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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – Bless Your Dead Little Hearts

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 1 Recap - Bless Your Dead Little Hearts

A Month Later

Alucard hunts and forages for food alone in the lush woods near his castle. The castle’s interior remains a mess, not much improved from where they left it in the battle with his father. He cooks and eats his food much like a regular human.

On the shelf by the dining room, there’s a doll that resembles Trevor and Sypha. He mimics a conversation between the two, mocking their flaws. It’s only been a month since they left, but already he feels lonely.

Sypha and Trevor are journeying through the woods when a pack of night creatures tries to ambush them. The two keep calm. Once the creatures come close and reveal their numbers, she glides forward and catches two of them with a fire spell. Trevor takes the ones in the back and hits them with his Morningstar.

A wolf-like demon manages to get a hold of him and throws him further into the woods. He loses his weapon and they fight hand-to-hand. Trevor kicks its knees and punches its throat before snapping its neck.

He takes the demon’s body and ties it to the wagons as a deterrent for ambushes down the road. Compared to their lonely friend, the two are having an adventurous time.

Council of Sisters

Carmilla and her troops march back to her castle where she’s greeted by her sisters Striga and Lenore. They had been walking for thirty days straight because their horses had all perished from attacks by the road. She complains about how chaotic the world has become. Between night creatures, vampire packs, and bandits vying for power, there’s not a single one of them she doesn’t want to murder. She wants to start planning immediately after her bath.

Hector arrives last, all bloody and bruised. Carmilla asks her sister Striga to put him in a cell and feed him twice a day. The guards lock and strip Hector, and give him a piece of moldy bed.

Inside, Carmilla meets with her other sister Morana who gives her a goblet of a virgin’s blood. They celebrate and welcome her arrival

A man named Saint Germain inspects the local produce in a small town marketplace. He complains about the price of apples, arguing with the shop mistress who wouldn’t accept his coins.

The wagon arrives bearing Trevor and Sypha. He looks at them with suspicion, thinking they could be bandits. The other villagers stare as they arrive with a night’s creature corpse tied behind their vehicle.


Trevor disembarks and asks the town if they have a creature problem, saying that he’s taken care of the whole pack. The town judge tells them they’ve arrived at the minster town of Lindenfeld.

Three monks appear and ask them if they killed the night creature. They already know about Dracula’s death and the betrayal that happened at Braila.

Sypha and Trevor feign ignorance as the priory monk tells them how Dracula’s forces were drowned at Braila. He asks Sypha if she knows whos responsible for killing him, as he seems to be upset about Dracula’s death. He throws suspicion at Sypha, saying that he knows there was a Speaker at Gresit.

The town judge signals his men and tells the monks that it may be time for them to go. As they leave, the judge tells Trevor that the priory went mad after learning that the church was responsible for Dracula’s rampage, and now it’s becoming a problem for them.

The judge asks them for their names and welcomes them. A local arrives and offers to pay them for the demon’s teeth. A local barman gives Trevor a free beer for their kill.

Our Thoughts:

This first episode is a great introduction. It connects what happened last season and immediately introduces some new players that can shape the world. I rate this a 3.5/5.

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