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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Stone Wars Beginning

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - Stone Wars Beginning

Space Food

Gen tells the story of the Earth’s petrification to the villagers of Ishigami, where everyone turned into stone and civilization disappeared. But there was a man who refused to give up; he held onto consciousness and counted the days he was petrified. Senku was one of the first humans to wake up, so he built civilization back by himself.

The children are amazed by his story and want to follow in his footsteps, but Senku sarcastically calls it a tearjerker and asks Gen to return to work.

Gen resumes working but continues his story: Senku de-petrified Tsukasa, but the stronger man disagreed with Senku’s view of the world. Tsukasa recruited his own allies to rebuild a world of warriors while Senku built his Kingdom of Science.

Gen asks what Senku is working on after their mobile phone. Senku introduces his new project: space food, specifically instant ramen. The upcoming war will be extremely harsh, so they will need a fast, delicious, and efficient food source to have the advantage in a winter war. The “super item” is their preemptive strike against Tsukasa.

Kohaku leads the hunting and gathering team while the engineers find a way to seal their ramen into vacuums.

Senku calls for the cooked noodles to be frozen along with the other ingredients, which surprises the villagers. The next step is to make things lighter by dehydrating them.


Kaseki and Chrome finish making their freeze-dry machine and rig it to the water wheel. When Senku presents his first freeze-dried ramen, the villagers don’t find it appetizing. But after throwing in some hot water, Chrome yells at how delicious it is.

After tasting, Senku remembers Byakuya and their attempts to bring instant ramen to space. Now they have combat rations for the war.

Ruri expresses her concern about facing Tsukasa’s army, but Senku assures her that it will be a bloodless battle. Their concern is more on controlling the cave area for the revival fluid. He entrusts Taiju and Yuzuriha to keep things under control.

Senku hears Lilian’s song again as the villagers play it daily. That night, Gen approaches Senku to talk about his plans concerning the bloodless war. Chrome, who is sleeping downstairs, listens to their discussion. Gen discerns that what keeps Tsukasa’s empire together is their leader, the strongest high school primate. If they can bypass his leadership, then the others might defect.

Gen devises a plan to trick Tsukasa’s empire by copying Lilian’s voice, telling them that the US is still intact and plans to help Japan soon. Senku thinks the plan might get them to hell, but he approves. Chrome then barges in to tell them he doesn’t understand anything.

Stone Wars

Gen explains that they should first give the mobile phone to Taiju, then they’ll play Lilian’s voice to Tsukasa’s empire. It will tell that the world isn’t dead yet. If the old world turns out to be already rebuilt, then there’ll be no basis for Tsukasa’s ideal world. Once Tsukasa loses some of their numbers, they can corner and capture him without bloodshed.

Chrome worries their deception will be revealed soon after, but Senku and Gen don’t care as long as Tsukasa and Hyoga are taken. The biggest risk is for the two of them to be known as villains by Tsukasa’s men. Chrome offers himself as part of the plan, citing they’ll need an engineer on the field.

The villagers mobilize their phone unit days later, heralding the start of the Stone Wars.

Our Thoughts

It looks like this arc will be action-packed. The premise starts strong, and I can’t wait to watch more. 3.5/5.

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