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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Final Battle

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Final Battle

Life and Death

A volcanic eruption, a torrent of waves, and a great flood slowly led Senku to the Cave of Miracles, where he would eventually be de-petrified. As they prepare to ambush the entrance, Taiju and Senku remember the days when it all started.

The cave’s fluid can revive people, but it is also a component in making bombs. The miracle fluid can dictate life and death.

Ukyo tells Senku that Tsukasa and Hyoga are at the gravesite. Senku then prepares for their blitz attack, hoping the enemy falls into disarray once they hear the cannon. Magma wants to shed some blood, but Ukyo’s condition prevents them from doing so.

The Steam Gorilla pushes forth along with the villagers; Senku shoots the cannon. Inside, the projectile is designed merely to create an explosion. It works marvelously and disperses the guards.

Senku commands the Steam Gorilla to push through despite the many traps, surviving the initial wave of spikes. Kohaku and the others follow along with Taiju on the vanguard with his carbon fiber shield. Kohaku disarms the guards with her speed while the others tie them up.

The Steam Gorilla finally falls near the entrance after meeting a barrage of traps. Magma checks in on them, so Senku gives him the go signal.

Magma takes a copper bowl from the tank and then Chrome lights it up. The villagers wear their earplugs on cue for the shock cannon. Then it explodes loudly, stunning the guards near the entrance.


One of the spies, Minami, runs to report the events to Tsukasa, but Ukyo and Nikki prevent her from doing so.

The next sound bomb gets disarmed by the last wave of guards inside the cave, so Taiju moves in to yell at the copper bowl, stunning the incoming force. Twenty seconds of the ambush ends, and their assault succeeds without casualties. They’ve secured the Cave of Miracles.

Taiju stares at the pail of miracle fluid, remembering how long the journey took. They lived under Tsukasa’s empire for a year and built the cross that was Senku’s grave. Taiju raises the miracle fluid above his head and celebrates. Senku returns to the tank and tells them they’ll have to start making bombs — Tsukasa’s threat still looms.

He takes a jar of sulfur and coal for their bomb-making kit, but then Ukyo hears Hyoga and Tsukasa rapidly approaching.

Before he could warn them, Hyoga’s spear hits Ukyo and the jar of chemicals. Tsukasa and Hyoga arrive with their intimidating presence.


Hyoga tells them their victory is at an end. Tsukasa addresses Senku, lamenting he has to kill him twice. Senku tells him he came from hell to meet him. Suddenly, the rest of Tsukasa’s men surround them.

Gen speaks inside the tank using Lilian’s voice, but Hyoga tells the others it’s a ruse. Tsukasa and Hyoga declare their loss, with Hyoga offering to let the villagers live as long as Senku dies.

Taiju objects, saying he won’t go through it again. Senku laughs and tells him things are different; he has more friends than before. The villagers arm themselves and prepare for a skirmish.

Kohaku addresses Tsukasa and introduces the Kingdom of Science. She leads the team to a defensive position around the cave entrance.

Hyoga smashes the ground and disperses them with Tsukasa close by. Senku rushes towards the cave. The rush is on to secure the miracle fluid.

Our Thoughts

This episode had me glued to my seat with all its twists and turns. 4/5.

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