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Castlevania Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – You Don’t Deserve My Blood

BY Harris

Published 3 months ago

Castlevania Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - You Don't Deserve My Blood

The Battle

A portal breaches open in Carmilla’s castle, enabling Hector’s Night creatures to pass through. Chaos ensues as both factions engage in all-out war. Isaac steps forward last and joins in on the slaughter.

He manages to infiltrate the castle and leads his flying creatures through the windows. Carmilla sees the chaos outside and correctly guesses who her attackers are. Demons swarm into her throne room which she gladly invites in.

Lenore retreats from her room and goes to Hector’s workshop. She wants to hide Hector but he insists on staying and traps Lenore inside a magical cage. Hector calls Saint Germain and sends his final instructions. He tells him to not trust Varney before cutting him off.

Hector admits that he’s conferring with the others to bring Dracula back to life and he’s been laying down traps inside the castle just in case.

Isaac comes in and passes through Lenore’s cage easily. Hector tells Isaac to kill him and spare her. He says he’s done what he can to bring back Dracula and atone for his misgivings, adding that he openly will accept Isaac’s revenge.


Isaac explains he isn’t here to kill him. Revenge is for children and it is their duty to grow up. He invites him to find their own way. Hector hands Isaac a trinket that will enable him to enter Carmilla’s room directly. He borrows Isaac’s knife and cuts off his own finger to free himself from enslavement. Isaac leaves to finish his mission while Hector and Lenore are left alive, unable to decide what to do next.

Isaac activates Hector’s trap which opens the way towards Carmilla’s room. Carmilla continues to fight as blood fills her chamber. She screams in agony as bloodlust engulfs her. Isaac walks inside to meet her and confronts her about her grand ambitions. He’ll have to kill her for the danger she poses to the world.

A duel ensues between them, saber against knife, with Isaac and his night creatures taking turns to attack the vampire. Carmilla burns with rage as she fights, but Isaac has too many creatures willing to shield him from her attacks. She succeeds in cutting through a lot of them, hurling swears just as much as sword slashes. Still, their numbers don’t seem to dwindle.

In desperation, she stabs herself, causing an explosion seen from afar by Striga and Morana. They sense their sister’s death. Taking back the castle will cause too much risk for them, not knowing the enemy. The two of them deliberate their next step. They decide to reinforce a nearby town with their soldiers before settling down for a quiet life. Carmilla’s overreach was what caused this tragedy to befall them. They wouldn’t want to make the same mistake. Vampires always want more, and always have a grand plan. Perhaps it’s time for them to settle down.

Building a life

Carmilla’s castle grows quiet as Isaac’s forces devour the remaining troops. Hector bandages his hand as snow falls outside. Isaac returns and asks for Lenore. She’s down by the basement, hiding.

Isaac asks if they’ll join the effort to resurrect Dracula. To his surprise, Isaac refuses. Hector feels guilt and wants redemption, but he has suffered enough in the hands of Lenore. He has been constantly used as a tool by others and has no agency in his actions. The two of them change in each other. Perhaps it’s time to let Dracula sleep while they move forward with their own plans.

Isaac asks him what he wants. He chooses to be left alone with Lenore, to read and think. Hector asks him the same question. Isaac wants to create a life outside of Dracula’s grasp. He wants to live.

Our Thoughts

I can’t believe how well the development between these two villains has been managed through the season, so much so that they’ve become great secondary protagonists. 4/5

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