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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Weapons of Science

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Weapons of Science

Clashing Views

As Senku learns of Tsukasa’s sinister plans, he tries to find a way to skirt around him by not letting him know the miracle fluid formula. Suddenly, Taiju comes running in with a full jar, yelling at how they’re ready to de-petrify Yuzuriha.

Tsukasa asks about the reviving fluid, so Senku offers to show him. At camp, Senku tells them the fluid is insufficient to revive one person fully. He asks Taiju to return to the cave, but Tsukasa stops him and offers to go instead.

Once Tsukasa is gone, Senku reveals he is lying. They rush to mix the correct formula to revive Yuzuriha.

Tsukasa inspects the cave and realizes it’s nitric acid. On his way back, he destroys whatever adult statues he can see.

Senku explains to Taiju that he and Tsukasa have differences in what a good civilization looks like, so they must be wary of his murderous intent.

They pour the fluid onto Yuzuriha’s body, finally freeing her from petrification. Senku hypothesizes the process is much like going into cryostasis.

Taiju catches Yuzuriha as she slowly wakes up from her petrified state. Senku immediately asks them which of his plans they prefer. Plan A involves splitting up with Senku, while Plan B would have them stick together to fight Tsukasa using weapons. They immediately go for the latter plan.


Tsukasa arrives and admits he has murdered for his noble cause. Taiju resolves to defend his group — never mind that Tsukasa has defeated lions barehanded before. Senku shoots Tsukasa with his crossbow, but Tsukasa catches the bolt and hits Taiju with a counter knee.

Tsukasa praises Taiju for withstanding the attack. Taiju admits he isn’t there to harm him but to take his attacks. In return, he wants Tsukasa to stop destroying the statues. When Tsukasa starts threatening Yuzuriha, Taiju loses consciousness from too much thought.

Since they can’t agree, Tsukasa leaves to destroy more statues and tells them not to stand in his way.

Senku can’t believe Tsukasa managed to catch his bolt. When Taiju wakes up, he wants to go and stop Tsukasa immediately, but Senku holds him back. He suggests they make weapons instead.

Senku takes them all to Hakone to find the resources they need. They try to measure their location, but Yuzuriha gets a better idea. She leads them to the Great Buddha of Kamakura, which managed to survive all these years.

She remembers going there as a young girl. Being the only indicator that they’re still in Japan, Yuzuriha sheds some tears and remembers her friends and family.

One Big Leap

Senku and Taiju comfort her, promising that they’ll build mankind back up again. Senku tries to mine the Buddha’s statues of its precious bronze, but Taiju stops him.

They continue their journey across the mountains, feeding on mushroom soup and making their camp at sundown.

In the morning, they cross the river with a raft. They find remnants of purification in Yuzuriha’s toes and cure them with more fluid. Senku also points out they have weird crack marks all over their bodies from the petrification process.

Tsukasa arrives at the settlement to find them all gone, but he sees through Senku’s deception. He’s not the kind to surrender. Tsukasa knows they’re out making weapons but wonders what it could be.

The group reaches a hot spring area overlooking Mount Fuji. They’re there to move past the stone age to create their own gunpowder. With the volcanic land around Japan, they have a lot of sulfur available.

Tsukasa learns of Senku’s plans after tracking their footsteps.

Our Thoughts

It’s good to see two powerful personalities clash this early in the anime. I can’t wait to see what’s next 3.5/5.

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