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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – The Violet Hour

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - The Violet Hour


Mirana regrets the mistake she made as she prepares to confront Lina. Luna and the Nightsilver Woods head back to the enclave while the princess tries to settle things by herself. They all bow and obey her, seeing how far and stronger she has become as a leader.

Lina leads Davion to the Eye of the Worldwyrm. He puts her hand on the orb and feels nothing — it’s a fake.

Mirana is joined by Marci, Bram, and Auroth. She wants to appeal to Davion, but Bram is apprehensive of Luna’s information. He thinks Davion would have known if Lina was untrustworthy.

Fymryn struggles to deny Terrorblade’s attempts to get into her head, causing the Invoker to call her into his tower. She expresses disappointment at his multiple deceptions before, but now the wizard admits to her that she is the goddess Mene reborn.

Mirana turns to Kashurra for help, but the Senate won’t easily go against the Slayer.

Davion continues to try the Eye, but it doesn’t work. The whole world seems to be coming to an end for him. Lina admits she hired the assassin who tried to kill Mirana, hoping the former emperor would abdicate. She can’t lie to Davion.

The Dragon Knight leaves in disappointment. He reconvenes with Bram and Auroth, who tells him the news he just heard. Mirana asks to speak with him alone.

Davion apologizes, and she touches his cheek.


The Invoker explains to Fymryn that the continued worship from the Coriel’tauvi and their love for the goddess that Selemene usurped manifested into a child. Her abilities are the goddesses‘ abilities, only weakened. He’d known it since he met her. She is the only hope to stop the rampaging elves. Invoker tells her to kill Selemene to gain that power, but she refuses.

Davion ponders how many times he’s failed in his life. Mirana feels the same way. She takes him to a possible witness for leads on the Eye. They meet Asar, captain of the guard, in the taverns. To find the Eye’s location, they’ll have to find Kashurra.

Fymryn enters Filomena’s room to find Selemene. The goddess recognizes her as the thief; both are carrying concealed weapons. Fymryn diffuses the tension and invites her to go to Filomena’s grave.

Selemene kneels and sobs in front of her late daughter’s grave. The flowers begin to wither as Selemene absorbs the power within. The Dark Moon Goddess thanks Fymryn as she ascends to the sky. Invoker arrives too late to stop her.


Viceroy Kashurra enters the throne room and dismisses everyone but the Slayer. She scolds her for her temperament and explains how she’s overstepped her place. The Imperium is a well-maintained engine, but she isn’t doing her part. The machine isn’t running smoothly. Lina thinks he’s everything wrong with the Imperium, so she attacks him and swears to build something better herself.

Kashurra absorbs her flames and threatens her for trying to kill his Sunbeam.

They engage in a fiery battle inside the throne room, but Kashurra’s Dawn Star is stronger than hers.

Fymryn explains that after reading about Filomena’s life, she couldn’t go through with the deed. There must be another way to save the elves apart from shedding blood. She thinks having Selemene back will turn things back to normal, but Invoker insists it can never happen.

Davion and Mirana browse the Imperium’s collection in search of the Eye. Kashurra appears. They confront him for hiding it. He tells them Lina is dead. Slyrak awakens in rage. Kashurra, who turns out to be an Eldwyrm, fights him.

Selemene appears to her loyal Nightsilver Woods.

Our Thoughts

Not as rushed as the previous episode. But the storyline remains rushed with resolutions coming in before conflicts have had their time to breathe, only to introduce another. 3/5.

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