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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – The Monster at the End of This Book

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - The Monster at the End of This Book

Luna prays to the Goddess Selemene. She is troubled by the stolen lotuses, along with the prophecies that come with them. The Goddess tells her not to worry. She explains these are all legends and bedtime stories. She needs to have faith.

Dragon Keep

Finally, Davion and his companions find refuge in a stronghold built by the mountainside. They rest and warm up inside the hold. Davion sees Mirana is troubled and offers to lend an ear when the gates suddenly open.

Kaden enters the Keep, dragging a dragon’s carcass. Davion is impressed—it would have taken more men to fight an adult dragon.

They tell Kaden their story while the older knight butchers the dragon. Mirana is disturbed by this, but Kaden justifies the act. The dragons are, after all, killing machines.

Davion feels a sudden urge to fight Kaden, so he backs away. Mirana urges him to tell Kaden the truth about his situation.

During dinner, Davion cannot get himself to eat the dragon steak. Mirana asks Kaden why he’s in the mountains. Kaden reveals his grudge against Slyrak, who killed his band and ravaged a village before his eyes. He was the only survivor, and it became his mission to slay Slyrak. He found the dragon’s lair, but it was empty. He followed the trail and finally found Davion’s necklace in the Barrowhaven lair. He asks Davion how he survived the Eldwyrm. Davion tells him everything he can remember, Kaden offers to help.

Back in their chambers, Mirana confronts Davion again for lying about his condition. She confides she is also afraid of the horrors she found.


Back in the tower, the sage asks Fymryn about her powers. She reveals she can move through the shadows, especially at night. She tells him of her dream, where Mene and her family are reunited. She then lashes out at the sage for having so many books and so much magic, yet he decides to do nothing.

The sage hands her a book, so she can understand.

The sage confronts Selemene with the help of the lotuses. He bargains, asking her to end what she is doing in exchange for the lotuses. She teases the sage about their own past, asking if he still loves her.

Dragons Fight

Davion dreams of his final encounter with Slyrak before waking up in a cold sweat. He finds Kaden armed and armored above him, capturing him and hauling him underneath the Keep.

Kaden stabs Davion’s body with Ionic dragon spikes, so he can’t lie. He pries Slyrak out of Davion, but Davion insists the dragon is dead. Kaden doesn’t buy it. After more pain and torture, Davion transforms into his half-dragon form. Slyrak awakens within him.

Kaden asks Slyrak his intentions. The dragon insists his vengeance is insignificant compared to what’s coming, but Kaden is determined to kill the dragon.

He frees Slyrak from his bonds to fight. He is prepared, wearing Chaos dragon armor.

Slyrak transforms into his Eldwyrm form, fighting Kaden with full power. Mirana tries to help, but they are out of their league. Kaden has been preparing for decades for this fight, and he gains the upper hand. Slyrak picks up Davion’s friends and flees.

Selemene tries to reconcile with the sage, but there’s something in their past he cannot bury—the memory of their daughter. The sage threatens her with the power of the lotuses, saying enclaves of elves are amassing to end her reign. This angers the Goddess; she attacks the sage, who then disappears.

Fymryn learns of their secrets. Enraged, Selemene appears to her troops, preparing them for a war against the enclaves.

Our Thoughts

So far, the pacing has been great, and the stakes are escalating. The DOTA community has been craving lore since the game was released, and this episode has that in spades. I rate this episode a 4.5 out of 5.

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