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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Idle Transfiguration

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - Idle Transfiguration


Junpei meets with his club members to discuss horror movies, but bullies barge in and ask them to leave. Junpei reasons with them, but the bullies won’t relent.

One of the bullies has his foot on Junpei’s DVD, so he asks him to let go. He gets beaten instead.

Back in the sewers, Mahito and Junpei discuss the definitions of love and indifference. Junpei notes people don’t really use the word love in the country. Mahito takes him to one of his deformed human experiments and asks him to try his cursed energy on it. Junpei looks at it and tells Mahito that indifference is what humanity deserves.

Mahito asks him if humans have a heart. They both agree they don’t. Mahito says he can understand the structure of the soul better since that’s what his powers do. He thinks it’s nothing special and has no value or weight. They are all the same, meaningless and worthless. He tells Junpei not to be constrained by the idea of indifference.

As they follow Junpei, Ijichi and Yuji notice he hasn’t been coming to school. They devise a plan to unleash a low-grade curse to test if Junpei can see it. If Junpei is as strong as a Grade 2, they’ll have to retreat.

Kento heads to the sewer system and calls out for Mahito to appear after defeating two of his minions. Mahito comes out and calls him a weak candidate who’s perfect for his experiments. Kento tells him to make it quick because he doesn’t like working overtime.

Battle of Souls

A fight ensues between them, with Kento brandishing his knife and Mahito blocking with cursed energy. Kento’s technique cuts Mahito’s arm, but it just dangles. Kento analyzes Gojo‘s report about two unregistered Special Grade Cursed Spirits and doubts the two aren‘t connected.

Mahito asks him what came first: the body or the soul? He answers the former. Mahito tells him his wrong as he heals his arm by preserving the shape of his soul. It‘s his cursed technique: Idle Transformation.

Mahito wonders what might happen if he can store a Jujutsu Sorcerer’s soul. Kento tells him it’s almost overtime, so he resolves to fight harder.

Junpei meets his teacher Mr. Sotomura waiting by his door. Sotomura tells him about the death of his three classmates, who he thinks are his close friends. He asks why Junpei isn’t at their funeral and offers to accompany him. Junpei can’t believe it; it’s as if the teacher didn’t even recognize his existence.

Yuji yells at them, carrying the cursed spirit and notices that Junpei can see it. Yuji takes Junpei away and asks to talk to him, distracting the teacher by pulling his pants off and running away.

Seconds later, Yuji arrives behind Junpei, and they go for a walk.

Working Overtime

Deformed body parts chase Kento around the sewer system while he desperately evades. Due to the changing structure of Mahito’s creations, Kento’s knife technique is severely hampered. He notices Mahito’s creations are actually conscious humans who are suffering. Mahito apologizes, saying his design is incomplete.

Kento says he keeps his emotions out of work as a Grade 1 sorcerer. Mahito thinks he’s perfect for experiments and grabs him by the stomach. Thankfully, Kento’s cursed energy barrier thwarts it, but Mahito thinks a few hits more will destroy his soul.

Kento tries to escape, but Mahito chases after him. The clock turns six, and Kento’s cursed energy spikes. It’s overtime.

Our Thoughts

So far, the series has strong gray themes that explore the capacity for evil within humans and the circumstances that drive them. Very well done so far. I rate this 3.5/5.

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