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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Akaza

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Akaza


With Hinokami Kagura, Tanjiro cuts Enmu’s neck. The train derails from the tracks, throwing off Tanjiro and the others.

Inosuke falls safely after bouncing off the demon’s flesh, while Tanjiro falls straight to the ground. Tanjiro asks Inosuke if everyone on the train is safe, including the engineer who just stabbed him. He asks Inosuke to rescue everyone from danger. Inosuke follows, claiming it‘s his idea all along.

Even with his injuries, Tanjiro thinks about the welfare of the passengers and his friends. A piece of Enmu’s flesh falls from the train. What remains of him regrets dying in such a way. This time he is unable to regenerate. He sees Tanjiro sleeping close by and reaches in to kill him with his last breath, but his flesh slowly disintegrates.

Thinking of the Upper Twelve Moons and how they’ve killed Hashiras over the centuries, Enmu realizes he’s far below the ranks. Like the dreams he bestowed upon his victims, he regrets the nightmare that was his life.

Tanjiro looks up to the sky with heavy breathing. Kyojuro looks down on him and praises his mastery of Total Concentration: Constant. It is the first step toward becoming a Hashira, although there could still be 10,000 steps before he can reach the level.

Kyojuro instructs him to concentrate his breathing further to find his torn nerve and staunch the bleeding with his own mind. Tanjiro does it after a short struggle, so Kyojuro praises him for his perseverance.


The Hashira tells him everyone is fine, although a few suffered injuries. He tells Tanjiro to rest.

Suddenly, they sense a presence nearby. Another demon has come to face them — an Upper Rank Three.

The demon sees Tanjiro and quickly moves in to strike, but Kyojuro catches him with an upward Fire Breathing slash, cutting the demon’s arm, but it regenerates in a split second. The upper ranks are a different breed.

Kyojuro asks him why he’s targeting a wounded boy. The demon says he simply wants to talk, and he hates weaklings. He asks Kyojuro if he can turn him into a demon, to which the Hashira refuses immediately.

The demon, Akaza, sees he’s a Hashira from his fighting spirit. Akaza tells him he can’t be the strongest since he’s a human. He will grow old and die unless he turns into a demon.

Kyojuro replies growing old is part of being human; it makes life precious. He also says Tanjiro isn’t weak, and the demon’s values differ. He will not become a demon no matter what.

Upper Rank Demon

Hearing this, Akaza resolves to kill him. He performs a stance that enhances his skills. Both fighters clash, sword against fist. Akaza tells him he’s never killed a Flame Hashira before and that none of them have agreed to his offers. It pains him that other martial artists aren’t as open to the sacrifices he made to be the strongest.

Akaza punches the air with his fist. Kyojuro blocks it with a flame wheel. Kyojuro moves in closer to strike, but Akaza only regenerates himself.

Tanjiro and Inosuke see the fight and want to help, but Kyojuro forbids them.

The fight moves into the woods until Akaza kicks Kyojuro back to the clearing. Akaza recruits Kyojuro yet again, but the Hashira refuses and moves in for a slash. Inosuke, who’s closely watching, can’t find an opening for them to help.

After sustaining a few hits, Kyojuro stares at his foe with his final breath.

Our Thoughts

Why kill a Hashira too soon? He’s such a cool character! 4/5.

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