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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 17 Recap – A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 17 Recap - A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies


As soon as the petrification occurred, Senku realized his mind was still conscious. He came to the same conclusion as his father that the source of the green light was South America.

Byakuya resolved to save his son and the seven billion people on Earth. Shamil warned him there wouldn’t be a ground crew to help him navigate the landing, so he volunteered to go first with Connie and Lilian. They boarded the Soyuz and landed on the sea, but the unit fell upside down, so they couldn’t come out of the hatch. They had nine hours of oxygen left to wait for rescue.

Byakuya immediately followed them with the rest of the crew, aiming for the closest island to their location. He found a rowboat and rescued them. They landed on the island furthest away from the source of the petrification beam to evade being caught.

After seeing the rowboat, they wondered if there’s a survivor on the island, but the owner was also petrified.

The astronauts used the Soyuz survival kit to prepare their food. Shamil accompanied Connie in foraging upon noticing that she’s terribly upset.

New Beginning

Three years later, Darya and Yakov bore a child, while Connie and Shamil got married. Shamil didn’t want any fancy celebration, but Lilian insisted on singing for them. She sang a song celebrating hope and new beginnings but soon got emotional and ran away. Lilian regretted having all of humanity’s music get lost forever.

Byakuya comforted her, saying his son Senku would bring civilization back if they figured out de-petrification. He planned to pass on their knowledge for years to come so that when Senku has revived from stone, they’d have the best chance of succeeding.

All of the Ishigami villagers are the descendants of the six survivors from the ISS. Senku ponders the implication. Kohaku is afraid they’re actually related to him, but Senku tells them he isn’t blood-related to Byakuya.

The villagers call on Senku and the others to go out and celebrate his first day as chief. They enjoy good food and drink. They even invite Gen to enter and join them.

Ruri and Senku go outside to continue the hundredth story from Byakuya. Unfortunately, Connie contracted a deadly disease. Yakov and Darya sailed away from the island to find antibiotics but didn’t return.

Connie eventually died from her illness; Shamil followed not long after. They all felt frustrated that they couldn’t fight simple pneumonia. Before his death, Shamil told Byakuya that his life wasn’t in vain. The ramen that he gave him in space was really delicious, and he was able to have a wife and kids.


Byakuya dreamt of a day when humanity could return to space and have some ramen. The ISS eventually fell to the Earth, with Byakuya seeing its remnants burn into the atmosphere.

Byakuya then started writing his hundred stories to pass down to the next generation as a guide to life‘s basic knowledge. Some of his stories involved rocks and chemicals, hoping someone would take an interest in them. That interest would be passed on to Chrome.

Senku laughs as his father has helped him after all these years. Ruri leads Senku to their village graveyard, said to have been the grave of their Lord Byakuya and the other survivors. She tells him Byakuya’s final message of encouragement for him to build back what was lost from human civilization.

Senku grieves for a moment and thanks his father for the gift. He heads home to ask Gen about Tsukasa’s empire. Gen tells him that Tsukasa’s people are coming for them.

Our Thoughts

This episode got me teary-eyed, especially after the tragic fate of the six survivors. Thankfully, they passed on their message. I rate this 4/5.

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