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Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Two Nations of the Stone World

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Two Nations of the Stone World

Wake Up

In a flashback, Senku remembered unearthing Taiju’s statue. He wondered what could have caused the green light to appear. It could have originated from an alien attack, an evil regime, or a virus humans pass on to each other.

But one thing’s certain — only humans and swallows got affected by petrification. Despite the mystery, he felt excited about exploring the possibilities. He figured the stones were actually whole, but the revival process made the human cells “wake up” and reconstitute themselves.

Then he found the guano-filled cave with its nitric fluid dripping from the ceiling. Senku took a stone fragment behind his neck and saw that it worked. Excited, he collected a large enough sample to use on Taiju and another swallow, but it didn’t work.

He tried it on multiple other samples but to no avail. Then he remembered that he’s been thinking the whole time. All the energy he used all those years might have come from somewhere, and he thought it’s from the stone itself. If he could figure out what it was, he could undo the petrification.

Senku tried every possible option he could find and used the formula E=mc2 on his shirt to keep him determined. He took Taiju back inside the cave and called for him to wake up.

At the same time in the present, Taiju calls out to him to do the same. Soon the rain disappears, and the clouds part to make way for the sun. Senku tells Taiju to stop screaming, or Tsukasa will hear them.

Dr. Stone

Taiju and Yuzuriha rejoice to find their friend has woken up. Senku congratulates them for figuring out his trick.

Yuzuriha gives Senku’s neck a splint to help his healing. He notes that the petrification process also allowed his body to regenerate. Taiju thinks maybe the trick could heal them. He calls it Dr. Stone. Senku thinks about it and wonders if there’s really a connection.

With their newfound knowledge, Yuzuriha suggests they can still piece the shattered statues together. Senku then gets some insight and asks Yuzuriha to do a highly demanding task. She approves despite being apprehensive.

She tells Taiju she’ll have to go to Tsukasa. Now that Tsukasa believes that Senku is dead, Senku will have to use them both as spies to infiltrate Tsukasa’s empire. They’ll need someone on the inside to stop Tsukasa’s mass destruction of humanity.

The two of them worry about Senku and his need for additional manpower. Senku plans to find the ones who sent out the smoke signal to join their ranks, but he’ll have to get to them before Tsukasa does.


The three of them will be fighting their own battles. Yuzuriha and Taiju feel sad about saying goodbye, so they give him a wave before they leave. Senku responds by raising his splint into a flag.

Tsukasa finds someone tailing him through the woods. A yellow-haired girl approaches him with a bouquet, but inside them are two daggers and a shield. She swings at him multiple times. Tsukasa manages to block her attacks but notices how good she is at fighting.

The girl saw him hostage Yuzuriha earlier and tells him to repent to the sorcerer. Tsukasa thinks she’s probably a primitive person who wasn’t de-petrified. He knocks the girl out and traps her under a fallen tree.

Senku sees this from afar and finds her trapped but still alive. He asks the girl if she can hold out till morning. Senku invents a pulley system to carry the tree’s weight and manages to free her. The girl named Kohaku admires his brilliance.

Our Thoughts

I am impressed at how science is depicted in this show. It’s a breath of fresh air considering the fantastical nature of anime. I rate this 4/5.

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