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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – The Lady of Situations

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - The Lady of Situations

Last Pillar

The Eldwyrms converge for another meeting, worried about Terrorblade’s attacks. They argue whether to wage war or strike a bargain with the demon. Vahdrak suddenly attacks his comrades, stating that the cycle of death and renewal is necessary.

The Eldwyrm of Chaos hands his brother’s souls to Invoker, stating that it’s his price and purpose as chaos. The wizard then claims Vahdrak’s soul with a pillar of light.

In the temple of Mene, a few of the Coedwei are planning a mutiny to set themselves free from the new usurper. They must take what is theirs by right.

As they escape on the dragon Auroth, Davion notices his amulet missing. He left it back at the burning hold. Rylai takes them to Auroth’s fortress inside a deep cave. This is the second time Rylai has helped Kaden.

The Dragon Knight asks them for refuge. Davion hears a song in the cave and follows it, but Fymryn stops him from his trance. Bram reads through a book of poetry and gets surprised when Auroth asks him if he liked it.

Vanari takes Mirana back to the city of her birth, separating her and Luna. Inside the castle, she cuts off her bonds with her grandfather’s sword and escapes from the guards. They try to stop her, but Viceroy Kashurra welcomes her home, saying no one will dare hurt her.


Mirana accuses the Helio Imperium of kidnapping her. Her uncle, Emperor Shabarra, has his reasons. Meanwhile, Luna is thrown into a gladiatorial pit with some familiar faces.

Kaden and the Dragon Knights plan their next move. He wants to regain access to the hold and rally their other brothers, while Davion wants to go in blindly. Their battle will be futile once Terrorblade gets a hold of all Eldwyrms. Rylai advises Kaden, telling him he shouldn’t run like he did in Leathsham. Davion is just like him, eager to reclaim what he lost.

Davion wanders into the glowing ore in Auroth’s treasure room. Fymryn wakes him from his trance as he claims to have heard Slyrak’s voice. Auroth explains that the ore once spoke to her as well. It changed her from a dragon to her current state. It can also lead Davion to change, but he should be cautious when approaching it.

In the tower, Selemene wanders into Filomena’s old room and reads her diary.

The Emperor and Viceroy meet with Mirana. He wants her to be the queen to inspire the people and rally the great houses. She refuses, remembering how her uncle betrayed her parents. He replies that the people need the Princess of the Sun in their time of peril. The Emperor wants to regain the trust of the factions loyal to the previous regime. Her presence will give the throne legitimacy but doing so will spell doom to Luna, who is considered an enemy.

A group of old enemies corners Luna while she’s nursing her wounds. A scuffle ensues, but the Pangolin Nico Hieronimo saves her. Luna offers her attackers a place in the new company she’s putting together.


Auroth shows interest in Bram because he is different from the other Dragon Knights. Bram still feels he doesn’t deserve the title. She tells him his importance is how he chooses it to be and hands him a ring as a weapon.

Auroth attacks Bram, causing the ring to form a shield around him. She then asks him to hit her. Auroth plays dead and declares him Dragon Knight.

Davion stares into the ore as he tries to separate his human and dragon identity. He meets Slyrak who tells them they are now fused. He gives him the task of finding the Eye of the Worldwyrm, located at the Helio Imperium.

Meanwhile, Mirana accepts his uncle’s proposal.

Our Thoughts

Our characters are progressing nicely, but my old gripe from last season of missing context from the worldbuilding is still present here. 3.8/5

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