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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Recap – Downward Spiral


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Recap - Downward Spiral

[00:00:30] Carmen calls Johnny for help, but he‘s already at her doorstep. She opens the door, and Johnny swoops in to kiss her. Suddenly, they‘re all at the beach as Carmen watches Johnny and Miguel play volleyball. Everything returned to the 80s as Johnny dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Sure enough, Carmen is dreaming. She wakes up and tells Johnny that she just had the best dream of her life. Johnny asks her all about her dream.

[00:02:00] Daniel is in complete paranoia. He keeps checking the security cameras in his dealerships to avoid what happened to Mike. Daniel is convinced that Silver had Mike’s furniture burned to the ground despite no evidence. Amanda and Daniel are attending an auction to move up the corporate ladder. Amanda wants a spot on the board, so she must do her best with the people at the auction. Daniel leaves everything to Chozen and trusts him not to make any mistakes.

[00:03:30] With a baby on the way, Johnny is looking for a real job to help Carmen with the bills. Shannon arrives to take Robby’s things and is impressed with how Johnny’s apartment looks. Shannon realizes Johnny got Carmen pregnant because he had the same look on his face when she got pregnant. Johnny tells Shannon he’s still learning a lot but doesn’t want to make the same mistakes he did. Shannon offers to help Johnny by setting him up with some of her friends so he can start with small-time jobs and work his way up.

[00:05:30] It‘s summer, so everyone enjoys their vacation. Sam and her friends are at the water park. Moon forgets to tell Sam that Eli and Miguel are coming over, but Sam is fine with seeing Miguel again. She tells Moon she’s still friends with Miguel. Miguel greets Sam, but it‘s just an awkward conversation. Everyone is at the water park, even Cobra Kai. Robby is also there, and he tells Tory to leave the dojo. Tory reminds Robby not to tell her what to do because she can decide on her own. Meanwhile, Kenny sees Anthony at the water park and sees an opportunity to get payback.

[00:09:00] Daniel and Amanda arrive at the auction. He tells Amanda that the house seems familiar, and he‘s right. The house belongs to Silver, who welcomes them. It seems Silver is supporting the same charity as the LaRussos. Daniel tells Silver not to ruin the night for Amanda, but Silver assures Daniel he won’t do anything. Daniel knows Silver is up to something, and it won’t be a good night for him or Amanda.

[00:10:30] Demetri arrives at Johnny’s apartment. He’s the nerd who came to his call. Johnny needs help setting up a phone for a rideshare app so Johnny can start working. Demetri is also working with a rideshare app, so he’s the perfect person to help Johnny. Johnny thanks Demetri for the help in advance.

[00:12:00] Kenny and Kyler pick on Anthony at the water park. Anthony can’t do anything as they pile all the buoys on him. Kenny kicks Anthony into the pool, and they make fun of him. Eli sees what they‘re doing, so he tries to stop them. Kenny doesn’t fear Eli because he‘s with the other Cobra Kais. Eli reminds Kenny that he didn’t stand a chance against Robby, so he won’t stand a chance against him either. Tory gets between everyone to stop a fight from breaking out. Eli agrees to stay on the other side of the water park as long as Cobra Kai stays on their side.

[00:14:00] Robby tells Tory that she can stay in Cobra Kai, but he tells Tory not to tell her that Cobra Kai is the best place for Kenny. Back at the auction, Daniel tells Amanda that Silver is up to something. Amanda tells Daniel to stop and just get them some drinks. Silver sees the opportunity to talk to Amanda while Daniel is at the bar. Silver assures Amanda he isn’t against Daniel, but she doesn’t believe him. He tells Amanda about Chozen and what happened which surprises her.

[00:16:00] Johnny starts to work as a rideshare driver, but things aren’t going his way. Everyone keeps leaving him a one-star review. Johnny doesn’t follow road signs properly, and he’s disrespectful to everyone who rides his van. He also drinks a lot of beer which people hate. Johnny doesn’t know proper etiquette, so he’s getting poor reviews. Meanwhile, no one can get along at the water park. A fight is bound to break out, so the lifeguard on duty warns everyone to keep it cool or get thrown out of the park.

[00:20:30] Miguel suggests they figure out something to settle things because they can’t share the park. Bert suggests a race on the waterslide. Eli volunteers for Miyagi-Do, so Tory takes up the challenge for Cobra Kai. It‘s champ against champ. Robby doesn’t want any part of the action, so he stays back and watches the drama unfold. Meanwhile, Daniel presents his bonsais at the auction. The auctioneer starts the bidding, but Silver buys the collection for $30,000. Daniel doesn’t want Silver to have the collection. He knows Silver won’t respect the trees and take care of them. Daniel doesn’t want to have any issues with Silver at the moment because of Amanda, so he must control his temper.

[00:23:30] The race is about to start, so Kenny hands Tory and Eli a buoy. Robby talks to Kenny and tries to convince him to leave Cobra Kai. Kenny doesn’t want to leave because he‘s doing great in Cobra Kai. Before, he used to get bullied, but he’s stronger than ever since joining Cobra Kai. He tells Robby not to talk to him because he’s not a quitter. The race goes underway. Eli lost because his buoy got tampered with. Kenny popped the buoy before the race, so it lost air. He admits to cheating, but he knows Eli can’t do anything about it. Kenny tries to fight Eli, but he‘s no match for him. Robby stops the fight and gets between them. Miguel confronts Robby, but the lifeguard arrives and tells everyone to leave.

[00:28:30] Silver speaks to one of the auctioneers. Daniel overhears the conversation, and he knows it‘s about Amanda. Daniel confronts Silver about the conversation. Silver tells Daniel he told the auctioneer that Amanda is a fraud. Daniel loses his temper and pushes Silver into the bonsai table. Silver exaggerates the push and breaks the table along with the bonsais. Daniel didn’t really push Silver that hard, but he needed to trigger Daniel to put his plan into motion. The auctioneer tells Daniel that Silver put in a good word for Amanda. Daniel realizes his mistake, but the damage has already been done. Amanda is very disappointed in Daniel and leaves the auction in shame. Silver is very happy as he gets his way. Daniel chases after Amanda to apologize to her.

[00:29:30] Johnny calls Shannon to tell her he wants Robby to stay with him for the summer. Shannon asks Johnny if he can handle the responsibility. Johnny admits he made a huge mistake in the past and apologizes to Shannon for being a nobody. Shannon is already past it and is happy that Johnny is doing his best to make up for his mistakes. Shannon agrees and tells Johnny he can pick up Robby at the water park. Meanwhile, Robby breaks up with Tory because she doesn’t want to leave Cobra Kai. Tory tells Robby that she didn’t start the fight, but Robby explains that everything that’s happening is because of Cobra Kai. He tells Tory he’s done convincing them to leave Cobra Kai.

[00:31:00] Miguel wants to know where Sam went, but she already went home with Anthony. Miguel feels disappointed and vents his anger on Robby. He confronts Robby at the water park parking lot. He blames Robby for always helping Cobra Kai. Robby tells Miguel to stay out of his way because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Johnny arrives to stop Robby and Miguel from arguing. He tells them to get along because they’re friends now. Robby and Miguel tell Johnny that they will never be friends.

[00:32:30] Chozen spent his day watching TV at the LaRussos. Daniel and Amanda arrive arguing. Amanda blames Daniel for everything that happened. Daniel places the blame on Silver. He tells Amanda that Silver is the reason they’re fighting. Amanda wants Daniel to stop picking fights with Silver because of Karate. He wants Amanda to just allow him and Chozen to handle Silver. It‘s the final straw for Amanda. She tells Daniel she’s leaving because she wants no part of Daniel and his drama with Silver or Karate. Daniel immediately regrets his decision as he watches Amanda go up the stairs. He doesn’t want Amanda out of his life and realizes that Silver’s plan is already in motion. Silver is trying to ruin Daniel’s life.

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