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Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Christmas Eve


Published 8 months ago

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Christmas Eve

[00:01:00] It was Christmas Eve. Dash tells Lily about an old friend. He goes to a restaurant with Sofia to try Lily’s dare—eat a cheese pie. Sofia cautions him about Lily: she doesn’t trust her. But Dash tells Sofia he will eventually meet up with Lily. After eating cheese pie, Dash goes shopping with Sofia before Priya’s party. Dash thanks Lily for a nice Christmas break. He tells Lily he will give her his name as a Christmas present. He tells her he’ll give the notebook to Mrs. Basil E, so she can get the notebook on Christmas morning.

[00:02:30] Lily goes to the same restaurant to have some cheese pie. She suggested the dare to Dash as she loves cheese pie. Her friends are with her to talk things over about Fiji. Lily tries to stay positive until her parents come back to confirm things for her. She tells them nothing is definite yet. “You have a Ph.D. in positivity,” her friend tells her. Lily goes back home to prepare for her date with Edgar. She makes her clothes while Muppet Dash looks at her. She tells Muppet Dash it’s not her fault another guy asked her out before he did.

[00:04:30] Langston comes over to Lily’s room to invite her to a game of Catan. Lily refuses to play Catan with liars. He tells Lily he didn’t lie to her; he just withheld information. Langston apologizes to Lily for lashing out at her due to his breakup with Benny. Lily can’t stay mad with her brother, but she still can’t play Catan with him because she has a date. She asks Langston for advice: how to cancel her date with Edgar. Langston tells Lily she should never cancel a date. Langston doesn’t understand why Dash hasn’t asked Lily out when they’ve been writing to each other for some weeks now. She tells him that Dash is reconnecting with an old friend. “An “old friend”? That is code for an ex,” Langston tells her. Lily doesn’t believe him at first, but she figures things out eventually, agreeing to her brother.

[00:06:30] Lily secretly meets with Boomer. She asks him if Dash is meeting up with his ex. Boomer tells her that Sofia is in Brazil, so she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Boomer found it weird that Dash didn’t mention anything about an old friend. “I’m sure it’s nothing,” he assures Lily. She decides to give the notebook to Boomer before she changes her mind. He tells Lily he won’t tell Dash about their conversation. That night, Boomer goes to Priya’s party. He sees Sofia. She told Boomer she was back in town, but it had only been a few days. Boomer and Sofia are talking when Dash arrives. Boomer discovers Dash went shopping with Sofia and got dessert for the party.

[00:09:00] Meanwhile, Edgar picks Lily up from her apartment while Boomer confronts Dash. He tells him Sofia is bad for him, pointing out that Sofia does everything to control Dash to do what she wants. She dresses him up and talks on his behalf. Boomer tells Dash that Lily is a much better girl for him. Dash tells Boomer he’ll keep him updated about his daily schedule so he doesn’t get jealous. Boomer leaves him at the party; he’s going to the movies to see “Die Hard.” Edgar and Lily arrive at the party, then she realizes her outfit doesn’t belong.

[00:12:00] Edgar tells Lily to make herself at home. He finds Dash reading the red notebook inside one of the rooms where he places their jackets. Dash writes a response on it, wishing Lily is with him at the party. Priya asks her friends what they want to watch for Christmas Eve: “Home Alone” or “Home Alone 2.” “The New York geography for “Home Alone 2″ is atrocious,” he tells everyone but chooses the movie nonetheless. No one in the party laughed at Dash’s explanation except for Lily. He looks at Lily, but he doesn’t know she’s the Lily in the notebook. Lily and Dash share a conversation at the buffet table. Dash compliments Lily’s homemade sweater. They continue their conversation, but as Lily is about to introduce herself, Sofia interrupts their conversation.

[00:16:30] Sofia invites Lily and Dash to play truth or dare. Edgar thinks it is a great idea, so they all go to the kitchen. Sofia dares Dash to leave the party with her. Dash wants to leave the party, so he agrees. Priya stands up and asks Lily to play. Lily chooses truth, so Priya asks her: “What is the craziest place you’ve ever made out?” Lily tells her she hasn’t kissed a boy ever. Meanwhile, Dash and Sofia go to the nearby museum. They can enter the place because Priya’s father is on the board of directors. She wants Dash to remember the times they went there when they were still together. Dash and Sofia are talking about things he likes, but Lily is all he can think about.

[00:20:00] Edgar dares everyone to play strip poker. Everyone agrees except Lily. She tries to leave the party discreetly, but Edgar sees her and stops her. Lily tells him she needs to get home before her curfew. Edgar offers to call an Uber for her. He tells Lily she is beautiful and tries to kiss her but stops because his phone rings. Edgar can’t pay for Uber because it is so pricey, so he asks Lily to get her own Uber. Edgar bids Lily farewell as he goes back to the party to play strip poker. Lily goes back home feeling bad. She made it home 30 minutes early, which Arthur approved—he thought Lily went caroling. Lily still looked at things positively because she would know Dash’s real name by Christmas day.

[00:21:30] Dash confronts Sofia about her dare. He wants to know what they’re doing in the museum. Sofia tells Dash she wants to go back in time to still be with him. Dash refuses. He tells Sofia it wasn’t just her decision to move to Brazil that broke them apart; it was also his attitude. Dash tells her he doesn’t need her to protect him. Sofia tells Dash she really wants to be with him. She kisses him, and they end up spending the night together.

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