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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 6 Recap – Ouroboros


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 6 Recap - Ouroboros

[00:00:30] Silver arrives at the airport to welcome Sensei Kim Da-Eun. He brought Kim to the US so she could teach the students of Cobra Kai the real way of the fist. Silver tells Kim she can have complete autonomy with all his students.

[00:03:00] It’s been a week since Silver put Daniel in bed. They still have no plans against Silver, so Johnny’s growing impatient. Daniel comes out ready to go to work. He doesn’t want to involve himself with Silver or Karate anymore. Johnny, Chozen, and Amanda tell Daniel that they must take care of Silver, but he refuses to make a plan with them. Daniel explains that he finally understands why Mr. Miyagi always chose to run away from a fight. Fighting doesn’t solve anything; it only creates more problems, so Daniel refuses to continue fighting even if it means he’s giving up.

[00:04:30] Tory visits Kreese in prison. She’s working with him to take Silver down. Tory no longer wants to stay in Cobra Kai, but Kreese needs her inside so he‘ll have eyes and ears on Silver and his plan. Tory agrees to continue spying for Kreese as long as he can guide her on what needs to be done. Meanwhile, Devon joined Topanga Karate after Eagle Fang closed its doors after the tournament. She wants to continue learning Karate, but joining Topanga isn’t the best choice. None of the students in Topanga can match the level of training she did with Eagle Fang. To make matters worse, Devon learns that Cobra Kai just bought Topanga Karate. Sensei Rosenthal thought he would get to continue teaching his students under Cobra Kai, but Silver replaced him.

[00:07:00] Silver offers a choice for all the students of Topanga Karate. They can quit or join Cobra Kai. None of the students choose to quit. They all take a Cobra Kai gi and accept the new management. Sensei Rosenthal is fired on the spot. Silver is about to leave when Sensei Kim commands Tory to stay. She wants to find out who the best students in Topanga are, so she needs Tory to fight them to see what they’re made of. Silver makes no objections, but Tory can’t shadow Silver for the rest of the day.

[00:09:00] The adults learn that Cobra Kai is buying up all the other dojos in town. Johnny wants to go to Topanga Karate to give Silver a piece of his mind. Amanda doesn’t support Johnny’s one-man army move, so she asks Chozen for help. Chozen tells Johnny that going over by himself is a bad plan, so he offers to accompany Johnny. They leave immediately. Sam tells Amanda that confronting Silver isn’t a very good plan, but even Amanda doesn’t know what could be a good plan against Silver. Meanwhile, Kreese does his best to stay out of trouble in prison. He knows he can beat all the thugs but chooses not to. He chooses to be bullied instead of defending himself if it means he gets to be free in time to take down Silver.

[00:11:30] Tory gets to know Devon by teaching her some of her moves during practice. She learns that Devon’s mother has cancer, and she’s doing Karate to better herself. Tory understands how Devon feels, so she urges her to switch dojos so she can benefit from Cobra Kai’s training. They‘re still talking about personal matters when Sensei Kim announces it‘s time to spar to see who‘s fit to be Cobra Kai students.

[00:14:30] On their way to Topanga Karate, Chozen and Daniel talk about Daniel. They both know a different Daniel in their lifetime, but one thing is common: Daniel isn’t a quitter. They arrive at Topanga Karate, wanting to return Daniel the favor for helping them in their matters. Johnny sees Devon among the students of Cobra Kai. He wants to go inside the dojo immediately to stop her, but Chozen stops him. He tells Johnny they must wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Johnny doesn’t like watching Devon become a Cobra Kai, but he has no choice. They went for Silver and not Devon.

[00:16:00] Kreese thought he could be released early, but the prison psychiatrist didn’t put in a recommendation for his request. She knew Kreese wasn’t serious with what he told her during their sessions. She tells Kreese he must accept the reason he’s in prison and contemplate it. Meanwhile, Sensei Kim starts her training and pairs up Tory and Devon. Tory is tasked with stopping Devon from picking up a stick. She can use any means necessary to stop Devon, but she can’t. Devon gets the stick on the first try, a huge disappointment for Sensei Kim. She tells Tory to try harder, so she does. Tory doesn’t hold back, so Devon loses.

[00:19:30] The doctor has another session with Kreese. She wants Kreese to face his demons, but it won’t be easy. Kreese has kept his demons since Betsy died. Betsy’s death allowed Kreese to change and become the monster that he is. He used the monster to defeat all his enemies, hurting the people around him. Kreese doesn’t want to hurt people, he‘s just teaching his students to be tough, but it‘s too much for some students like Johnny and Tory. Meanwhile, Johnny and Chozen team up against Sensei Hyan-woo. They‘re looking for Silver, but Hyan-woo won’t tell them without a fight. Hyan-woo is excellent in Tang Soo Do, so they can’t face him alone. Hyan-woo can’t win alone, but Sensei Kim and the other senseis rescue him.

[00:24:00] It‘s now seven against two. Johnny won’t back down from a fight, but Chozen tells him to retreat. They‘re no match against seven senseis. Kim tells Johnny they’ve already taken over the valley, but Johnny assures her they won’t have it for long. Meanwhile, Devon joins the flagship dojo. Silver allows her request, so she makes it to the main dojo for her next training session. Devon wants to learn from Tory, making Silver very proud of her.

[00:26:00] Tory is confused. She knows Devon lost to her, so she asks why Devon is getting a second chance. Sensei Kim tells Tory that the previous day’s test wasn’t for Devon but for her. Kim wanted to gauge Tory’s strength to overcome any obstacle, and she proved her worth by defeating Devon. Silver is ready to tell Tory her part in the grand scheme of things. Meanwhile, Johnny and Chozen tell Sam and Amanda about Cobra Kai’s new senseis. They are worried because they are tough to beat, even in a professional fight. They really need Daniel’s help to bring Cobra Kai down. Daniel doesn’t want to fight, but Sam tells everyone that even Mr. Miyagi will tell them it‘s a fight they can’t avoid. Amanda tells Sam they must support Daniel more than ever.

[00:28:00] The bullies come for Kreese during lunchtime. They want his Jell-O for lunch, but Kreese refuses to give in. He beats up all the bullies and wins everyone’s respect inside prison. Suddenly, everyone refers to him as sensei. Meanwhile, Amanda brings Daniel to the Miyagi-Do dojo. She takes Daniel to Mr. Miyagi’s room. He doesn’t want to enter the room, but Amanda tells him he must heal. Amanda tells Daniel she went to Mr. Miyagi the night before their wedding. Mr. Miyagi always considered Daniel highly and told Amanda that Daniel would never let her down. She wants Daniel to fight for what’s right, but Daniel is afraid of the consequences.

[00:32:30] Everyone is at the dojo too. They‘re there to convince Daniel to start fighting again. No one wants him to give up because they can all help each other achieve their common goal. Sam shows Daniel that everyone is at the dojo. Johnny and his students are there, along with the other Miyagi-Do students. It‘s time to group up and take the fight to Cobra Kai. Daniel accepts and bows to everyone in respect. Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are strong enough to take down Cobra Kai, but they’ll have to train harder than ever.

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