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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

BY Angela

Published 7 months ago

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Anna wakes up and looks for Rex by her side. She sees the bottle of pills on her bedside table. She thinks she has just hallucinated and what happened between her and Rex isn’t true. She comes down and sees Rex making an omelet. They kiss again until Anna hears a knock. Officer Lane tells Anna not to make any noise and leads her out of the way. Other police officers come inside her house and arrest Rex for the murder of Chastity.

Officer Lane explains to Anna that Rex and Chastity have long been under surveillance, and when Chastity turns up dead, instructions are given to apprehend Rex. To convince Anna more, Officer Lane plays a recording of a phone conversation between Rex and Chastity where Rex threatens to cut her into little pieces. Anna whimpers at the thought of making love with a murderer.

Anna opens yet another bottle of wine, but she finally thinks of making a new start. She pours all her wine down the sink, flushes all her pills into the toilet, and reupholsters her wine-stained couch setting it so it doesn’t face the window anymore. Sloane calls her and tells her she’s got news. Anna tells her she also has something to say, so they agree to get a mani-pedi.

Anna thanks Sloane for staying by her side despite everything. Sloane tells her she might have a job offer in New York, so she might be leaving soon. Sloane tells Anna she should talk to Neil because he’s single again.

Anna brings a casserole to Elizabeth’s grave—it’s her daughter’s birthday. The epitaph now reads: “THERE’S NO “I” IN HEAVEN.” Anna sees a birthday card and a toy turtle; Douglas must have brought those earlier that day. Anna tells Elizabeth she thinks she’s getting better. Neil comes and tells Anna they are there for Lisa’s burial. He apologizes for the restraining order. Emma comes and says hi to Anna. She then gives her the casserole she made for Elizabeth. Neil invites Anna to eat with them later that night.

Meanwhile, police officers find a murder weapon near the site where they found Lisa’s body.

Anna gets ready to paint again when she hears thunder. She knows it’s going to rain. So she sighs but calms herself, telling herself she’s safe inside. Anna paints and finishes a portrait right before she hears a knock.

Officer Lane comes in with Officer Spitz, who asks Anna if it’s okay to look around. Anna permits him. Officer Lane asks her to sit and tells her they released Rex Bakke because he had a solid alibi. Officer Spitz calls and shows them a palette knife. Officer Lane tells Anna they found a murder weapon, a palette knife, identical to Anna’s. Anna asks them if they think she did it, and she tells them she had no reason to do so. Officer Lane tells her she might have liked what Lisa had: a family. Officer Spitz finds a painting of Neil, Emma, and Anna with the words “The Perfect Family.” Anna tells them she doesn’t remember painting it.

Officer Lane tells Anna she better have herself a good lawyer, but Anna tells her she doesn’t need a lawyer; she didn’t do anything wrong. Officer Lane tells her if she isn’t guilty, she wouldn’t mind coming to the station for questioning. Anna comes with them. Neil and Emma see her baking taken away. Before they leave the house, Anna sees a flashback of her making stabbing motions.

Our Thoughts

Woah. Anna being a suspect is something we never thought of. Well, she does forget things and imagines things, but we never thought of her as someone who can actually kill somebody. Since this is a convoluted story, we won’t be surprised if Anna didn’t do it.

Elizabeth’s epitaph has changed again, for the second time in the series. It now says “THERE’S NO “I” IN HEAVEN.” Now, would that mean she isn’t in heaven? Or was that a subtle nod to Anna being a suspect in Lisa’s murder? Oh, we are so confused right now!

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