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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – The Good, The Bad, and The Badass


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - The Good, The Bad, and The Badass

[00:00:30] All three dojos start training. Miyagi-Do is back, and Sam is at the helm as its star pupil. Eagle Fang is up and running with Miguel, while Cobra Kai is ready to face them off with Hawk and Tory. Three dojos with different senseis and teaching methods. Daniel is the peace-loving one. Johnny just wants to teach kids how to stand up for themselves, and Kreese wants to destroy the other two dojos. There‘s more Karate for the whole valley rolled up into three dojos. Things will get spicy in the next All Valley Tournament.

[00:02:00] Before the dojos square off, a few things must be settled. One, Robby is getting out of juvie. Johnny and Daniel are there to welcome him back, but he doesn’t want them back in his life. He’s done looking for a father figure. Robby just wants to continue with his life in peace. Meanwhile, Miguel and Hawk are no longer friends. Cobra Kai isn’t bothering Miguel, but Hawk doesn’t bother to speak with him. Miguel bumps into Sam, and the two start their friendship again. They‘re on their way to the study hall when they see Demetri and Yasmine kissing in the hallway.

[00:05:30] Yasmine leaves and denies everything, but Miguel and Sam already saw what‘s going on. They can’t unsee it even if they want to. Demetri just tells them he’s in love with Yasmine. After class, everyone returns to training, but the Karate community hits a wall. The City Council pulled the permit for the All Valley Karate Tournament. They‘re canceling the next tournament because of what happened in school and to Miguel. One of the board members visits Daniel to break the bad news to him. Eagle Fang hears the news from Mitch, who read the article online.

[00:08:30] Daniel doesn’t know what to do. He thinks allowing the City Council to rule against the tournament is best, but Sam refuses to go down without a fight. She tells Daniel that Miyagi-Do was branded as the villain after what happened to Miguel. If the tournament gets canceled, they will continue as villains and never recover their reputation. Meanwhile, Miguel wants Johnny to attend the hearing and stand up for Karate. Johnny refuses to attend because they aren’t joining the tournament anyways. He doesn’t want to risk Miguel’s health and safety just because of the tournament. Miguel gets very upset with Johnny. He thought they‘re training to get him back to fighting shape, but Johnny was just training Miguel so he could defend himself.

[00:11:00] Robby bumps into Tory at juvie hall. She‘s attending seminars because of what happened in school. Robby tries to be a better person, but Tory proves a point when she tells him they‘re in juvie because of Sam and Miguel. Tory tells Robby that life is unfair for them, so they must help each other because other people won’t help them. Robby realizes that Tory is right even if he doesn’t want to believe her. Meanwhile, Carmen convinces Johnny to fight for the tournament. She doesn’t want Miguel to compete, but she knows Johnny will take care of him. Carmen tells Johnny that other kids out there need his help through Karate, and he needs the tournament to settle his demons.

[00:14:30] Johnny doesn’t know how he can save the tournament, but Carmen tells him he just needs to fight for what he believes. Everyone is at the hearing the next day to save the All Valley Tournament. All three senseis are there to save their dojos, but the committee fails to see the reason to save the tournament when the senseis are just arguing in front of them. It‘s up to the students to save the tournament, and they won’t fail their senseis.

[00:18:30] Miguel and Sam take a stand to save the tournament. Miguel explains Karate helped him change his life for the better. He tells the committee how he used to be bullied and how Johnny stepped in to turn his life around. Sam is there to side with Miguel, telling the committee they need the tournament as a safe space for Karate. The committee hears both of their statements and agrees in their favor. They save the tournament to everyone’s delight. All three senseis are happy about the ruling, but Kreese tells the other two to be careful what they wish for. The tournament is back on, but it only means they must face each other. Cobra Kai is ready to bring the pain, but the other two dojos aren’t.

[00:22:00] Sam and Miguel celebrate back at the Miyagi-Do dojo. They drink a little, and Miguel challenges Sam to a sparring match. They enjoy the match and each other’s company when Robby walks in. He‘s finally out of juvie, and the first thing he does is look for Sam. He doesn’t like seeing Sam with Miguel and gets the wrong idea out of the encounter. Sam tries to explain things to Robby, but everything becomes a huge argument. Robby thinks Sam abandoned him and went back to Miguel. Sam thought Robby had stopped writing to her because he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

[00:24:00] Robby explains he couldn’t write because of all the issues he was dealing with inside juvie hall. Miguel stops the argument, which focuses Robby’s attention on him. Robby wants to start a fight with Miguel, but Sam stops him and counters his attack. Robby leaves disappointed and tells Sam that she is better off with Miguel. Meanwhile, Johnny ends up having sex with Carmen. Carmen can’t get over what happened at the hearing. He heard about how Miguel stood up for what he loved and did well in speaking in front of others. Carmen knows Miguel is a better man all because of Johnny, so she goes over to give herself to Johnny.

[00:25:30] Back at Cobra Kai, Kreese is preparing for the 51st Karate Championship. He puts up the new tournament poster as Robby walks into the dojo. Kreese can’t keep the smile off his face as he hears Robby’s voice. His plan to lure Robby to Cobra Kai ends up working, so he has one more soldier to add to his team.

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