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Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Different But Same


Published 4 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Different But Same

[00:00:00] Robby goes to a skate park to practice his moves. He‘s trying to balance on one hand and ends up doing it after a few tries. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives at Daniel’s house. Daniel is having coffee when he sees Johnny in his backyard. Johnny took all night driving to Daniel’s house just to confront him. He tells Daniel that his goons burned up his car. Daniel sees the motorbike and understands that it‘s Louie. He tells Johnny that he has nothing to do with the attack, but Johnny doesn’t believe him. Daniel threatens Johnny by trying to call the cops. Johnny swipes Daniel’s phone from him, so they end up in a standoff.

[00:02:30] Anthony and Amanda hear the commotion, so they go over to see who Daniel is arguing with. Anthony gets so excited to see Daniel fight, but Amanda stops them before they get blood all over the patio. She tells Daniel to settle things with Johnny like adults. Daniel invites Johnny inside for breakfast instead. Meanwhile, Miguel couldn’t focus on his test because of what he saw last night at Sam’s. After the test, Sam is waiting for him outside his classroom. Miguel asks Sam what she was up to last night. She says she was just at a family dinner.

[00:04:30] Miguel asks Sam why he hasn’t been invited to her house yet. He wants to meet her parents, but Sam is reluctant to introduce him to them. Sam says she hasn’t been to Miguel’s house, but he tells her she can come over anytime if she wants to. Sam tells Miguel that it’s not a good time to go to her house, so she just tries to invite Miguel on a date. Miguel refuses and tells Sam that he should focus on training for the tournament.

[00:05:30] Johnny tells Daniel that he needs someone to pay for his car. Since Louie messed up, Amanda suggests that they just give Johnny a car so they can get rid of him. Daniel disagrees, but there isn’t any way around it. Meanwhile, Miguel and his friends are talking about Sam and his problems. Miguel has doubts about Sam and Robby, but Demetri tells him that Sam hasn’t done anything to break his trust yet. While everyone talks about Sam, Aisha sees Yasmine’s comment on her post. They discover that Yasmine is throwing a party, so they think of striking first.

[00:08:30] Daniel takes Johnny to the car lot to give him a car. Johnny sees a Dodge Challenger and gets it. Daniel asks one of his employees for the keys to the Challenger. He asks to find Robby, but it‘s his day off. Meanwhile, Amanda confronts Sam if she got into a hit-and-run accident a few months ago. Sam admits that she did, but it was Yasmine who was driving. Amanda gets angry at Sam for not telling them, so as punishment, she grounds Sam.

[00:11:30] Johnny takes the Challenger for a test drive with Daniel. They end up in his old apartment. Daniel discovers that even if Johnny had a rich stepdad, his life is still shitty. They talk about their mothers, so Johnny invites Daniel for a drink. The Cobra Kais plan to crash Yasmine’s party. They are stocking up on snacks and drinks while Miguel does his best to get a hold of Sam. She‘s still grounded, so she can’t answer any of his texts or calls. Miguel leaves a message on Sam’s phone and tells her about the party.

[00:14:30] Eli does his best to get drinks, and his fake ID pulls through. He buys a few cans of beer and a few bottles of vodka. Meanwhile, Robby arrives at Daniel’s house to resume his training. Amanda lets him in and tells him to wait for Daniel. Sam sees the opportunity to text Miguel, but she can’t finish her message as Amanda gets back before she can hit send.

[00:16:00] Daniel and Johnny end up drinking in the middle of the day. They are bonding for the first time, and they both discover that their lives aren’t really far off from each other. They both lost their fathers at a young age and found role models in Karate. Johnny had Kreese, while Daniel had Mr. Miyagi. The only difference was Kreese tried to kill Johnny after he lost the tournament to Daniel.

[00:18:00] While the two catch up on their lives, Kyler and his friends arrive at the party venue. They get surprised that the whole school is already there. Moon gets excited to join the party, but Yasmine tells her that the students there aren’t the ones she invited. Moon doesn’t care; she just wants to party. Yasmine tells Kyler to go and tell everyone to leave. Kyler is about to yell at everyone when he sees Miguel in the crowd. He gets scared of Miguel, so he just invites his friends to leave. Miguel is still waiting for a response from Sam, but she‘s still grounded.

[00:19:30] Sam is at home reading a book, but she can’t stand being at home. Robby is limping and shows Amanda his injury. She tells Sam to give Robby a ride home and return after. As they leave the house, Sam discovers that Robby is just faking an injury. Sam is so happy and tells Robby they are going to a party. Meanwhile, Daniel and Johnny were only supposed to get one drink, but they ordered a couple more rounds and ended up talking about Ali. Daniel tells Johnny that he doesn’t know how Ali is doing; he just sees her on Facebook. Johnny doesn’t know what Facebook is, so Daniel shows him Ali’s profile. They stalk the profile and laugh about her husband.

[00:22:30] Back at the party, Miguel is already drunk. He never did any drinking, so it only took a few bottles to get him tipsy. Miguel is upset that Sam isn’t returning any of his messages. Meanwhile, Moon is enjoying the party with Eli, who‘s all over her face. Someone calls out to her, so she leaves Eli for a moment. Demetri goes over and asks Eli what his secret is. Eli tells Demetri that he just needs to feel the energy and live the moment. Demetri sees Yasmine all alone and goes over to talk to her. Yasmine doesn’t want to talk to him, so she leaves and goes over to Moon. Yasmine wants to leave, but Moon wants to stay. She apologized for everything she did to Aisha.

[00:24:30] Yasmine doesn’t want to apologize and tells Moon that she deserves to stay with losers. Aisha calls Yasmine back and gives her a wedgie in front of everyone. She shouts no mercy and allows Yasmine to leave in shame. Meanwhile, Sam arrives with Robby, and Miguel sees the two together. Miguel confronts them without any hesitation. Sam tries to explain things to Miguel, but he won’t listen. He pushes Robby to the ground. Robby gets up. Miguel wants to pick a fight with him, but he hits Sam. She tells Miguel that Daniel is right about the Cobra Kai.

[00:27:30] Daniel and Johnny arrive at his house. Johnny requests one match, so Daniel is happy to oblige. They walk into his pool room, where they find Robby training. Robby is about to tell Daniel who his father is, but he doesn’t expect Johnny to be with him. Johnny walks into the room and finds Robby. Daniel doesn’t know that Robby is his son, so he proudly tells Johnny that Robby is his student. Johnny feels offended and pushes Daniel to his trophy case. Robby stands in front of Daniel and Johnny. He tells his father that he will have to fight him first before he can bring any harm to Daniel.

[00:28:30] Daniel discovers that Robby is Johnny’s son. He doesn’t allow Robby to explain and just tells him to leave. Daniel tells Robby never to show his face to him again. Johnny leaves in disappointment. He really thought things would turn out better, but it wasn’t. Johnny felt Robby stabbed him in the back by going to Daniel to learn Karate.

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