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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – Infiltrating the Entertainment District

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - Infiltrating the Entertainment District

Entertainment District

Zenitsu gets flustered as Tengen tells them their next job is at the Entertainment District. The Hashira insists he is god, and they are merely his servants in the mission. They will become dogs or monkeys as he pleases and should never question his rule.

He calls himself the God of Festivals. Inosuke claims to be King of the Mountain. Confusion ensues.

Tengen heads off before they can blink, showcasing his immense speed and agility.

The group arrives in a bright and crowded city — the Yoshiwara Entertainment District, where the desire of men and women turns into a storm of activity. Tengen tells them to stay in place, but Zenitsu and Inosuke get excited by the sights around them.

Inosuke is mesmerized by the crowd, while the beautiful women‘s allure takes Zenitsu. Tengen drags them by their sleeves to listen. The Yoshiwara District comes alive at night and sleeps during the day, making it perfect for demons.

There, women are hired for their talents, with the Oiran hailed as the best of them all — beautiful, smart, and talented.


Tengen leads them to a place with a Wisteria Crest. He asks the three to infiltrate the brothels to find his wives while he scouts the area for demons. Zenitsu protests, thinking Tengen is asking them to find girls for him. Tengen yells at him, explaining that his wives are spies, but he’s lost contact with them since.

Tengen shows them the messages sent by his three wives: Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru. They advised him not to stand out, so they’ll have to blend in to infiltrate the brothels. Tengen’s wives are all ninjas sent to gather some intel on demons.

Tengen parades his three demon slayers in their disguises, but their makeups leave much to be desired. Still, with Tengen’s charm, Tanjiro gets hired into the first brothel.

The two remaining demon slayers and Tengen find their next place. Outside, they stumble upon an Oiran parade with the top courtesans on the street.

A woman who happens to pass by offers to take Inosuke in. She works in one of the brothels Tengen intended to search. Left alone, Zenitsu feels unwanted.

The women rejoice as they take off Inosuke’s makeup, revealing his radiant feminine features.

Finally, at the last brothel, Zenitsu shows off his shamisen skills. He gets accepted despite his ugly face. With his superb hearing, he can learn a piece from a single listen.


Meanwhile, Tanjiro gets relegated to housework due to the scar on his forehead.

Rumors circulate about the many Oiran who either deserted or disappeared lately. Tanjiro hears that Suma has deserted. But before he can hear the details, a courtesan comes in and gives him candy. Tanjiro asks for more info about Suma, claiming she’s her sister.

Allegedly, Suma deserted days and left the details in her diary. Tanjiro thinks it‘s convenient for demons to cover up shady incidents.

Tengen continues to scout the rooftops. His senses tell him that an Upper Rank demon might be working there.

Inosuke hears about Makio, who is supposedly sick in her room. He tries to sneak around to find her.

It turns out that Makio is being tortured. Her correspondence with Tengen has been discovered, so the torturer asks who she works for.

Our Thoughts

This is one of the most cultured episodes and arcs in anime. I’m glad we can see the color and beauty only such a setting can offer. 3.8/5.

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