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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Unreal City

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Unreal City


The Nightsilver Woods bow down as the returned goddess appears before them. But Luna’s faith wavers. She cannot live as a scourge any longer and denounces her faith in Selemene. The rest of the elves feel the same way.

Selemene reclaims the power she bestowed upon them and disappeared. Still, Luna plans to aid their comrades as Mirana commands.

Selemene then moves back into her temple and mobilizes her remaining troops against the Coedwei. Terrorblade mocks Invoker for his failure as Fymryn leaves the sage’s tower. Invoker then opens his tome and prepares a spell to use the Eldwyrm’s souls.

Kashurra turns out to be a Void dragon. He vows not to harm Mirana in any way, citing that she’s the light and he is the darkness. It was he who plotted the assassination of Mirana’s parents. Auroth attacks him and asks the others to protect Mirana as she finds the Eye. Mirana must claim his father’s power. Auroth shifts into her true form. Bram decides to stay behind her and Davion.

A battle between the two dragons ensues with Kashurra gaining the upper hand. But before he can deal the final blow, Bram appears and protects her with the ring. Still, Kashurra catches Auroth in midair and slams her to the ground. She dies in front of a weeping Bram.

Father of Fire

Davion sees Slyrak in a vision. He reveals to him that Mirana is the Eye. She is the Worldwyrm made flesh who needs to find the power within herself to fight. Davion denies fate and resolves to fight for her. He pleads to change forms with Slyrak so they can stand against Kashurra.

Kashurra selects Tihomir as the new crown regent, commanding her to take Mirana alive. Bram uses a teleportation scroll to summon Kaden to the fight.

Tihomir and the legion block Mirana from entering the palace. Kashurra drops in behind her.

Slyrak emerges from the buildings and joins Bram and Kaden to fight the Void dragon, agreeing to set aside their differences.

Kashurra grabs Mirana as the legion threatens Marci and Sagan. Slyrak appears and attacks Kashurra. The Father of Fire sees him as corrupt, but Kashurra claims he has evolved beyond dragons and fights back. Kaden comes in and redirects his blast with an uppercut; Slyrak blasts him with fire.

Asar arrives to kill Tihomir and commands his own army to fight the legion. They pave the way for Mirana to enter the palace.

Kashurra claims to be the protector of the Eye, seeing it as part of his hoard. Slyrak corrects him that they are the ones who belong to the Worldwyrm. Another clash ensues — Kaden and Slyrak fall. Kashurra unleashes a concentrated attack and returns to human form.

Dawn Star

Mirana finds the throne room destroyed, but Marci punches through the floor and retrieves the Eye. Mirana thanks her before touching the Eye. The gem shines with Fyrmryn’s voice telling her to remember.

Kashurra enters the palace to find Mirana all powered up. She pelts him with arrows, and a battle with magic ensues. Once, Kashurra was only a Void dragon until the radiant and dire stones showed him the Worldwyrm made flesh. It was something he had sought for many years. He claims to love her, but Mirana sees she’s only part of his hoard.

Mirana sends Sagan and Marci all powered up to fight him. Kashurra grips Marci until her body goes limp. Seeing this, Mirana bursts into light and glory, obliterating Kashurra. The Eye opens and the clouds part, but Marci is dead.

Mirana meets Slyrak outside. One touch from her and Sylrak frees Davion to fight Terrorblade at Foulfell. Asar proclaims Mirana as God Empress of the Sun.

Our Thoughts

Great ending despite the convoluted middle part of the season. Season 2 has improved in the visuals department. Let’s hope the final season improves their pacing issues. 4/5.

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