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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – The Hyacinth Girl

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - The Hyacinth Girl

Bound in Fire

In a flashback, we see how Marci and the rest of the Nightsilver Woods escaped their captors with the help of Sagan.

Luna thanks Marci for saving her and Nico. All around them, the sound of fighting ensues.

Dragon-form Davion remains relentless in attacking the Imperium’s forces. Lina is forced to fight him. With a blade of lightning, she manages to knock the dragon back. Right then, she realizes why she has a connection with Davion. He’s still in there, lost and frightened.

The dragon calls for her to obey as she is a child of fire, a part of him. He unleashes a pillar of flames at her, but Lina answers with her attack, calling herself the embodiment of fire. The dragon roars, and she manages to yank Davion out of his dragon form as his body goes limp and falls.

Davion wakes up later, not remembering what he’d done, only the rage. Lina explains how Kashurra told the people that he was the brave dragon knight who killed the demon. For now, he is safe, but the Imperium remains in chaos for a succession of the throne.

Lina feels inadequate to face the challenges ahead, but Davion reminds her how she was the one who saved him. The people will rally behind her even if she’s only a member of a minor house.

Luna, Marci, and their group enter the mob boss’ house to nurse Nico’s wounds. Luna tells Marci that Mirana is dead. Outside, the bell tolls for the death of the emperor.


Something mysterious happens as the dawn sun shines on Mirana’s crystalline body. Auroth opens the windows to give her more light, and the crystals slowly dissipate into the air. The princess rises.

The Viceroy enters to find Mirana awake; she’s surprised at what happened to the emperor. She remembers the experience vaguely. She can only recall her mother’s voice saying, “Remember.” From those words, she wonders if she’s supposed to lead an army or stay with her people. Kashurra urges her to become Empress.

Fymryn finds Invoker’s coin as she strolls through the woods. Terrorblade finds her and tempts her to let him in.

Civil war is brewing in the Imperium as Lina’s army and the Legatus’ legion clash, with the latter having a strong force that could make her the regent. Lina challenges her claims in front of the whole senate. Davion tells them that it was her who defeated the demon.

In front of the argument, Mirana reveals herself and addresses everyone. As sole heir, she has an indisputable claim for succession. Lina disputes her for abandoning the throne long ago and wanting to fight against the Coriel’tauvi.


In a twist of events, the Legatus throws her candidacy away and pledges allegiance to Slayer Lina.

As a result, Lina wins the throne as regent and protector of the Imperium.

In a flashback, we see her rise through the ranks with her fire magic. She single-handedly thwarted an arachnid threat and saved a whole legion from defeat. The late emperor gave her a name, and now she claims his title.

The citizens celebrate the coronation of their newly appointed emperor. The Legatus then approaches her to plan the composition of the army.

Before Mirana leaves, Lina pledges to defend the army herself if the Coriel’tauvi attacks.

Davion is forced to stick with Lina to gain access to the Eye, complicating his relationship with Mirana.

Later, Luna reveals that it was Lina who hired the assassin.

Our Thoughts

This episode is so compressed that I feel like it should have been expanded and explored to three episodes at the very least. 2.5/5.

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