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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 17 Recap – A Modest Proposal

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 17 Recap - A Modest Proposal

Uehara tells Nao he wants to live alone. He says he has thought about living alone since his brother got married. While Uehara explains himself, tears start to fall from Nao’s eyes. Uehara tells her, “If we let things stay this way, we’ll be living together forever. That can be kind of dull.”

At school, Nao talks to Mitsuishi and Marina. She tells her friends exactly what Uehara told her back at the house. Nao looks sad, so Marina does everything to cheer her up. She tells Nao that what Uehara told her sounded exactly like a marriage proposal. Mitsuishi laughs at Nao, saying he can’t believe Uehara would propose to Nao. Because they are in the cafeteria, the students hear what they are talking about. As soon as the words are out of Mitsuishi’s mouth, everybody turns their heads to look in the direction of their table.

Gossip starts to spread around school that Uehara lives with Nao as a preparation for their marriage someday. Nao enjoys the gossip spreading, and she keeps smiling while walking down the hallways. Issei looks at Nao’s school from afar when Abe sees him. Abe tells him the news of Uehara’s proposal to Nao. Issei looks sad, and he leaves Abe behind. That night, Nao prepares food for Uehara, looking happier than ever.

The next day, Uehara meets Marina and Mitsuishi outside the ramen shop. Mitsuishi teases Uehara about his proposal to Nao. Uehara admits that he doesn’t know why Nao thinks that way since he didn’t propose to her. Marina looks surprised and worried at the same time, but she admits that she’s to blame for the gossip. They don’t let Uehara leave; instead, they take him with them to the ramen shop. Marina tells him it’s better to tell Nao about the proposal while they are with other people. Because if he tells Nao when it’s just the two of them, Nao might not be able to handle the shock.

Nao tells her friends that they’ve decided to live separately inside the shop. Issei doesn’t understand why they have to, so he asks Uehara why they must live apart if he has already proposed to Nao. Uehara quickly denies this and apologizes to Nao. Nao looks sad, but she smiles at Uehara and her friends when it’s time for them to go. Soon after her friends are gone, Nao faints. Issei brings her home and comforts her. He can’t stand seeing Nao sad, so he asks her to be his. Nao laughs at Issei, thinking it’s just a joke. So, Issei laughs as well and tells her he’s just joking. As Nao talks to him, Issei hugs Nao to comfort her and then tells her the hug means nothing. At school, while the students are given free time for self-studying, Nao and Uehara get called to the office. The school has discovered the rumors that the two of them are living together. They tell the school about the scam, but the school asks to see their guardians the next day. 

The next day at school, while the students get changed in the locker room, Nao drops her key. The leaders of the three groups take the key and hide it. Later, one of them tells Nao that the other students are already taking the key to the police. Nao runs after the other students to confront them. While arguing, the student throws the key in the water under the bridge. Nao goes down to look for the key in the water, even if it’s cold. Issei sees Nao and tries to stop her. But Nao insists she has to look for it. Issei leaves Nao alone, but he calls Uehara to tell him where Nao is.

Back at the school, Yuri and Nao’s parents attend a meeting as Nao and Uehara’s guardians. They admit that they know about the two living together. Yuri lies and tells the committee that she lives with Nao and Uehara. The committee tells them that even if the guardians know about this, they can’t still let Nao and Uehara stay under one roof, so they need to live separately. Uehara finds Nao and tells her to stop looking for the key. Finally, Nao listens to him and gives up.

The three groups’ leaders take a paper with the blackmail message for Uehara and Nao. They tear it up and throw it away. They are spreading the rumors, but they finally give up when they realize they don’t have a chance with Uehara. Back at home, Uehara hands Nao a towel and asks her why she thought he proposed to her. Nao avoids his eyes and says that she just got all carried away. Uehara sits beside Nao and comforts her. He tells Nao that even if he didn’t propose to Nao when she thought he did, he wants to be with Nao forever. Nao looks like she can’t believe what she is hearing, but Uehara pulls her into a hug. When Nao finally falls asleep, Uehara leaves.

The next morning when Nao wakes up, she sees her key on top of the table. She looks at Uehara, who is still asleep, and she realizes Uehara looked for the key all night while asleep. Uehara visits the landlady again and talks to her about moving. The old woman tells him she will miss Uehara. Uehara politely asks her for one more favor before saying goodbye. All of them gather at Nao and Uehara’s house for a celebration. Uehara, Nao, Nao’s mother, Yuri, Issei, Marina, Mitsuishi, Daichi, Kitaura, Uehara’s boss, and Nanako are all there. In the middle of the celebration, Yuri makes a toast for Uehara and Nao’s future. 

Nao and Uehara prepare to move out, and their things are already packed. They say goodbye to each other as they are going to live separately. Uehara finally tells Nao he loves her, and Nao tells him she knows this. When Nao carries her things to her new apartment, she bumps into someone. She is surprised to see Uehara in the same building. She finds out that he’ll be staying in room 402 while she’ll be staying in 401. They figure out that the landlady must have something to do with it. The landlady receives a call about a new tenant, but she tells him there’s a condition. It turns out Uehara asked her a favor to rent them the house again after three years. 

Our Thoughts:

It seems like the goal of almost everyone around Nao and Uehara is to help them be together. Even the landlady helped them live in the same building by giving them rooms next to each other. We can’t believe Yuri lied to the vice principal about living with Nao and Uehara. Why couldn’t they just tell them the truth and be responsible adults? Also, Nao thought that Uehara had proposed to her? They are only high school students, but she’s seriously considering marriage. We hope Issei will have the courage to tell Nao how he feels. He doesn’t have a chance with Nao, but we hope he tells her how he feels. We are also excited to see the future for the two of them. They are already in their senior year. Uehara plans to live with Nao again after three years. But next year, they will be college students. Will Uehara still be popular at University? Will they attend the same university? 


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