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Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Esqueleto


Published 2 weeks ago

Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Esqueleto

[00:00:30] Miguel’s grandmother calls him to set the dinner table. Miguel is getting hyped up, practicing his punches. His grandmother thought he‘s jerking off. Later that night, Miguel and his grandmother eat dinner when his mother arrives. She‘s late for dinner because of overtime work. The Halloween Dance is just around the corner, so she asks Miguel what he will wear. Miguel wants to attend the dance as Deadpool, but the costume is too pricey. His mother assures him they will make him a Deadpool costume, but his grandmother refuses to make the costume for him. Carmen notices his knuckles have bruises. She asks Miguel what happened, but he can’t respond with a sound alibi.

[00:01:30] Miguel’s grandmother says she doesn’t want to know what Miguel is doing. The next day, Miguel goes back to the dojo to continue training. Johnny still has no new students, but the bills are coming in. He asks Miguel for help but knows he doesn’t have any friends. Miguel asks Johnny when he can move on to the next part of his training. Johnny says if he doesn’t get additional students, there won’t be any training. Miguel suggests starting advertising to get more students. Johnny tells Miguel he has already thought of advertising, but he doesn’t know how to run a business.

[00:02:30] Meanwhile, Daniel is getting worried for Sam. He’s really anxious to know if Johnny is telling the truth. Amanda notices he’s not paying attention to a word she’s saying, so she goes over and tells him that everything will be okay between Sam and Kyler. She‘s really sold that Kyler is a good guy, but Daniel isn’t. She asks Daniel if he’s willing to trust Johnny more than Sam which ends the argument. Later that day, his work buddies give him some advice, but he won‘t take them. Listening to his work buddies is the worst idea ever.

[00:04:00] Everyone is forced to attend a talk about cyberbullying. Apparently, someone is bullying Eli about his cleft lip; his pictures are all over social media. Eli’s mother reported the incident, but it only made things worse for Eli. The teacher also reminds everyone to wear appropriate attire for the Halloween Dance. Sam’s old friend, Aisha, decides to approach her about their Halloween costumes for the dance. She wants to go with Sam as Sodium and Chloride so they can pour salt in front of people once they ask what they are. Sam finds the science joke funny, but Yasmine doesn’t understand. She thinks it‘s an inside joke, but Aisha tells her that Sodium Chloride is table salt.

[00:05:30] Sam tells Aisha that she’ll go with Yasmine and her other friends as Laker girls. Meanwhile, Johnny asks a homeless person to do his advertising for him. He can’t afford to pay someone properly, so a homeless person will do. He gives the woman a sign and tells her just to hold the sign for the whole day, and he’ll pay her. Johnny goes around town to hand out his flyers, but the neighborhood doesn’t care about his stupid flyers.

[00:06:30] Johnny is at the park and sees some ladies watching two guys play basketball. He approaches the guys and tells them they can score chicks by taking Karate lessons from him. The guys decide to make fun of Johnny instead. They tell him that taking Karate lessons from a stranger is a better strategy than just going over to talk to some chicks. Johnny feels ridiculous in his black headband and decides to take it off. He‘s doing his best to make a living, but time just left his ass behind. Meanwhile, Daniel goes over to Sam’s room to talk. Sam is in the shower, so he thinks of waiting for her outside. Daniel is about to leave the room when he hears a beep from Sam’s laptop.

[00:07:30] Daniel checks on Sam’s laptop and finds Kyler’s message asking Sam to sneak out of the dance so he could give her something big. Daniel knows something is fishy with Kyler, but his wife catches him looking at Sam’s laptop before he can respond. He tells Amanda he‘s having issues with the Wi-Fi, so he just came over to check if Sam is having the same issue. Daniel closes the message and gets out of Sam’s room in a hurry. Meanwhile, Johnny returns to the dojo and finds the homeless person using his sign as a shade from the sun. He also sees Miguel patiently waiting for him outside the dojo. Johnny doesn’t feel like training Miguel for the day because he feels like a failure.

[00:09:30] Miguel enters the dojo to show Johnny what he made during his free time. Miguel made a website for the dojo. He also thinks of making an app to track the progress and launching a social media page for the dojo. Johnny feels happy, and it seems he’s connecting with Miguel on a whole new level. He tells Miguel to meet him at the school later that night so he can finally move on to the next part of his training. Meanwhile, Sam tells her parents what happened between her and Aisha the other day. Sam felt bad about how Yasmine treated Aisha, but she no longer wanted to become a geeky teenager. Sam’s mother understands how she feels, but Daniel changes the topic. He tells Sam he’s coming with her to the dance as her chaperone.

[00:10:30] Sam doesn’t want Daniel to come with her, but he’s already decided. Sam tries to ask her mother for help, but even she can’t convince Daniel not to go with Sam to the dance. Meanwhile, Johnny takes Miguel to the school’s swimming pool. He ties up Miguel’s hands and pushes him into the pool. He shouts at Miguel to use his feet and kick his way up to the surface. Miguel has trouble kicking to the surface, so Johnny helps him a few times. He tells Miguel that drowning is for pussies. He also needs to learn that Cobra Kai never dies. Miguel is determined to make his sensei proud, even if it costs him his life. Miguel does his best; eventually, he makes it to the surface.

[00:12:00] Johnny and Miguel continue with training in the days to come. Eventually, Miguel builds his kick‘s strength until he breaks planks. Miguel is very proud of his accomplishments, but he can’t tell anyone, especially his mother. It was already the day of the dance. Johnny wants to use the opportunity to pick up students. Miguel wears his costume, but it‘s just a blanket with some holes for his face. He doesn’t even look like a ghost. Johnny can’t allow Miguel to go to the dance, looking like a homeless person, so he lends him a costume.

[00:13:30] Miguel wears a whole-body skeleton costume to the dance, a classic costume. It‘s the same costume Johnny wore when he‘s a teenager. Miguel approaches his friends standing in the middle of the crowd. Meanwhile, Daniel really went to the school dance as a chaperone. Sam texts her father and reminds him that he‘s supposed to be a ghost. He wears a suit to the dance standing next to the principal while keeping his eye on Sam. It‘s really awkward for her, but Daniel does it to protect his daughter.

[00:14:30] Johnny is also at the dance. He‘s roaming the halls attaching flyers to the lockers. Sam sees Aisha at the dance; she still wears her costume as Sodium. Sam approaches her to apologize, but Aisha understands that Sam just wants to be with the popular girls. She will wear something sexy if she has that option. Sam tells Aisha they should hang out again sometime; she totally agrees. Meanwhile, Daniel sees Miguel walk past him with the same skeleton costume that Johnny wore. He suddenly remembers how Johnny and his friends beat him up. He also sees Miguel showing his friends the Cobra Kai flyers. Daniel sees the flyers and goes out of the gym to find Johnny.

[00:16:30] Daniel sees Johnny just outside the school gym. He confronts Johnny and tells him not to continue the Cobra Kai dojo. Johnny assures Daniel that things will be different because he’s not like his old coach. Daniel doesn’t want to fight Johnny. He just wants to settle things like an adult. He continues talking to him, but he sees Sam sneaking off with Kyler, so he follows them instead. Daniel tells Johnny to just leave the school premises before he gets caught.

[00:18:00] Miguel and his friends are standing near the punch bowl, looking at the girls in the crowd. They spot three girls dressed as Daenerys from “Game of Thrones.” They think they can invite the girls to dance, but a guy beats them to it. Demetri and Eli decide to just go to the bathroom and chicken out. Meanwhile, Daniel sees Sam and Kyler inside one of the classrooms. It looks like Sam is taking off Kyler’s pants, so Daniel rushes in to stop them. Kyler tells Daniel that things are not what it looks like, but Daniel doesn’t believe him. Sam tries to get her father to leave, but he‘s hell-bent on taking her home. Kyler manages to get the bracelet out of his pockets and show it to Daniel and Sam.

[00:19:00] Daniel realizes that Kyler isn’t going to do anything lewd with his daughter, but the damage is done. Sam leaves the room and tells her father not to talk to her again. She returns to the school gym, where Yasmine has already launched her attack on Aisha. Yasmine recorded her eating by the buffet table and posted it online. She captioned Aisha as attacking the buffet table with a pig nose on her face. Everyone at the dance received the video, including Sam and Aisha. Aisha decides to leave the party in shame. Meanwhile, Miguel and the guys are in the bathroom when Kyler and his friends walk in.

[00:20:30] Kyler and his friends laugh about his failed plan to get Sam. Kyler plans to give her a cheap bracelet just to get Sam in bed. The plan was foolproof, but Daniel got in the way. Kyler would’ve succeeded if Daniel wasn’t there to stop him. Miguel and his friends heard the whole story, but their cover gets blown as Demetri drops his staff. Demetri and Eli run off, but Miguel isn’t going to chicken out. Kyler and his friends call Johnny a bum which sparks Miguel’s anger toward him. He kicks Kyler and his friend to the floor, but it‘s four against one. After the kick, Miguel didn’t stand a chance against them.

[00:21:00] Johnny is still placing his flyers around the school. He overhears the guys talking about Miguel. He enters the men‘s room and finds Miguel lying on the floor. Kyler and his friends were talking about how they broke Miguel’s face.

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