using his cursed speech, and Panda punches him away.

Panda tells Todo to back off and wait till the event starts.

Meanwhile, downstairs Nobara is on the floor with Mai pointing a gun at her. Maki arrives and stops her sister. They exchange harsh words, revealing Maki cannot use cursed energy. Nobara wakes up and wrestles Mai from behind, but Todo arrives and stops them. He has to attend an event to meet a pop idol. As they leave, Mai warns them things won’t go easy once the event starts.

When asked, Maki admits to Nobara she can’t use cursed energy. Instead, she has many cursed tools to help her with exorcisms. She even needs her glasses to see cursed spirits. Nobara asks her why she became a sorcerer. Maki wants to prove to a family who looked down on her that she’s better than them.

Escalating Threats

Gojo meets with Kyoto’s principal: Yoshinobu Gakuganji. He says Principal Yaga will arrive later since he gave him a fake meeting time by threatening Ijichi. Gojo acts in defiance against the old man, getting his attention and his attendant Kasumi Miwa. Still, Gojo doesn’t hold back. He accuses him of purposefully sending the first-years to their deaths against the cursed womb. He also reports he was attacked by two Special Grades that night. Stronger Special Grades have been appearing, and everyone is getting stronger from the enemies’ side and their own. He warns him the old limits he imposed will soon be useless.

After dropping it, Gojo leaves and tells Gakuganji that Yaga will arrive in two hours.

A month later, in a cinema somewhere in Kanagawa, a cursed spirit murders three students. Authorities found their heads deformed into weird shapes. Outside, a student approaches Mahito; he saw him do the deed.

Yuji arrives along with another sorcerer to investigate the crime scene.

Our Thoughts

Although I find it ridiculous for upperclassmen to instigate a fight with their juniors and destroy the school grounds by collateral damage, I do appreciate how every character introduced so far has a lot of interesting qualities. I rate this 3.8/5.

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