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Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Cinderella


Published 8 months ago

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Cinderella

[00:01:00] Dash goes back to the club to ask Dov and Yohnny, who are asleep on the couch, for the red notebook—they don’t have it. They tell Dash that Lily went to their concert last night, but she just disappeared. Dash searches the whole area, but he doesn’t find the notebook. He finds Lily’s response to his note on the bathroom mirror. Lily told Dash she was scared but she wrote that before she enjoyed the night. Dash doesn’t know why Lily left, and he thinks it was his fault because he pushed her too far with his dare. Dov and Yohnny tell Dash that Lily enjoyed the concert; she was even crowned queen that night. Dash decides to leave the venue and sees Lily’s boot in the puddle outside.

[00:02:30] Dov and Yohnny see the boot and tell Dash it belongs to her. He didn’t understand why Lily would leave her boot in a puddle. Yohnny thinks it’s a clue for Dash to find. Dash goes home and seeks Boomer’s help to find Lily. Lily’s boot has the initials “TDF” inside. Boomer and Dash researched the acronym and found a costume store in Queens. They go to the store, and the clerk helps them with Lily’s address. At first, the clerk only wants to take the boot from them, but Dash manages to convince her that Lily is like his Cinderella. The clerk decides to give Dash a chance, and they go to the address to find Lily.

[00:06:30] Langston is alone in his room when Lily goes over. She tells him to stop pretending to be sick because it’s just her. Langston tells her he is not pretending to be sick. Lily notices Benny isn’t in his room, so she asks Langston where he is. “Grandpa banned him from the house,” he tells Lily. Lily responds, “He grounded me for life, so I need your help.” She wants Langston to bring the red notebook to Boomer. Lily discovers that Langston isn’t faking—he really has a fever. Langston reads Lily’s last entry and sees that Lily is quitting. She tells Langston about what happened in the club and how she bumped into Edgar. She tells him it’s better to quit now while she still has some dignity left in her.

[00:08:30] “If you want to quit so bad, find a way to go to Two Boots yourself,” Langston tells Lily. She tells him she’ll get him some medicine on her way back from the pizza parlor. Lily was about to leave when the doorbell rang. Dash and Boomer are outside her apartment, and it seems they rang the doorbell, but it wasn’t them. A few men entered their apartment—her grandfather’s friends. Arthur told his friends to keep an eye out on Lily because she isn’t allowed to leave the apartment. “Let me guess, he found out about the little creep boyfriend,” one of Arthur’s friends asks Lily. She confirms, then the guy tells her she’s better off with another guy.

[00:10:30] Meanwhile, Dash hesitates to ring the doorbell of the address they got from the costume store. He asks Boomer if he can talk to Lily first—he agrees. Dash is about to leave when he changes his mind. He tells Boomer to leave to have a moment with Lily. He rings the doorbell, but an old Asian woman answers the door. Dash is confused. He asks her if she’s Lily, to which she responds that her real name is Lillian. Dash asks the woman if she went to a punk concert last night, but she didn’t. Dash finally asks the old lady about a red notebook then she knew who he is. She tells Dash to come in for a cup of coffee. Lillian tells him she’s not the Lily he’s looking for.

[00:12:00] Dash seems relieved he wasn’t writing secret dares and messages with some random old woman. Lillian tells him that he’s looking for her great niece. Dash realizes Lillian is Mrs. Basil E. She laughs and confirms the nickname Lily gave her. Dash asks Lillian where Lily is, but she doesn’t want to tell him. She asks him if he loves Lily but responds that he barely knows her. Lillian refuses to tell Dash where Lily is until she gets a proper reason. He tells Lillian he cares about Lily, and he blames himself for what happened last night at the club, and he just wants to make sure Lily is doing okay. Lillian agrees to go over to Lily and tell her about Dash.

[00:14:30] Lillian knocks on the apartment door. Arthur and his friends are too busy playing cards, so Lily opens the door. She’s shocked to see Mrs. Basil E. at their doorstep. She welcomes Lillian into the apartment while she asks how Lily is doing. Lily tells Lillian she isn’t doing okay. Lillian tells Lily she isn’t okay because she is missing a boot—that’s when she realizes Dash went over to Lillian’s house. She tells Lily that Dash was able to track her down using the boot. Lillian gave the boot to Dash to properly return it to her. Arthur overhears their conversation and interferes. He tells his friends to leave, so he can confront Lillian. She asks Arthur why Lily is grounded, but Arthur doesn’t want to tell her. He responds he gave up her right when she abandoned them.

[00:16:00] Lillian responds going on tour with the Rolling Stones isn’t abandoning one’s family. Arthur and Lillian are arguing over Lily’s rights, so Arthur sends Lily to her room, so she won’t hear their conversation. She secretly goes to the kitchen to see what Arthur and Lillian are talking about. Langston tells her they will never allow her to leave the house ever again. Lily knew she needed to fight for her life, so she interrupted their conversation. She sees Arthur crying, so Lillian tells her she needs to have a little talk with her grandfather. She refuses to speak with Arthur because he’s all mushy and emotional. Still, Lillian tells her she needs to argue for her limitation to claim what’s rightfully hers. Lily doesn’t understand what Lillian meant, but she didn’t explain and just left.

[00:18:00] Lily sits across her grandfather to ask him what’s wrong. Arthur tells Lily he proposed to his girlfriend from Florida, but she turned him down—so he returned home. He tells Lily that his girlfriend, Mabel, doesn’t want to move to New York, so she turned down his proposal. She tells him Mabel doesn’t like living in New York, but he tells her that their family lives in New York and can’t stay in Florida. She asks Arthur why he proposed to Mabel. He tells Lily that Mabel makes him feel less lonely. Lily responds she knows what it feels to be lonely, and being less lonely is very nice. She tells him to talk with Mabel and work things out with her.

[00:19:30] Arthur tells Lily he came home, so he won’t be alone for Christmas, but he overreacted to what he saw. He saw Benny naked with Langston, and Lily was out all night. He tells Lily she’s still grounded for the rest of the day but not forever. He asks her if she wants to go out for ice cream as his apology. She convinces Arthur to go to Two Boots instead and get pizza. Lily goes to the counter to tell Boomer to deliver the notebook to Dash. Boomer is surprised to see Lily and tells her they were looking everywhere for her. He takes the notebook and ran as fast as he could to Dash. He arrives at Dash’s apartment and tells him to leave with him. He hands Dash the notebook as they rush out the door.

[00:21:30] Dash leaves and runs for the train station. Lily wrote a new dare for him instead of quitting. She sent Dash to Dyker Heights, where he found an overly decorated house for Christmas: it was full of plastic nutcrackers and Santa Claus. Lily sent Dash over for a reason: it was so he could find something worth believing in. He never believed in the spirit of Christmas, but Lily’s dare changes something in him. He saw an older couple taking pictures by the house. Dash knew the couple had known each other for so long as they held hands and kissed each other. Dash finally found something real during the holidays. She told him their notebook is magic and it is worth believing in. Dash goes to another house before five in the afternoon. It was already dark when a Christmas sign with the word “Believe” lit up.

[00:24:00] Lily told Dash it was her sign. As the sign lit up, the first snow of winter fell from the sky. Dash tries to catch a snowflake with his tongue when he receives a message. It was from Sofia. She sent Dash a photo of herself and asked to meet up with him.

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