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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – I Have a Scheme

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 4 Recap - I Have a Scheme


Back in Alucard’s castle, Taka and Sumi are inspecting the dolls when their host comes in and offers them wine. Alucard tells them about the battle that happened here, showing how lonely he’s become. He asks about their life. Taka and Sumi once worked under Cho’s court where Cho would let the hunters fight her for sport. They learned how to fight by witnessing countless warriors die under the vampire’s bite.

When Cho left to join Dracula’s court, they staged an escape and freed the others like them. Now that Cho’s dead, other vampires will take over her place. Taka and Sumi need a teacher. Alucard suggests they could use magic.

Morana and Striga convene in one of the castle’s towers to rant about Carmilla’s fervor. They admit it’s been amazing but it’s now it feels too much. Striga thinks her plan is a huge undertaking, feeling overwhelmed by the logistics and military force needed for such a large territory. Morana tells her that they’ll be commanding an empire and she can make the internal machinery work. Striga laughs, citing how Carmilla’s dreams have them scrambling trying to make things work. In the end, they praise her scheme and yell to the sky.


Saint Germain walks towards the priory, suffering the sharp gaze of the monks that he passes. Sala welcomes him in. Inside the place is in shambles, with blood and demon remains on the walls, books scattered, and the crucifix upside-down. Sala doesn’t seem to think it’s wrong.

Sala asks him why Germain calls monsters night creatures when Lucifer means light-bringer. Germain asks him if he stopped believing in God. Sala argues that Hell and its creatures are part of God’s wisdom. Germain asks about the symbol they all wear. Sala says it’s been given to them.

Germain tells him it’s the mark of Hell as denoted by alchemists. Sala seems delighted and invites him to read more from their books to uncover more knowledge about them. He restricts his access to the Hall only, as there’s other work to be done elsewhere.

As he reads, Trevor and Sypha pass through the window. One of the monks finds them and tells them to leave. Trevor steps in, but Sypha keeps talking. Other monks come in to surround them. Sypha asks them about their work inside but the monk gives them an ultimatum, stating they have work to do.

Sypha concedes but she turns around and calls them out for concealing knives. As they leave, Sypha grumbles that it’s Gresit all over again. She’s bothered that the monks seem happy with their work.

They pass by the judge, who tells them walking to the front door won’t work. Sypha tells him there’s magic in there and he gulps.


Lenore comes back to Hector’s cell. She admits that Carmilla is keeping him around for his work as a forge master. She asks him what Hector would like instead and what Dracula would have given him for his services. Hector cannot give a straight answer.

She pries him for more answers and suggests that Carmilla’s plan was exactly what Hector thought Dracula was planning–a culling. She leaves him to think about it further.

Isaac and his night creatures finally arrive at Genoa. The man-at-arms meets them at the port. Isaac tries to negotiate with their captain, saying he only wants passage. The captain won’t relent, saying what happened in Wallachia can’t happen here.

Isaac growls, his temper flaring. He snaps his finger, and the night creatures attack just as before. He works his dagger and creates more creatures for his band.

Our Thoughts:

I love everything that has been happening so far. The show has given us a great reason to feel invested in its characters it’s paying off dividends. I rate this a 4 out of 5.

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