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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 24 Recap – Voices Over Infinite Distance

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 24 Recap - Voices Over Infinite Distance

First Message

Senku remembers how far they’ve come since waking up in the new Stone World. Now they have a working mobile phone powered by electricity. The villagers think it’ll finally be time to hear their voices across the air, but Senku tells them they still have to make another.

Yet, in its current state, they can still test the phone over a long distance by using wires. They place the microphone on the science hut while connecting it to a receiver by the village. Ginro excites Chrome by asking him what he’ll tell Ruri on the other end. The villagers wait with bated breath, but Chrome simply tells her how incredible their science is.

Still, the villagers at the other end are amazed at hearing Chrome’s voice pass through. Ruri describes it as something “like a speaker.” She reveals that speakers are mentioned in the Hundred Stories as something like a bee. In the 14th story, a talkative bee named Speaker hears the voices of the dead after poking the gravestones with their needles.

Senku finds the story suspicious as it’s not as helpful as the others. Gen thinks it’s a clue left by his father, so they go into the graveyard to inspect Byakuya’s grave. Senku rushes there and takes the gravestone. It isn’t a piece of rock after all, but a time capsule encased in concrete.

Kohaku uses her carving tools and finds a silver disc inside — it must contain the voices of the ISS crew. Senku thinks it’s his father’s idea, as he’s the only one who could think of such a thing.

A Voice

In a flashback, Byakuya found a glass bottle and suggested making a record. They used Darya’s diamond ring for engraving the glass and constructed a recording device using scraps from the Soyuz.

Similarly, Senku constructs his own record player with the villagers. They don’t take that long to make since they already have the prerequisite materials on hand. Senku then gathers the villagers to listen to the voices of Ishigami Village’s first founders.

He puts the needle in the grooves and hears Byakuya’s voice. All of the villagers are astounded to hear their late founder speaking. Byakuya introduces himself and talks to Senku, skipping formalities and going straight to business. He tells his son that if he finds it hard to unite his village, just let them listen to their song.

Lilian sings a heartwarming song that inspires them. With the recording, they left behind a remnant of the old world and its entertainment. Senku’s journey flashes before him as he remembers all the steps he had to endure to get there.


The villagers are left speechless by Lilian’s voice. Gen tells them she was one of the best singers of their time. Senku reveals to them that they enjoyed many other forms of entertainment back then, brought about by the technological advances of their time. Senku offers to show it to all of them once they defeat Tsukasa and de-petrify all of the stone statues of the world.

Everyone is excited about this newfound knowledge, but Gen warns Senku about dragging his villagers to war. Senku denies that he feels such guilt.

Kohaku praises Senku for actually following through on what he promised her earlier. Now, it’s finally time to reconnect with Taiju and Yuzuriha.

Yuzuriha warns Taiju not to blow their cover as they remember the first year of their mission. Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Hyoga prepare for an attack — let the Stone Wars begin.

Our Thoughts

The season ends with some highs but prepares us for the next season with an impending danger. Overall, seeing Senku’s steps from zero to hero and dragging along the villagers with it is a fresh take on shounen storytelling. 4/5.

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