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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Call from the Dead

BY Harris

Published 2 weeks ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Call from the Dead

First Call

Taiju and Yuzuriha continue living a normal life in Tsukasa’s Empire, except there’s someone always watching their every move.

The time has come for them to find what the Ishigami villagers have left for them in Senku’s grave. Yuzuriha is still wary of their eavesdropper, so Taiju plays it out as him crying over Senku’s memory. He makes the first successful call to Senku, so everyone celebrates their new success.

While Taiju cries loudly to drown out Senku’s voice, Yuzuriha praises Senku for making a mobile phone after only a year. After assuring them that it will be the most peaceful way to deal with Tsukasa, Taiju goes all out to follow his instructions.

They’re worried that Gen didn’t leave any message on the grave and just buried the microphone.

Magma, Chrome, and Gen are hiding in the bushes. Gen explains that Tsukasa’s scout, Ukyo, has impeccable hearing. Ukyo will shoot them if they make too much noise; he’s led them to the bushes with his shots.

Magma suggests putting Chrome out in the open so that he can find the enemy and punch him. Chrome refuses, so they argue loudly. Gen asks them to lower their voices, but Chrome gets inspired by the idea of setting up bait.

He takes a battery and overheats it, causing the poles to light up the grass. With their smokescreen veil, Chrome and Magma run around and create a ruckus to make space for Gen to slip away. Gen leaves his pack and runs home. Ukyo takes another shot.

The Enemy

Taiju and Yuzuriha prepare to convince their first convert from Tsukasa’s empire — their guard, Nikki. They must go through her first and find the next members to convert one by one.

Back in the village, Kaseki finishes the construction of a coiled spring. They finish constructing their first automatic gramophone. Gen arrives in the village safely, just in time for his next task.

Taiju speaks to Nikki, who is rigid and only wants to follow Tsukasa’s orders. She tells them that all she wants to hear is “yes” and “no problem,” demonstrating her toughness by punching Taiju.

Taiju doesn’t give up and keeps talking as Nikki keeps punching him. Finally, Nikki relents, so they show her the phone. On the other end, in Lilian’s voice, Gen introduces herself. Taiju and Nikki recognize her as a famous American singer.

Die-hard Fan

Nikki remembers that Lilian was in outer space during the petrification event, to which Gen replies that she was petrified when she came back to Earth and just woke up recently.

Nikki tells Lilian that she’s been a diehard fan during high school, but she also warns them that if someone is faking Lilian’s voice on the other end, they’ll have hell to pay.

Nikki wants to test her first by asking how many records she’s sold. Gen asks Senku if they should wing it or play dumb, but Senku insists on calculating it himself. He comes up with 60 million copies. Nikki confirms. Nikki then asks for Lilian’s body measurements. Senku uses his memory to come up with her answer, but Nikki doesn’t buy it.

Senku decides to play Nikki’s song from the recording instead. It reignites Nikki’s old memories and cries. Still, Nikki realizes Lilian isn’t alive; Senku admits just as much. Nikki asks if he can revive Lilian’s other songs, but Senku says it’s impossible. Instead, he promises to protect Lilian’s last song. Nikki agrees to join their cause.

Our Thoughts

At first, I thought the plan was too convenient and ridiculous, but they turned it around and made it inspiring. 4/5.

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