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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Trophy

BY Arabelle

Published 6 months ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 3 Recap -  Trophy

The episode started with a quote from Pablo Picasso that goes, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” However, Banksy tweaked this by saying “The bad artists imitate, the great artist steal.” Nanno then said that light always shines on geniuses. A girl is then shown trying to paint, who ends up crying because she cannot paint at all. The school director is giving his speech and trying to encourage the students about their school’s goal. Two girls are inside the comfort room and notice that their director’s speech is longer than usual. Nanno is then seen walking around her new school.

Mew and Pui are in the exhibit where every genius in their school has their name on it. Pui asked Mew why she always brings her there when she will not see her name in that part of their school. Mew told her that she feel jealous because every name shown there are smart. A teacher hears their conversation and tells them that that’s why they don’t stand out. They don’t care at all. Soon, they will become a burden to their society. The teacher calls Nanno and tells the other students to follow Nanno’s steps. She also instructs Nanno to look after the two girls and help them improve their grades. Nanno agrees to help them.

The next day, their teacher announced the new genius in their class who won the Thai Literature Association, and she called Pui. Mew is surprised to know that Pui won the award. Pui said her speech, and Nanno told her that she will add her to the group chat of geniuses in their school. Ms. Plearn congratulates Pui again, and Mew listens to their conversation. Mew puts her hand on Pui’s handprint. Albert Einstein once said that “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

The next day, Nanno approached Mew and asked her why her hand is dirty? Nanno told her that she also did that before. She also put her hands on someone else’s imprint. Nanno suddenly asked Mew if she doesn’t find it weird that Pui can suddenly write a good novel within just a week. Nanno asked Mew if she wants to know a secret. If Mew wants to be a genius, all she needs to do is go to google and press control plus c and control plus v, and that’s it. Mew hinted that Pui can write a good novel within just a week because she copied it on google. But Nanno told her that maybe Pui just got inspiration there.

Nanno suggested to Mew to try it on Ms. Plearn’s art assignment. Mew asked her what if she gets caught, but Nanno told her that they didn’t catch her and Pui. Mew followed Nanno’s suggestion. She copied other people’s artwork. She printed them and just put some abstracts on the art. The next day, everyone is submitting their assignment to Ms. Plearn. Nanno walks by Mew’s seat and looks at her assignment. She complimented it and told her that she can sell the artwork that she did. Mew submitted her work, and Ms. Plearn called for her. Nanno told Ms. Plearn that Mew’s art is beautiful. Ms. Plearn encourages her to submit her work. She looks at it, and Ms. Plearn complimented her work. She even told her that she will submit it to their school and it can win an award on the Siam.

Everyone claps their hand for Mew. Mew gets her hand imprint in their exhibit. Pui approaches Mew and congratulates her, but Mew is still mad at Pui, and she walks out of her. They welcome Mew in the group chats. Everyone told her that her artwork is really good, and they are excited about her next piece. She said to them that it takes time. But they pressure her that they want to see it that night. Mew started to find other art on the internet. Her mom suddenly entered her room and brought her some soy milk.

After some time, her mom leaves her room, and she continued to find other art. It was the same as the first one; she put the abstract above the art. Everyone is praising her artwork. She started to gain everyone’s attention. Some send her a video telling how they love her artworks. She also had an interview about the artworks she made.

Nanno watched Mew’s interview, and she smiled creepily. Ms. Plearn informs everyone that they will be having an open house event next week, and all of the geniuses need to showcase their talents. Ms. Plearn told Mew that her artworks will be displayed at the open house event. Still, Nanno said that if they display the old artworks of Mew, the presentation will be repetitive. It will be boring for everyone to see. Ms. Plearn thought of the idea that Mew should create live artworks on the stage on the day of their open house event. Mew is surprised at the idea and tells them that she doesn’t want anyone to see it, but everyone wants to see her make her artworks live. They will also broadcast it live so the world can see her masterpiece.

After their class, Mew chased Nanno. She confronted her about what she did in the classroom. Nanno didn’t listen to whatever Mew said to her and send her good luck and just smiled at Mew before she left. When Mew gets home, she starts to practice hard on her arts. She doesn’t know what she will do. She is being pressured and stressed. Nanno called Mew and asked if she is practicing her artwork. She also asked if she saw the post on Facebook saying Mew copied her artwork. Mew gets annoyed at Nanno and calls Pui. She asked for her help. In the comfort room, Pui is waiting for Mew while she is practicing her speech for her.

Mew arrives and tells Pui that she is not mad at her, but instead, she is jealous because Pui has become a genius and made her work. She was jealous because Pui is famous while she is still stupid. Pui asked her if they can be friends again, and Mew agreed, but she needs to help her first. She takes a hammer from her bag and asks Pui if she can hit her arm. Pui doesn’t want to do it. Mew told her she cannot draw and go on stage to do what Ms. Plearn wants. Mew forced Pui to hit her. She begs Pui to help her hit her arm. Pui is not doing it. In the end, Mew hits herself. She screamed so loud. She blamed Pui for hitting her.

Everyone witness it. Mew keeps screaming until Ms. Plearn arrives at the comfort room and blames Pui. Nanno is inside one of the cubicles and laughing without a sound because of what happened. Her mother told her it’s a wasted opportunity because she is excited to see Mew do her artwork on the stage. Still, it will not happen anymore because of her injury. They keep on talking when someone rings the doorbell. Ms. Plearn and Nanno visited her. She told Mew that they expelled Pui, but they had already remove the genius title on her because of what she did to Mew. Ms. Plearn asked her how she is and if she can move her fingers.

Mew acted like she is so hurt. Nanno reminds Mew that their school principal always told them that real diamonds shine even in the dark. She said to them that Mew can still use her left hand. She borrow Mew’s phone and showed them Mew’s past post about drawing with her left hand. Everyone encourage her to do that. On the day of the open house event, every genius are showing their talents, and their main event was Mew’s artworks. Nanno introduced Mew to everyone. They clapped their hands for her. Everyone is cheering for Mew. She will start her artwork when someone goes onto the stage and tells her that she stole her friend’s artwork.

Their principal looks at the paper she is showing and says to her that it is not the same as Mew’s works. He even insulted the school of the girl. Mew is just quiet and not saying anything. They urge Mew to continue her artwork to show them that she didn’t steal other people’s artworks. Mew started to paint, and she also started to cry. She doesn’t know what she will do. She just painted anything and abstract on the board. The principal showed her artwork to everyone. After that, they asked for Mew’s speech. Mew went to the microphone and started speaking. After Mew’s speech, everyone clapped their hands while Nanno left the room.

Our Thought

You can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the real artists. What Mew did is called stealing. Even if she puts another art in the artworks, she still stole the art. It is not hers from the beginning. She got blinded by the praise and lights that keeps coming to her. She loves the spotlight, but when the real challenge of being famous comes, she can’t handle it anymore. The pressure of asking for the real artworks and the live artworks they asked from her made her do the things that is not right. She hits herself and blames it on Pui when Pui doesn’t do anything to her in the first place. Fame can make a person change.


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