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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui

BY Harris

Published 6 months ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui

Moving Pieces

Tanjiro and the others are left devastated by the Mugen train incident. Unfortunately, the Flame Hashira has died from his wounds after battling against an Upper Moon demon.

A crow spreads the news of his passing. The Demon Slayer Corps’ leader, Lord Oyakata, also learns about Tanjiro’s deeds during the incident.

Elsewhere, a family celebrates the arrival of an adopted child, proudly telling their friends how smart and respectful he is and how connected they feel with him. The boy has a skin disease that prevents him from going out during daytime.

The window to the boy’s room opens to Akaza bowing. He reports to the boy — he is Muzan in disguise. Akaza tells him the Blue Spider Lily is nowhere to be found. He also reports that he’s killed one of the Hashira, but Muzan tells him it isn’t enough; he wants the entire Demon Slayer Corps erased.

Muzan scolds Akaza for failing to kill the three other hunters in the area, something that should have been easy for an Upper Moon like him. Akaza trembles in fear as he is dismissed.

That night, Akaza finds Tanjiro’s weapon and crushes it, swearing to kill its owner.


Tanjiro and his friends return to Butterfly Mansion to recover from their wounds. While there, Zenitsu sees his friends’ anguish at being no help to Kyojuro. Even with Kyojuro’s great strength, a demon out there still outmatches him. Zenitsu knows they mustn’t dwell on it too much. He then discovers Tanjiro missing from his room.

Outside, Tanjiro follows Kyojuro’s crow to find the Hashira’s home. He meets Kyojuro’s younger brother Senjuro and tells him he carries a message. Their father, Shinjuro, now an alcoholic, tells Tanjiro that his son is worthless and has no talent. He was bound to die.

Tanjiro steps forward and refutes him. Shinjuro sees his hanafuda earrings and recognizes him as a Sun Breath user. Shinjuro moves in to subdue Tanjiro and knocks Senjuro away. Tanjiro fights back and kicks him off.

Shinjuro thinks Tanjiro is looking down on them because he’s a Sun Breath user. It is the first breathing technique ever developed, of which all other breathing techniques are inferior derivatives.

In his frustration, Tanjiro headbutts Shinjuro.

Later that afternoon, Senjuro takes Tanjiro inside and comforts him with tea. He thanks Tanjiro for standing up to him and his brother. He hands Tanjiro the Flame Hashira records but soon discovers its pages are torn and mangled. Tanjiro resolves to figure it out on his own to become stronger.

Senjuro promises to find records about Sun Breathing and send them to him by the crow. He hands Tanjiro Kyojuro’s swords’ hilt guards to protect him, saying his brother would have wanted it. Later, Senjuro relays his brother’s last words to his father: “Please take care of yourself.” Shinjuro cries beside his empty bottle of sake.

Next Mission

Tanjiro walks home feeling lightheaded. As he gets close to the mansion, he sees Haganezuka seething with rage for losing his sword. Thankfully, Aoi and the girls diffuse the situation.

The three demon slayers continue their training and recovery in the mansion. Four months after Kyojuro’s passing, they start receiving new missions, facing their foes with renewed determination.

Tanjiro returns to the mansion one day to find the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, harassing the servant girls. He moves in for a headbutt, but Tengen dodges quickly. He claims to need girls for his next mission, so he must take Aoi with him.

Tanjiro offers to exchange Aoi for him and his friends instead. Tengen agrees as long as they don’t defy him.

Our Thoughts

Great setup for the next arc, but I actually wish Tengen died instead of Kyojuro. Still, maybe he’ll defy our expectations. We’ll see. 3.8/5.

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