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Castlevania Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Having the World

BY Harris

Published 3 days ago

Castlevania Season 4 Episode 2 Recap - Having the World


Hector, now enjoying some semblance of freedom, browses through the library during the day before returning to his work. As he passes through the castle halls, he is continuously inserting magical stones within its little cracks and crevices. With a magic mirror, he’s able to send orders to the vampires in Targoviste. He is clearly biding his time and doing delicate work.

Back in his workshop, he complains that the other blacksmiths aren’t working as hard. Lenore is bored, having no more need for diplomacy while her sisters are busy with their own affairs. Hector sees more from her. She’s worried that she’s being sidelined.

Hector needs a new hammer for his forge. Something that has to be made from scratch in a very specific way. He’s been working on it for a couple of weeks. Lenore keeps making fun of him for it and asks him to work faster before Carmilla has anything to say about it.

Lenore joins Carmilla as she continues to work on her maps and plans. Carmilla argues that Hector is stalling but Lenore doesn’t think he has the capability to do so. Carmilla warns her sister to be vigilant. Remembering her first encounter with Hector, She fantasizes about taking Dracula’s castle. She craves taking things from other people.

Take the World

As an example, she shows Lenore the territories from Styria to Braila. These are the lands she wants to take from stupid old men just like how she took the castle they’re living in. She sees many regions with no significant vampire rule, all there for the taking. Carmilla proclaims that she wants to take the whole world for her own. Lenore remains apprehensive about such a huge undertaking and asks if Carmilla will be happy once she has it. Carmilla isn’t quite sure, as long as she takes everything from those who took from her.

A blinding light flashes from inside Hector’s workshop, telling them that he’s finished forging his hammer.

Trevor and Sypha find an empty and ruined barn to stay for the night but Varney and Ratko send their night creatures to attack them. The vampires see how good they are at fighting and admire their fresh beauty.

Suddenly, three warriors come in to help them. One is wielding a sword, the other carrying a hammer, and the last is a nimble fighter with two daggers. Trevor and Sypha coordinate their attacks, weaving in Morningstar whiplashes with fireballs and icicles. After a hard-won fight and sustaining some damage, they manage to kill off the creatures but they lose two fighters.

Underground Court

The remaining warrior’s name is Zamfir, Head guard to the Underground Court of Targoviste. She claims that the trap was intended for them. It turns out that the ruling family of Targoviste survived Dracula’s first assault. But soon after, the vampire and night creatures came, and they hid under the catacombs of the city. She leads the underground court and seems quite nonchalant about her dead comrades.

Sypha asks if she heard of a plot to resurrect Dracula from the dead. Zamfir says the vampires in the city wish it and want to take the court’s cache of magical items. Trevor and Sypha want to check it out so Zamfir recruits them to join their fight. But first she wants to know if the two are trustworthy.

Suddenly the roof creaks as Varney and Ratko make their escape. Zamfir moves outside in pursuit.

Trevor picks up an inscribed magical stone from one of the dead and keeps it just in case.

Our Thoughts

The first two episodes show a great mix of action and plot, not like the previous seasons. This is shaping up to be better than what came before. 3.5/5

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