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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – The Fire Sermon

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - The Fire Sermon


Luna delivers a speech to the Nightsilver Woods’ army. The Dark Moon Order is preparing for a war against the elven rebellion. The goddess Selemene sends each platoon to an elven village, and a brutal slaughter ensues.


Slyrak crashes on the mountains bordering the Sage’s valley, dropping Mirana and her crew. While the dragon is on the material plane, Davion is thrust into his dream, where all the Eldwyrm convene. The other dragons are repulsed by his presence. They are wary of the demon Terrorblade, who killed Uldorak and Slyrak. One of the dragons suspects Davion to be the demon in disguise and threatens to kill him.

Mirana notices the Ionic spike thrust into Slyrak’s wounded chest. She tries to take it out, but Slyrak awakens and attacks her. They flee on Sagan’s back, narrowly escaping to the valley floor. Davion feels Slyrak’s hunger and agitation; the dragons discover their connection. They decide to wait before passing judgment as they peer into Davion’s memories.

Down in the valley, Marci’s knee is injured while Slyrak continues his rampage. They ride Sagan searching for the Mage’s tower while avoiding the dragon’s attacks.

As the Eldwyrms peek into Davion’s mind, they discover what really happened in their battle against Terrorblade. When Slyrak did the blood ritual, killing Davion, he bound himself to him—body, soul, and mind—sharing existence. Some dragons see this as a violation; the others are intrigued.

Davion realizes Slyrak is hungry in the waking world. His friends would not be enough for a dragon’s appetite, so it would likely continue its rampage into nearby villages. He pleads to the council of dragons to send him back and save them, but not until the dragons are done with him.

Mirana’s party finds refuge under a cave. Marci’s foot is badly injured; they must find the sage quickly. Marci prompts Mirana to use the gem. They see the tower through it, but the journey below is difficult. Mirana opts to stay behind to distract the dragon, arming her bow.

Slyrak chases Marci on the ground, but Mirana distracts her. A fiery cat and mouse chase ensue. Although this leaves Mirana wounded, she gets a good look at the dragon’s wounded chest.

The Knight’s Purpose

The dragons scrutinize Davion’s profession as a Dragon Hunter. He says he kills dragons to defend people, but a different reason emerges when pressed—Davion hates dragons. His whole family and village were destroyed by one, and it had been his sole mission to kill them all. But he helped Slyrak because he recognized the evil in Terrorblade. He pleads for them to get him back in the waking world to save his friends from danger.

Mirana confronts the dragon head-on, aiming for his chest. Meanwhile, the Eldwyrms decide Davion’s fate. If he is killed in the dream world, Slyrak’s soul will be released. Davion pleads for them to kill him instead, to save Mirana.
Mirana fails to kill Slyrak. Face-to-face with the dragon, she pleads for Davion to come back to the waking world. She somehow reaches him. As Davion is about to get killed, Slyrak appears and swaps places with him.

Davion picks up the wounded Mirana and takes her to Sage’s tower.

Meanwhile, Fymryn mourns what he learned about the sage. She notices the visitors coming. The sage is cautious. He knows Mirana is after the lotuses.

Our Thoughts

A head-turning episode that shows the conviction of our main characters while introducing a cast of really cool-looking dragons. I give it a 4/5 rating.

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