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DECEPTION Recap: “Getting Away Clean”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


ABC/Giovanni Rufino)






Fake Outs and Fallout

If you are anything like me, last week’s partly off schedule two parter was amazing, but caught you totally off guard. That’s okay, because that’s probably exactly how Deception’s regular cast of characters would describe it too. Especially this week.

This week is all about the fallout. Big and small, the ripples of encountering the mystery woman are everywhere. Team Deception is on the outs with the FBI because of Cameron’s choices. And the team isn’t happy because Cameron and Jordan were keeping secrets. Dina is trying to move on with Mike after her time with Jonathan. And Johnathan is back in prison, which has consequences of its own. 

Not to be outdone, Gunter got the scare of his life trying to figure out how the Mystery Woman connects to Cameron’s great-grandfather, Alexander Black. He finds himself in a secret passage in the archive that’s been magic boobytrapped to keep Alexander’s secrets. 

Amid all that, Cameron just wants to get back on the team. 


The Perfect Murder

The perfect case Cameron thinks he needs to get back on the FBI team presents itself when he happens upon a beat cop who claims he has witnessed the murder of a convenience store clerk. The trouble is that no one else believes the crime has occurred. According to the witness, he was attempting to stop it when he was struck from behind. Cameron tells him he works with the FBI and offers to help.

When the two men return to the store, Cameron notices that the entire case of cold cuts in front of which the opposing murder occurred have all spontaneously been replaced.  Odd, for a small convenience store like this, Cameron thinks. Overhearing them, the man posing as the convenience store owner in place of the dead man suddenly rushes out and throws a large bag of garbage directly into a garbage truck. Thinking quickly, Cameron snatches the bag. Inside? Cold cuts covered in blood. Gross. 

When this revelation doesn’t seem enough to impress the team at the FBI, especially because it’s technically an NYPD case, Cameron decides to dig heels in further. He meets with the beat cop who has been pouring over head shots looking for potential suspects. He finds one in the book of headshots. He and Cameron decide to go to the park where the suspect is known to deal drugs. Unfortunately for Cameron, he’s recognized by a fan in the park, and the police officer spooks, believing that Cameron is just messing with him.The officer explains he used to be a detective, now he’s just a beat cop getting pranked on by a magician. It’s only after he leaves that Cameron and Jordan, who arrive to help, recognize the drug dealer. Jordan makes a quick move and actually steals all the guys drugs without him realizing it. When the dealer has to go restock, Cameron and Jordan follow him, only to discover that the dealer’s boss is another detective on the police force.

They take this information to the FBI team, who, now faced with a case involving drugs and corrupt NYPD police officers, gets the go-ahead for a raid on the police station. It’s a bust, though when they find the drugs planted on our beat cop instead. The detective knew they’d be coming. What they need is a bit more, well, deception. So Cameron gets caught attempting to break into the dirty detective’s car, and is promptly brought inside the station. He calls Kate for help, but she is adamant that, because of all the stunts he’s pulled recently, she doesn’t trust him, and so he’s on his own. However, once they are alone together he congratulates her on great work, and pulls off his street clothes to reveal a policeman’s uniform. A smooth move? Not really, as Cameron is quickly caught trying to dig up more on our dirty detective, who then chases him into an empty interrogation room.

There Cameron turns the tables, telling him he’s really put together a great trick, making everyone think there was no murder, and getting his fellow cop in trouble. It’s not the first time either; he’s the one who also made it look like the other cop might be dirty, which is what got him busted down from Detective previously. It’s just after all this is admitted that Kay and company bust in and arrest the dirty detective. It seems the interrogation room wasn’t empty at all, the magic team just made it look that way. Surprise. The bad guys are caught and our good cop gets his detective badge back. And it seems like the magic team and the FBI are back in each other’s good graces.


Alas Poor Jonathan

It seems Jonathan’s furlough aiding the FBI was one time too many for fellow prisoners not to take serious notice. He’s received several threats, including a dead rat and the word written in something red – blood? – On the wall of his cell. Another inmate tells him he can get whatever he needs for protection; it’ll just take some money. For the first time Jonathan takes him up on it.

But when Jonathan goes to pick up the illicit weapons, the man turns on him saying he paid a good price, but someone else paid him more. He tries to stab Jonathan to death, but Jonathan overtakes him leaving him on the ground, and presumably taking the weapons with him.

Later that night he’s in his cell and there’s a commotion. Shortly thereafter he calls Cameron. Someone has been murdered in the prison, and they think he did it. 

Deception continues May 13 with “The Unseen Hand.”

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