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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – Investigators

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 3 Recap - Investigators


Sypha and Trevor plan their next step while they recount the many disturbing night creatures they faced so far. Sypha says it’s the most fun she’s ever had in her life. Trevor figures her out, saying she’s bored. She wants to move on and continue the adventures of Belnades and Belmont. Trevor admits he’s getting more creeped out by the townsfolk, particularly the priory.

She asks if they really worship Dracula. The judge speaks behind him and says they do. He invites them for tea in his house.

The judge asks them who they are, to which they answer truthfully. They admit to killing Dracula, and that it might be unwise for the priory to know. The judge wants to know what the priory is up to. He runs the town but doesn’t have jurisdiction over the monks.

He said their town was attacked by night creatures days before, tearing through the market and townsfolk. But the judge was there with his men-at-arms, and they defended themselves effectively using salted weapons.

They followed one of the larger night creatures as it escaped to the priory. Interestingly enough the creature didn’t kill the monks, instead, it talked to them while the windows of the priory lit up with glowing colorful lights. The monks came out bearing the remains of the monster and cried for hours.

The next day the monks stop helping the townsfolk, and days later bloodied priests enter the market square only to be accepted into the priory. The judge wants to know what’s going on and enlists them to check it out. Sypha wants to do it. The judge offers to pay their rent.

Your Story

Back at sea, the captain offers Isaac a drink. He refuses, citing his religious beliefs. Isaac has since stopped self-flagellating due to his distressed state. The Captain wants to learn his story. Isaac tells him about working in Dracula’s court. He admits he doesn’t like the human race and plans to kill everyone in the world.

The captain wonders why he’s here and not in Wallachia. Isaac tells him what happened in Braila. Dracula was betrayed and confused, which led to his death. He shows the captain his mirror and tells him about Forgemaster magic–the art of taking demons from Hell. Isaac thinks the demons he’s called are a way of clearing Hell and giving the lost souls penance.

The captain asks what he’ll do after he exacts revenge. Why not have his mission instead of Dracula’s own? By killing the human race, he may end its cruelty but also its kindness. He asks Isaac why he can’t use his knowledge to teach people to be better. The captain suggests that Isaac could be a leader and teacher of men. Isaac could do so by way of conquest, the way he rules over his beasts.

Isaac pauses for a moment and asks for water. The captain obliges, saying it’s a gift he’s freely giving.


Back in Styria, Lenore visits Hector’s chambers and asks for the guard to leave. He sees through the act as a trick, claiming vampires like to play with their food. Lenore denies this, saying she’s different from her sisters. She’s the diplomat of the council.

Hector asks her what Carmilla contributes to the council. She’s the dreamer, the spark and they follow. Lenore offers him some food. Hector reluctantly crawls forward and takes a piece of fruit from her.

When Lenore offers him some chicken, he pulls her to the bars and threatens to choke her. But then Lenore’s body turns into a swarm of bats and beats Hector up even more. Lenore tells him she’s here to make peace, but she is in no way soft.

Our Thoughts:

I like how crazy Sypha is. I’m scared for Hector. I can’t believe the captain is even weirder than Isaac. The show keeps throwing great characters at us. I rate this a 4 out of 5.

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