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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – Worse Things Than Betrayal

BY Harris

Published 1 week ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - Worse Things Than Betrayal

New Blood

Alucard takes Sumi and Taka outside early in the morning. The two had explored the castle’s machinery last night and wondered if it could ever be fixed. Alucard thinks it will take a long time. Meanwhile, he has places to guard.

He takes them to the Belmont hold, which has now an elevator installed so they can safely go down. Alucard switches on the lights inside to his student’s amazement. He introduces them to the legacy of the Belmonts and their monster hunting craft. Here they can study the anatomy of the vampire and various battle tactics. Alucard tells them to start small and he relishes the idea of equipping a new generation of hunters.

Back in Lindenfeld, the judge reprimands a small boy for running around the square. Yet soon after he points him to an apple tree just beyond the outskirts of town, giving him permission to take three apples.

Saint Germain passes by and greets the judge as he heads toward the priory. Here he finds an old leatherbound book filled with notes on the occult, not something you’d find inside a church.

He asks prior Sala about it, noting how the book has had a section torn out of it recently. Germain thinks those pages detail the methods for bringing people back from Hell.

Sala tells him it must have been used as toilet paper. Germain gives the monk a minor threat for treating him like he’s mad.


Isaac and his band of night creatures pass by a ruined town in the mountains. Here he finds an old woman smoking a pipe. She greets him, knowing he’s a Forgemaster from his scent. The fact that there’s only one person in the village intrigues Isaac, so he asks her if she’s responsible for it. The woman laughs. Isaac knows she’s a magician.

She warns him that there’s a village nearby, run by a magician who took the population and imprisoned them. Isaac feels suspicious about her still being alive but she tells him she isn’t strong anymore.

Her name is Miranda. All she could do was to drive the enemy away, lamenting that she can’t save the others.

Miranda warns Isaac that his current horde can’t go against Styria. She tells him that the magician has a transmission mirror. But to get to it, he’ll have to kill everyone in his town. She suggests that perhaps Isaac can bolster his numbers this way. There are worst things in this world than vampires in Styria, worse things than betrayal.


Trevor and Sypha catch two of the monks as they carve another house with a symbol. Trevor volunteers to take care of it, craving for a fight.

He knocks down a monk while dodging the one with a knife. He recognizes his grip and notes that he must be a trained killer. Belmont wraps them up with his cloak like a matador and pummels his fist into their faces. He stuffs one of them into a barrel and takes the other for questioning to the Judge and Sypha.

Trevor asks the monk to tell them what the symbol means. The judge kicks him in the head but the monk won’t relent. Sypha tells them the symbol could mean death and transformation, so they’re planning something magical in nature. It’s probably an action against the town. Saint Germain shares the same suspicions as they have.

When Saint Germain is left alone in the church, he takes his gem and moves into the dark passageway. Underneath, he finds a night creature who is crucified in a chamber.

Our Thoughts:

I’m a little worried that all of our main characters won’t meet in this season, seeing all of their isolated arcs. But with these time-and-space-travel demons, perhaps there’s a chance for an all-out battle. I rate this a 3.5/5.

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