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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – Now You‘re Gonna Pay


Published 8 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 3 Recap - Now You‘re Gonna Pay

[00:00:30] Johnny continues his drinking spree. This time he visits his friend, Bobby, a pastor in a local church. He crashes the sermon, so everyone in the church gets shocked. Bobby apologizes to everyone for Johnny’s action. Johnny tells everyone that Bobby was a badass in his heyday, but no one believes him. Bobby asks God for forgiveness and beats the crap out of Johnny. Meanwhile, Robby is now in juvie hall, thanks to Daniel. He thinks Daniel betrayed him because he doesn’t see the good in being in juvie hall. The new environment brings a new set of bullies Robby must deal with. Daniel tries to get in touch with Robby, but he doesn’t want to talk to him.

[00:04:00] Tom and Anoush visit Daniel and Amanda to make an offer. Since Miguel’s accident, sales have been low for the car dealership. Tom tells Daniel he wants to buy him out so he can get rid of the competition. Amanda and Daniel aren’t ready for the offer, but they seem willing to negotiate. Meanwhile, Sam visits Miguel at the hospital. Miguel is waiting for his surgery from some out-of-town doctor. It‘s his last hope of walking again, but the surgery is expensive, so they don’t know how to pay for it. Sam gives Miguel a card as a sign of her willingness to help him get back on his feet. Hawk visits Miguel in the hospital, but he‘s not happy seeing Sam there.

[00:07:00] Johnny has become sober enough to talk with Bobby. He doubts everything at this point. Johnny chose to do the right thing, but he felt it‘s unfair that Robby and Miguel were in the situations they‘re in. Bobby explains they don‘t do the right thing because things work out; they do it because it’s right. He tells Johnny he must be there for Miguel and Robby even if things don‘t work out between them. Bobby is willing to help Johnny visit Robby at the juvie hall. He‘s also willing to donate an amount for Miguel’s surgery, but he can’t commit to the full amount because they‘re paying for the new church roof. Despite everything, Johnny still has friends he can count on which is something to keep him going.

[00:09:00] Negotiations are underway for Tom. He gives the whole deal to Amanda and Daniel, but they refuse to sell the dealership to Tom. They won’t allow Tom to bully them out of their business. Amanda and Daniel are convinced they can keep themselves afloat even after what happened with Miguel. While they‘re negotiating, Louie and Anoush talk outside the office. Anoush tells Louie that Tom got an exclusive deal with Doyona International in Tokyo. Louie doesn’t believe Anoush because they‘re the sellers of Doyona International. Anoush says Tom convinced Doyona to void the LaRusso’s contract. Once Doyona is out the door, the LaRusso’s will lose their biggest client — the company‘s end.

[00:11:30] Amanda and Daniel refuse to sell to Tom. Tom and Anoush leave the dealership. After the meeting, Louie tells Daniel and Amanda they must talk about Doyona International. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do is hosting a car wash to raise funds for Miguel’s surgery. Sam and Moon spearhead the event which is a huge success. Hawk and some Cobra Kais check out the car wash. They‘re irritated that Miyagi-Do is using Miguel as their poster boy. Hawk wants to ensure Miyagi-Do is punished for their actions even if they‘re doing the right thing.

[00:13:00] Johnny is looking for a job. He‘s using Daniel’s minivan because he abandoned his challenger. Johnny takes most of the day applying for any job he can find because he also wants to help Miguel raise enough money for his surgery, but the jobs don’t want to accept him due to his criminal records. It‘s very frustrating for him because, despite wanting to change, it seems society isn’t willing to give him a second chance. Meanwhile, Robby hears about Miyagi-Do’s car wash event. The bullies at juvie hall sees him as fresh fish, but Robby knows he can take them on. The bullies really want a fight with him, but Robby says his Karate is only for self-defense. They gang up on him, and he‘s no match for the three bullies.

[00:16:30] Hell-bent on helping Miguel, Johnny finds himself back at the pawnshop. He‘s there to sell his things, but the owner doesn’t see any value in them. Johnny is running out of options, and it seems he must ask Sid for help. He doesn’t want to go to his stepfather, but he’s the only person with enough money to help Miguel with his surgery. Meanwhile, the LaRussos are up against the wall. It‘s the first time they’ve encountered a problem that‘s so huge it‘s life-threatening. Daniel meets with Anoush to confirm what Louie said. Anoush confirms that Tom will have exclusive rights to Doyona International by next month.

[00:19:00] Louie suggests they visit Tom and intimidate him, but it isn’t a perfect approach. Amanda knows they must sell to Tom to make something out of the problem. They can’t keep the car dealership if they lose Doyona International. Once Doyona pulls out, the other manufacturers will follow, so they won‘t have anything left. Daniel tells them that Mr. Miyagi was the one who got him started in cars. He doesn’t sell cars to be the top seller in the Valley, he just followed his passion. Amanda loves Daniel’s passion, but in the end, passion alone won’t keep them alive.

[00:21:00] The bullies continue to harass Robby at juvie hall. He can’t stand up to them because it will only worsen matters. He has to give up his pillow to one of the bullies instead of earning more bruises. The guards tell them about the visitation lineup the next day. Robby is surprised his name gets called. He immediately asks the guard who‘s coming to visit him. The guard tells Robby that a man named John Lawrence is coming to visit.

[00:22:30] Johnny visits Sid to ask him for help. Things don’t turn out as planned, so he gets into an argument with Sid. Sid refuses to give Johnny any money to right his wrongs. He tells Johnny he’s a loser just like his father, so Robby is a loser. Johnny doesn’t care about the insults, but he won’t let Sid talk about Robby like such. Johnny leaves and steals a statue from Sid’s house, hoping to pawn it. Meanwhile, Daniel and Amanda sees Tom to make him an offer.

[00:26:00] Tom is excited to buy out Daniel, but they aren’t selling. Daniel and Amanda tell Tom he still has a competition to worry about. Anoush tells Tom that he chose to return to the LaRusso’s because they offered them his old job. Anoush no longer wants to work for Tom because he’s an asshole. Tom leaves since the deal won’t go through. Amanda knows there‘s no backing out already. Daniel assures her that their plan will work.

[00:27:30] Miyagi-Do visits Sam at her house. They‘re looking for Daniel because Cobra Kai took the money they raised from the car wash. Hawk and his buddies even beat one of the Miyagi-Do students. The next day, Johnny comes up with some money and gives the check to a nurse at the hospital. He leaves out his name, but the Diaz’s know it‘s from him because they saw him leave the check. Johnny is about to leave when Miguel’s grandmother asks him to stay. Johnny is supposed to visit Robby that day, but he doesn’t show up.

[00:29:30] Sam resumes training at Miyagi-Do dojo. The students must continue training to defend themselves against the Cobra Kai. The students are worried that Daniel will be angry at them once he finds out they‘re training again. Sam assures them that Daniel won’t find out because he’s out of town. Daniel is in Tokyo. He set up a meeting with Doyona International to fix his reputation and retain them as their client.

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