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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 14 Recap – Transformation

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 14 Recap - Transformation


Nezuko pins Daki to the ground with her severed leg. Daki can’t believe her regeneration is faster than hers.

Tanjiro’s siblings continue to call for him in his sleep. Nezuko isn’t acting like herself. She continues to torture Daki and seems to enjoy it.

Daki lashes out in anger and cuts off Nezuko’s limbs and neck. Nezuko connects her body using her solidified blood and fights back with her Blood Demon’s flames.

A pillar of flame engulfs Daki and Nezuko continues to punish her with hard-hitting attacks. She throws her into a brothel. Nezuko enters and finds one of the courtesans wounded; her instincts for blood suddenly flare. Thankfully, Tanjiro comes in to stop her. They struggle on the ground, with Tanjiro holding back her mouth.

Tanjiro apologizes for letting Nezuko fight and asks her to go back to sleep. Nezuko hurls him to the upper floors, where they continue to struggle. Daki then comes in to breach their room. Her face is burned from Nezuko’s technique, something she can’t heal very well.

Anger flares inside of her. Tanjiro has to move as there are innocent people nearby. But before Daki can strike, Tengen comes in to block her.


The Hashira is worried about Nezuko’s transformation. Tengen dismisses Daki, saying she’s too weak to be an Upper Rank. Before she could answer, her neck severs off and falls to her body.

Inosuke complains they’ve been left behind, but the sleeping Zenitsu tracks the battle with his hearing.

Tengen tells Tanjiro the fight isn’t over; he has to restrain Nezuko. Nezuko hurls them both outside. Tanjiro panics. He remembers a lullaby from her mother and starts to sing. Nezuko finally calms down and remembers their mother, who used to sing the song when they were young. She breaks down, cries, and shrinks down before falling asleep. Tanjiro sighs in relief.

Daki scolds Tengen for cutting off her head while the Hashira dismisses her. They argue back and forth as Tengen insists she’s already defeated.

Daki starts crying and having tantrums. She isn’t supposed to cry with her head decapitated. Daki calls out for her brother Gyutaro. A figure appears from inside her severed head — the body of a man. Tengen moves in to cut him, but he’s too slow.


Gyutaro comforts her sister and heals her burns. Tengen moves in to strike, but his headpiece gets severed. The demon relishes cutting Tengen’s pretty face and praises his manly features. He promises to let them suffer.

Daki tells his brother that there are more, and he should kill the girl who burned her face. She cries to him about having been bullied by the demon hunters.

Gyutaro promises to punish everyone who hurt her as he lashes out with his dual kamas. Tanjiro wants to help, but he’s occupied. Thankfully, Inosuke and a sleeping Zenitsu arrive. He tells them to go upstairs to help. Inosuke promises to fight flamboyantly while Tanjiro returns Nezuko to her box.

Upstairs, Tengen moves to defend the innocent civilians. Gyutaro expresses jealousy at how the Hashira must be liked and appreciated by everyone. Tengen replies by flaunting his three wives, putting Gyutaro on the edge as he uses his Blood Demon Art to unleash a web of sickle blades.

Tengen dodges by throwing bombs and falling to the ground floor. He defends himself as the blood sickles continue to pursue him. He’ll probably have to cut both of their heads together.

His guess gets confirmed as Gyutaro and Daki combine to form a two-in-one demon.

Our Thoughts

My small complaint is that Gyutaro wasn’t foreshadowed at all, or did I miss it? But at the same time, this unpredictability made him even more terrifying. 3.8/5.

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