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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Tonight

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Tonight


The brothel owner learns of Zenitsu’s disappearance. He dismisses it as just another desertion for fear of retaliation from Warabihime.

That morning, Tanjiro and Inosuke meet on the rooftops for their meeting. Inosuke claims to have found a demon in his house. Tengen appears out of nowhere and tells them Zenitsu won’t join them. He apologizes for putting them in danger out of desperation to find his missing wives. He lost contact with Zenitsu last night.

Tengen asks them to retreat, knowing they won’t be strong enough against an Upper Rank demon. They’ll treat the missing as dead, and then he’ll go on to fight the demon. The two protest, but Tengen leaves them.

Inosuke tells Tanjiro they’ve been promoted three steps above their previous rank. Tanjiro wants to meet with him that night, but Inosuke intends to immediately defeat the demon at his house. Tanjiro suggests the demons must be hiding in plain sight, using secret passages to move about. It’s how they’ve killed without being spotted.

Tanjiro wants to catch them at night while they’re moving. He believes Zenitsu and the three wives are still alive. Inosuke agrees, telling him it was also his idea.


That night, Koinatsu Oiran from Tanjiro’s house is busy preparing for the night’s opening. Tanjiro enters her room without his disguise, asking to leave money for the owner and telling her of his departure. He admits he’s a man disguised as a girl. Koinatsu says she already knows.

Tanjiro reassures her that he’ll be looking for the missing people. Koinatsu is also leaving the following day, so she worries that the others are in danger. Tanjiro promises to take care of it and leaves.

As he walks out, Daki appears in demon form to attack Koinatsu.

As Tanjiro moves along the rooftops, he catches a demon’s scent, which diverts his attention.

Inosuke becomes impatient while waiting for his friend, so he resolves to put matters in his own hands. He smashes his head through the ceiling and asks for Tengen’s servant mice to retrieve his swords. Inosuke dons his Demon Slayer costume in search of the enemy.

Tengen appears at Warabihime’s house to question the owner about Hinatsuru and Zenko. The owner lies to him, but Tengen promises to avenge the loss of his wife. Finally, he tells Tengen about Warabihime and the location of her room.

Tengen moves in to find the room empty. Fearing the worst, he heads for Hinatsuru’s room to find more evidence.


Tanjiro follows the demon’s scent, which leads him to Koinatsu’s room. There, he finds Daki strangling Koinatsu with her silk sash. Daki asks Tanjiro if he has other Demon Slayers with him and a Hashira, but she’s most concerned about the Hashira.

Koinatsu’s body seems to be disappearing from the cloth. Tanjiro finally sees Daki’s eyes, signifying her rank as an Upper Rank Six. He arms himself, but Daki smashes him to the opposite building.

Tanjiro gets back up and realizes that the demon has been hiding her victims inside her supernatural sash. Daki praises his bravery and threatens to devour his eyes. The straps of Nezuko’s box break, so he puts her down before fighting the demon.

Tanjiro blocks Daki’s sashes using the fourth form and cuts one of them before landing on the ground. The cut fabric has Koinatsu trapped inside. Daki welcomes the fight and thinks he’s easy prey. Tanjiro hesitates if he can fight her without the others, but he stands his ground.

Our Thoughts

The buildup has been excellent, and I’m actually terrified for Tanjiro. 4/5.

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