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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Stone World the Beginning

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Stone World the Beginning


Tsukasa laments about having to kill Senku himself. They would have been best friends if they had been friends before the Stone World. He slashes at Senku to the dismay of Yuzuriha and Taiju. Tsukasa swears he died painlessly, so they should prepare a funeral.

Tsukasa braces for retaliation from Taiju; true enough, Taiju picks up an impossibly colossal rock. Remembering their promise together, Taiju hurls the rock into the sky. Yuzuriha runs to their pot of gunpowder and throws it at Tsukasa.

Tsukasa kicks the pot which scatters the black gunpowder. The boulder then falls, creating a massive explosion that separates them. During the ruckus, the two manage to escape carrying Senku’s body.

Taiju swears his friend is still alive as they run toward safety.

Tsukasa ponders on what he just did while rain falls on him. He thinks there’s no hope for Senku to survive his wounds.

Meanwhile, Taiju scrambles to perform CPR on Senku. Taiju learns that Senku took the hit for Yuzuriha. He remembers Senku answering a philosophical question once: if he was to choose between saving one life or the other in any circumstance, Senku would resolve to save everyone that he can.


Taiju insists that Senku isn’t the type to sacrifice himself and that he’ll try to find a way to save everyone. He searches for some hint or clue, then Yuzuriha remembers how Senku deliberately cracks his neck. They find there’s still a bit of petrification left behind there. Yuzuriha takes a miracle fluid bottle and pours it on him.

Just like that, the petrification gets undone. Taiju yells for his friend’s life, telling him he’s the light of hope for humanity and civilization.

In his mind, Senku dreams of going to space. He remembers when he was petrified and kept count of all the seasons and the days that passed. On some of those days, he would wake himself up until one day, he finally did with the help of nitric acid.

As soon as he woke up, he started inspecting his body and experimented on the stone fragments left behind. He wonders if he’s the first human who’s ever woken up ever since. Senku looks at the vast landscape, remembering the exact second since he was petrified. He kept notes on one of the nearby trees and promised to build a civilization that could one day go to space.

He showed the monkeys his method of making fire with wood, but his physical weakness made it hard to achieve. Then he remembered that he might not have a strong body, but he had the will and perseverance to survive.

Naked Ape

The monkeys watched him eagerly as he worked. Through trial and error, Senku found the right types of rocks and how to turn them into stone tools. With his previous experience of careful study and experimentation, he made more inventions. Soon enough, he made a bow tool that could easily rub against wood, making it more efficient to start a fire.

With his stone axe, he could chop wood. After his spear-hunting efforts yielded no results, he learned to make a trap to catch his prey instead. Soon, he learned how to make pots, a hut, and leather.

The monkeys marveled at his treehouse as they saw how far he’s gone since he woke up. Senku finally introduces himself to the monkeys, fully clothed as the first human. Civilization is back to its starting line.

Our Thoughts

Senku is totally alive and just beat the jock warlord with his own wits, did he? Honestly, this anime is full of surprises. I rate this 4/5.

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