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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – End Times

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - End Times

Reduced to Rubble

The sun shines through the windows of Dracula’s castle. Alucard walks through the rubble and destruction left from the night before. He arranges the lab tools and books, noting how they messed up the old house.

Sypha marvels at the instruments and scientific tools inside. They can’t even imagine how the engine that moves the castle works. They worry about what Alucard wants to do with all this.

He arrives and tells them he once planned to go to Gresit, but he doesn’t want Dracula’s knowledge and legacy taken by robbers. Alucard proposes it to be his grave. Trevor worries that it’s right on top of the Belmont’s hold, so he offers the hold to Alucard as its last defender. He’ll have his father’s home above and his mother’s knowledge down below. Alucard accepts.

Somewhere in the desert, a lone Isaac takes a sip of water. A group of bandits arrives and wants to sell him as a slave; they think he’s simply meat. Isaac takes out his blade and kills their leader before brutally massacring the others.

That night, Isaac dines on meat while the dead bodies lay before him. He goes to the leader and reanimates its body. Then, he complains that he doesn’t have time to deal with humans bothering him at every corner, but he might want an army. He rides across the desert with his band of night creatures in the morning, searching for more victims.

More Adventure

Sypha ponders going back to the Speakers, but since she’s traveled with Trevor, she’s experienced so many adventures. It would be a shame to stop now, and some of Dracula’s forces are still somewhere in Braila. She proposes they continue with their work as there’s more to be done.

Sypha tells Trevor that he has gone a long way from being a drunk stumbling idiot. Now he’s doing what he’s born for, and the nightmare from before has made him complete. She asks if they can do it together, and he could be her sidekick or mascot.

Trevor doesn’t like getting into trouble for self-improvement, but Sypha still asks him to join her. He’s apprehensive, but he accepts. She plans to find her people first and then go to Braila. But for now, they sit and watch the scenery.

Tired, Hector broods as the citizens of Braila rebuild their town. Carmilla acts nonchalantly and asks Hector if he’ll stake her, and he says he only wants to build a fire. After the sun sets, Carmilla wants to go back to Styria.

Hector wants to figure out what happened to the castle. She tells him that the castle was taken by a spell and Dracula is dead, as seen from the mirrors. This troubles him, so Carmilla cheers him up and tells him they’ll look after him.

Then two soldiers come out of the shadows and subdue Isaac. Carmilla plans to take advantage of the power void left by Dracula’s death. She wants Hector to create a horde for her. He defies her at first, but Camilla beats her up and pulls at his chains. She declares him as her new pet forge master, then beats him to a bloody pulp. She and her soldiers head for Styria while Hector follows via a chain tied to her horse.


Sypha says goodbye to Alucard, and he tells her not to get stuck in Trevor’s troubles. The men flip each other off as they say goodbye. As they ride their wagon, Sypha fantasizes about their adventures together and how she would tell the story of Belnades and Belmont.

Back in the castle, Alucard relives the memory of his parents, and he weeps.

Our Thoughts

Although I loved the episode, I’m not sure I want a full-length epilogue that’s even longer than the climax. Still, even with its pacing issues, this is an anime I would gladly recommend to anyone. I rate this a 3.5/6.

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