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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 8 Recap – Party Time


Published 7 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 8 Recap - Party Time

[00:00:30] Raymond, Johnny’s former student in Cobra Kai who likes to be called Stingray, is living with his sister for the time being. He‘s on probation because of the karate fight he participated in. He greets his sister’s neighbor, Greg, who doesn’t want Raymond to continue living in the neighborhood. Raymond tells Greg he won’t have to live with his sister because he’s off probation and can return to Cobra Kai. Greg and Raymond continue to argue about Karate, so Raymond warns Greg to tread carefully, or he’ll bring the wrath of Cobra Kai upon him.

[00:03:00] Kreese calls Silver to start class. Silver tells Kreese that he’ll do anything to prove his loyalty. He hasn’t forgotten how Kreese saved him and how he owes his life to him. Kreese appreciates being on the same page again with Silver and is eager to start classes. Kreese starts the class and tells everyone to pair up. The day‘s lesson is balance but in a different method. They‘ll get inside their opponents‘ heads and mess with their balance. Before classes started, Kyler told everyone that his limo would arrive at six and reminded them not to be late. It‘s prom night, but Tory isn’t interested in going. Robby convinces Tory that she should go to get inside Sam’s head. Tory invites Robby, but he doesn’t have anything to wear.

[00:05:30] Silver hears their conversation and tells Robby he’ll handle all the payments if he goes with Tory. Stingray suddenly shows up and tells Kreese he’s back to continue training. Kreese tells Stingray to leave because he doesn’t belong in Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, everyone is at the LaRusso’s for prom night. Miguel and Sam are going to prom together, and nobody wants to miss out on the big night. Daniel and Johnny are present for the joyous occasion. They pose for family photos before Miguel and Sam leave.

[00:09:30] Carmen and Johnny return to the apartment where Shannon is waiting. She‘s out of rehab, but she’s worried about Robby. Shannon met Silver earlier who left a car for Robby to use. She tells Johnny that Robby will go to prom with his date. Shannon knows Robby is part of Cobra Kai, so she goes to Johnny for help. She worries that Robby is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Johnny assures Shannon that he will sort things out with Robby.

[00:11:00] Demetri and Eli are at the prom. They‘re both dateless because Yasmine is in Australia for her father’s wedding. Demetri tells Eli they’re not the only ones having a miserable night because someone’s after-party got canceled. Eli doesn’t feel any better, but at least he has Demetri to keep him company for the night. Suddenly, Yasmine appears to surprise Demetri. She flew back to the valley for prom night because she badly missed Demetri. Demetri apologizes to Eli because he must leave him for Yasmine. Eli doesn’t mind because he’s happy that Demetri finally got the girl of his dreams.

[00:12:30] Sam and Miguel are enjoying the night, but they‘re in for a surprise — Robby and Tory arrive. Meanwhile, Louie wants to help Amanda and Daniel with the Anthony problem. He tells them that his cousin Vanessa is a psychologist in the making. Daniel and Amanda don’t believe him, so Louie calls on Vanessa to prove herself to them. Vanessa seems legit, so they want her to talk to Anthony, but she tells them she wants to talk to them.

[00:14:30] Johnny breaks into the Cobra Kai dojo. Silver and Kreese aren’t there, but Silver has a security camera inside the main office. He calls on the office phone and talks to Johnny. Johnny tells Silver to keep away from Robby, but it‘s all part of his plan. Johnny challenges Silver to a fight, so he gives Johnny a location where they can meet. Meanwhile, as the whole school watches, Tory and Robby show off their ballroom dancing moves. Miguel and Sam get very uncomfortable but can’t do anything but just mind their own business.

[00:17:00] Vanessa talks to Daniel and Amanda. She blames them for how Anthony behaves, so Amanda starts acting out. Daniel tries to regain control of the situation, but Amanda just gets really irritated at Vanessa. She steals her notepad from her because she thinks Vanessa is writing many things about them. Vanessa isn’t writing anything. Everything was just a test to see how they react to her, and she was right. Daniel and Amanda don’t have control over things in the house, and they have always valued Sam more than Anthony which is the root cause of the problems.

[00:18:30] Kreese and Silver are at their old dojo. It‘s up for sale, so Silver plans to buy it to reestablish the roots of Cobra Kai. Silver plans to expand the dojo, and he’s doing it after they win the next tournament. The tournament is just around the corner, but he isn’t done with his surprises. He tells Kreese he has one more surprise coming. Meanwhile, Tory and Robby get to know each other even more at prom. Tory taught herself to dance, while Robby learned everything from Shannon. It seems they‘re a perfect fit for each other. They‘re the lower class in the valley, and they don’t have things cut out for them, unlike Sam and the other rich kids in the valley. Tory wants to win the tournament because she feels it’s the opportunity she needs.

[00:20:30] Tory feels stupid for opening up to Robby, but he knows how Tory feels. He also wants to win the tournament to prove he’s the best. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives at the old dojo, looking for Silver and Kreese. Kreese is surprised to see Johnny at the dojo. Silver tells Kreese he must prove his loyalty to him, so he made Johnny come over so they could beat him up. Johnny does his best to defend, but Silver is too much for him. Silver continues to beat up Johnny, but Kreese tells him to stop. Silver gets confused, but he obeys Kreese’s orders and leaves. Meanwhile, Stingray hosts the after-party in his sister’s house.

[00:24:00] Eli is waiting for Moon, but it seems she won’t show up. Yasmine invites Demetri to explore the house to continue kissing each other in privacy. Sam goes to the kitchen to get some beers while Miguel looks for snacks. Greg barges inside the house and tells everyone to leave, or he’ll call the police. Stingray stands up to Greg after all the insults he has thrown at him. Greg is about to call the police, but Stingray takes his phone and kicks him in the face. Everyone cheers Stingray as they continue to party.

[00:26:00] Daniel speaks to Anthony so he can understand the point of his punishment. Anthony is suspended from school, so they aren’t allowing him to use any gadgets. Anthony understands and tells Daniel he hopes they win the tournament and beat Cobra Kai. Daniel is about to leave Anthony’s room when he hears a sound coming from Anthony’s bed. Anthony is keeping his iPad underneath his sheets. He‘s playing even if they told him not to. Daniel loses his temper. He asks for the iPad and breaks it in half. Daniel gives Anthony an ultimatum and tells him to get in line, or he’ll suffer even further.

[00:27:30] Sam is getting a beer when Tory goes right behind her. She turns around and insults Sam, but it backfires on her. Tory won’t fight Sam because she promised Amanda to stay away from her. Sam loses her temper and starts the fight against Tory. Miguel stops the fight, and Robby follows soon after. Robby sees Miguel with Tory and thinks he‘s fighting her. Robby pulls Miguel away from Tory. The fight escalates with both couples facing each other. Sam, Miguel, and Tory fall into the pool, ending the fight. Stingray doesn’t know a fight has broken out, so he jumps into the pool, and everyone follows after him.

[00:30:00] Robby thinks he‘s safe, but Tory pulls him in. Sam and Miguel go home as they blame each other for ruining their nights. Miguel goes to Johnny’s apartment and sees him lying on the floor. Miguel helps Johnny up and brings him to his bed. Johnny tells Miguel he wants to be his father badly, but he sucks at it. Miguel tells Johnny he‘s doing fine and that he loves him. Johnny is drunk and says he also loves Robby. He thinks he‘s speaking with Robby, which breaks Miguel’s heart. Robby is right after all. Johnny doesn’t care about him. He only cares for Miguel because he doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes with Robby.

[00:32:30] Tory and Robby continue the party inside Silver‘s car. They‘re outside an amusement park where they start kissing each other. Tory climbs over to Robby’s side and straddles him like a horse. She kisses Robby and tells him they must get their money’s worth. The next day, Anthony surprises his parents by taking out the trash. He admits he made many mistakes, and he feels bad for them. Anthony tells Daniel he wants to make amends with him, but Daniel feels he isn’t being sincere.

[00:34:30] Silver has been drinking all night. He can’t believe Kreese chose to save Johnny instead of beating him up. He doubts everything Kreese ever taught him. Stingray returns to the dojo to convince the senseis that he must be part of Cobra Kai. Silver asks Stingray how bad he wants to join. Stingray says all he wants to do is be part of Cobra Kai. Silver beats up Stingray and asks him how bad he wants to join Cobra Kai. Stingray can’t do anything to defend himself. Silver is too much for him.

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