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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Proverbs 14:1


Published 7 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - Proverbs 14:1

[00:00:30] Ava opens the book she got from Shannon’s secret room, saying the answers they’re looking for are inside it. The first part of the book is written in Latin. Beatrice takes the book. The first part is about Adriel’s death. He gave his halo to revive Areala, who created the OCS. Adriel’s sacrifice made him live and die as a mortal man. His remains were placed in the middle of a Necropolis, and people felt immense power coming from his tomb, so they used it for good or evil. Areala and the OCS deemed Adriel’s power too much for normal people to handle. They shut his remains inside a large stone tomb, slowly forgotten through time until a new city rose above it—Vatican City.

[00:02:30] The team discusses how the bones of Adriel are enough for Cardinal Duretti to rise to power. Father Vincent still doesn’t believe Duretti would have any use for the angel’s remains. Still, Mary is convinced Duretti ordered Shannon to retrieve Adriel’s remains. Shannon may have refused to do as told, so Duretti killed her. Mary points out Duretti could use Adriel’s power to destroy his enemies. Now comes the challenging part: getting to Adriel’s remains before Cardinal Duretti. Ava doesn’t have full control of her powers, so she needs to train to phase through 20 feet of a solid wall. They also don’t know how to find Adriel’s tomb beneath thousands of feet of dirt and rock. Ava suddenly gets an idea; they go to Arq-Tech.

[00:05:00] Ava offers a deal for Jillian: she could use Adriel’s remains to power up the ark; in exchange, Kristian tells them how to locate Adriel’s tomb. Jillian is surprised by the offer and thinks about it. Meanwhile, Lilith sneaks inside the OCS and finds Shannon’s room in shambles—the aftermath of Crimson’s fight with Beatrice, Ava, and Mary. Beatrice helps Ava train to fully control her powers while Camila studies Shannon’s journal. Mary and Father Vincent speak with Kristian, but Kristian doesn’t know the whereabouts of Adriel’s tomb. He tells Father Vincent about an ancient map of the Necropolis beneath Vatican City, but it was stolen years ago. “I may be able to help,” Father Vincent responds.

[00:07:30] Lilith roams the halls of the OCS. She sees her pictures beside the altar, then suddenly feels pain because of a high-pitched ringing sound. Crimson almost finds Lilith. Beatrice and Ava continue their training, but she’s having difficulty crossing eight feet of a solid wall. She describes the feeling—as if the walls are trying to crush her. Jillian overhears Ava’s conversation with Beatrice and offers to help them achieve their goal. Meanwhile, Mary and Father Vincent visit one of his old friends to find the map. Vincent tells Mary he knows the man who owns the store from his previous life.

[00:10:30] Vincent removes his white collar and pulls his sleeves back. His arms are covered with tattoos, surprising Mary, “It’s kinda hot,” she mentions. Vincent knocks on the door; a guard answers their call. Vincent asks for Esteban, but the guard tells him they’re closed. The guard tries to push Vincent, but he counters and shoves the guard inside the establishment. He finds Esteban and asks him about the map. Back at Arq-Tech, Jillian gives a GPS tracker and a pair of earpieces, so Beatrice can track and guide Ava through the wall. Ava goes through the wall again while Beatrice talks her through. She manages to get out the other side, but she still feels like losing power.

[00:12:30] Jillian says she could bring more power out of the halo, but Ava refuses. Suddenly, Lilith comes through the lab door and calls out to Ava. She passes out from dehydration. Jillian tells Lilith she will feel better after a good rest. Lilith doesn’t remember anything. All she could remember was she sacrificed herself for Ava. Camila tells Lilith the Tarask took her back to hell. Lilith doesn’t remember being in hell; she could only remember waking up outside the OCS. Meanwhile, Vincent continues speaking to Esteban to find the map’s whereabouts. Esteban gives them the name and address of the last known owner of the map.

[00:16:00] Ava asks Beatrice how Lilith is doing. She tells Ava to go and see Lilith since she’s looking for her. Ava is worried; she doesn’t want to see Lilith just yet. Lilith previously tried to kill her but then sacrificed her life for her, so she doesn’t know what to do or say to Lilith. Camila comes out of Lilith’s room and tells them she’s sleeping. She also shows Beatrice a story inside the book which might help Ava’s training. It was a transcript from a previous warrior nun named Melanie. She became the warrior nun in the summer of 1942 after escaping from Dachau Work Camp. Melanie returned to France, and Mother Superion told her the Nazis were outside the jurisdiction of the OCS. She entered a bar, and a Nazi officer asked her to dance. Melanie refused, so the officer grabbed her wrist.

[00:18:00] The officer saw Melanie’s numbered tattoo from the work camps. The officer was disgusted she’s a Jew. Melanie responded she wasn’t a Jew; she was a lesbian. The other officers ganged up on Melanie, so she drew the Divinium Sword and destroyed her enemies. Melanie realized Mother Superion was right. Each slice she took at the officers was out of hatred. One of the officers pointed his gun at Melanie, but the halo released immense power out of nowhere, taking out the officer along with half of the bar. Melanie couldn’t explain what happened, but she was lucky to be alive. She felt drained but alive.

[00:20:00] Melanie wrote what she felt when the halo released the energy: unbound and unburdened. Meanwhile, Mary feels left out since Father Vincent doesn’t tell her about his past. He tells Mary he vows to completely forget about his past, but she still seems bummed out she doesn’t know the other side of him. Back at Arq-Tech, Beatrice feels a click with Melanie’s story. She tells Ava she needs to get the same realization as Melanie to tap in her powers as the halo-bearer. Beatrice shares she was also forced to become normal by people who thought she was some sort of disease. She starts to hate herself since others taught her what she’s doing isn’t normal or accepted. Ava tells Beatrice not to hate who she is because she’s beautiful.

[00:23:00] Mary and Father Vincent arrive at the address Esteban gave them. Mary wants to search the house and get out once they find the map, but Vincent tells her the house is too big to search. They enter the house, finding the owner painting in the backyard. They point their shotguns at the owner, so he immediately gives the map to them. Mary takes a picture of the map and tells the owner they need to wait for confirmation about its authenticity. Meanwhile, Ava decides to speak with Lilith. She tells Lilith she owes her life to her. Lilith asks Ava for forgiveness and admits Duretti played on her pride, making her lose sight of her responsibility. Ava tells Lilith she had already forgiven her.

[00:26:00] Mary receives confirmation from Kristian; they leave and return to Arq-Tech. Meanwhile, Ava continues her training with Beatrice. She finally knows why she’s afraid of phasing through the wall: that she would end up paralyzed with no one left beside her just as she was in her previous life. Beatrice assures Ava they will be by her side no matter what. Upon hearing the assurance from Beatrice, Ava manages to cross 20 feet of a solid wall. They now need to run more tests to figure out how much time the halo needs to recharge for Ava to make the return trip through 20 feet of wall.

[00:30:00] Father Vincent tells Mary the truth on their way back. He was a runner for the cartels when he was a kid. He likes the job and the money even more. The work was gruesome, but he still loved it. Vincent thinks he must have a demon inside of him, but the OCS’ nuns confirm the evil he came to love was all just him, no demons whatsoever. Now he fears his darkness will remain even if they destroy Adriel’s bones. Camila continues to guard Lilith and tend to her needs. She gives Lilith a cup of tea, but she suddenly feels the pain in her wound. She goes to another room and sees a fiery light coming from her wound.

[00:33:00] Father Vincent and Mary arrive at Arq-Tech. Kristian shows them where the tomb of Adriel is on the map. Kristian asks them how they found the map, but they don’t tell him. Jillian visits Michael and tells him about the tomb of Adriel. Michael is happy Ava is back; Ava makes him feel better. Jillian tells Michael they found the other door, but he doesn’t seem happy hearing about it. Michael tells Jillian finding the other door changes everything.

[00:35:00] Ava dreams about Sister Shannon; she tells Ava the halo is a burden. Shannon explains she found a family because of the halo, but she still felt alone because she had to bear witness to her family dying one by one. They died without living their lives to the fullest, with all the broken dreams and promises. Shannon cries as her soul disappears like smoke. Ava calls out to her and asks what she needs to do.

[00:38:30] Ava wakes up and realizes what she needs to do: destroy Adriel’s remains. She explains the cycle of death will continue if they don’t destroy his remains. Ava takes out the Divinium Dagger and melts it with the halo’s energy. This confirms she could destroy holy relics using the halo’s power, including Adriel’s remains. Ava vows to be the last warrior nun to spare the nuns of the OCS from suffering the same fate as Shannon and the warrior nuns before her.

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