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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – An American Auction in Paris

BY Angela

Published 8 months ago

Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - An American Auction in Paris

Emily presents her idea for Champère to Sylvie and Luc, telling them Camille wants to meet them later that night at an art gallery opening. After her presentation, Julien tells Sylvie that Antoine called. Still disappointed about the St. Barts trip, Sylvie tells him to let Antoine know she’s unavailable. Julien also tells Emily that Judith Robertson from the American Friends of the Louvre (AFL) called for her.

Emily meets Judith for lunch, where she learns AFL is having an auction, and they would like to have one of Pierre Cadault’s pieces up. Emily contacts Mathieu to see if she can meet him and Pierre in the atelier to discuss AFL’s agenda. He tells her Pierre’s very busy, but he can meet Emily for a drink later that night. Emily tells him she’s got to be at an art gallery; he tells her he’d be there.

Sylvie and Luc arrive at the gallery. Emily introduces them to Camille. Mathieu also comes and joins them, taking Sylvie by surprise. After presenting an art piece, Camille asks Emily about Mathieu, saying he looks at Emily very specially. She tells Emily he’s perfect for her, while Gabriel isn’t impressed by him.

Emily accepts Mathieu’s invitation to supper; the two leave the gallery together. They spot an ad for Grey Space, an American avant-garde designer team creating waves for their brand online, as they walk home. Emily mentions how skilled they are at attracting attention. She also informs Mathieu about the next AFL auction and how Pierre is being asked to donate a dress. He asks her to visit the atelier the next day to check if anything is suitable for the event.

Emily googles Mathieu the next morning at her desk as Sylvie walks in, asking questions about Mathieu. Julien approaches them with a gift from Antoine to Sylvie, which Sylvie asks to return. Luc opens it — nipple rings.

At the auction night, Sylvie, Pierre, and Mathieu are present. Grey Space is also present, which Judith appreciates. Because the model scheduled to wear Pierre’s dress cannot make it, Emily finds herself wearing it while it is being auctioned. The bidding begins. Pierre is taken aback when he learns Grey Space is bidding on his dress. They raise its value until they win with a 38,000-euro bid. Everyone is thrilled, even Pierre, until Grey Space approaches Emily and splatters gray paint all over the dress. This catches everyone off guard and leaves Pierre in tears.

Depressed by the previous night’s event, Emily finds comfort in Gabriel. He advises her to take the day off, but Emily continues to work. Sylvie informs Emily that what occurred was horrible; she will be fired if they lose Pierre as a client — even for the Chicago office. Emily sees the good side of things, informing Sylvie that the event increased Pierre Cadault’s fame. He has already acquired 100k followers from Grey Space.

Emily tries to turn things around by proposing a Grey Space-Pierre Cadault collaboration. When she confronts Grey Space, they tell her they’re fans of Pierre, and the PR stunt they carried out was done with no malice. Emily presents Pierre with a Grey Space hoodie with his logo on it, but he refuses to think they can work together. He believes his time in the spotlight has passed him by, and he is currently at his darkest hour. He sends Emily home and tells her she owes him no apology.

On her way out, Mathieu sees Emily and comforts her. They kiss twice before Mathieu leaves.

Our Thoughts

We’re so happy to see Emily has gotten Mathieu’s attention! After all, we agree with Camille — he’s perfect for Emily. We can’t help but feel sad for Pierre, but we‘re hopeful Emily can turn things around, perhaps in the next episode? It would be lovely and bold for Pierre to be associated with streetwear, right? Lastly, we can’t wait to see if Sylvie will take back Antoine. Yes, we hate Sylvie for being mean to Emily, but she deserves to be happy, too, just like anyone else.

PS. Those nipple rings are wild!

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