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Familiar Wife Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Familiar Wife Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Ju-Hyeok drives his parents home and ignores the calls from Hye-won. When he comes home after missing the book party of his father-in-law, he argues with Hye-won. She tells him how embarrassed she was whenever someone looked for Ju-Hyeok. Ju-Hyeok asks Hye-won if she’s not worried about her mother-in-law’s treatment or if it went well. Hye-won sees that Ju-Hyeok is already angry, so she tells him he can just give money to his sister if he feels guilty about not looking after his mom. “You never care about others’ feelings. You’re okay with someone losing a job as long as you take your anger out,” Ju-Hyeok says. Realizing that Ju-Hyeok already knows the truth, Hye-won admits she’s the one who made the post, but she defends her actions by saying she only did it because Ju-Hyeok made her feel bad. Ju-Hyeok doesn’t want to argue anymore. He ends the argument by walking away. Hye-won says Ju-Hyeok has changed and doesn’t follow her as he did before. “You don’t want to be with me. I get it now,” Hye-won says. She leaves the house and calls Hyeon-Su. When Hyeon-Su arrives, Hye-won tells him she wants to be as far from there as possible. When Ju-Hyeok receives a call that night from Ju-eun asking if he fought with his wife, Ju-Hyeok lies and says everything’s okay.

Two employees in the office are curious if Jong-hu has a girlfriend since he looks happy whenever he’s on the phone. He even pouts his lips and sends kisses. When they finally find the chance, their coworkers check Jong-hu’s phone to see the last person he talked to. They check the call log and dial the last number Jong-hu called. To their surprise, Wu-jin answers the call. They ask the two if they are dating, but none of them can answer. Meanwhile, a courier arrives at the office and has some delivery for Ju-Hyeok. He hands Ju-Hyeok an envelope and a suitcase and says it’s from Hye-won. When Ju-Hyeok opens the envelope, he sees a divorce application — Hye-won already signed it. He immediately calls Hye-won and asks for an explanation, but Hye-won just tells him that since she already signed it, it’s Ju-Hyeok’s turn. “Is this necessary?” Ju-Hyeok asks. “I’ve thought about this. You are not who I want anymore. And I can’t be how you want me to be. I need someone who puts me before anything else,” Hye-won replies.

Ju-Hyeok visits his friend’s restaurant to talk about his problem. To his surprise, Jong-hu walks in with Wu-jin not long after he arrived. Sang-Sik says he told the others about Ju-Hyeok’s problem so they can help come up with solutions. Ju-Hyeok doesn’t know what to do. His sister tells him he should go with the divorce, but Sang-Sik says he should try and save his marriage. Ju-Eun catches Wu-jin staring at her brother, but she doesn’t say anything about it. That night, Jong-hu lets Ju-Hyeok stay with him. And because there is only one bed, they decide to share. Before he goes to sleep, Jong-hu sends a message to Wu-jin. Wu-jin wants to ask about Ju-Hyeok, but she deletes her message and sends a different reply. She looks at her mom who is busy drawing and asks her what she’s making. “That’s you, Ju-Hyeok and kids,” she replies. Her mother drew a man, a woman, a baby, and a toddler — just like what Wu-jin’s family looked like in their previous life.

Ju-Hyeok receives a call from his father-in-law who wants to see him. He introduces Ju-Hyeok to a subcontractor looking for a loan to help them expand. He says they need 6 billion won. Ju-Hyeok’s father-in-law notices Ju-Hyeok is worried, so he tells him it will be good for their branch to get the numbers up. The branch manager talks to seal the deal with the new company. He says they will get the loan by the start of next week. Ju-Hyeok says they should inspect the new company before making a deal, but the branch manager believes they can trust Ju-Hyeok’s father-in-law.

Wu-jin asks Ju-Hyeok if she is the reason Hye-won is asking for a divorce. “That’s not it. It’s nothing to do with you. It’s my fault,” Ju-Hyeok says. He meets up with Hye-won at the Family Court after Hye-won tells him she will talk to the bank manager if Ju-Hyeok refuses to sign the papers. Ju-Hyeok tells Hye-won to think about it, but Hye-won says she has already made up her mind. She says she will let her parents know about her decision afterward. That night, Wu-jin comes to Jong-hu’s apartment after hearing about what happened to Ju-Hyeok. Sang-Sik also comes over to show his support. He hugs Ju-Hyeok tight and says, “I can’t believe you’ve become a stringless kite all of a sudden.”

During the weekend, the chairman holds a marathon. The bank manager asks everyone to participate so they can win the prize. Ju-Hyeok is sick, but they know that the bank manager won’t believe them if they tell him that Ju-Hyeok is not feeling well. In the middle of the race, Wu-jin hears someone faint. She turns back, thinking that it’s Ju-Hyeok. When she walks to the ambulance, she sees a different person. When she sees that Ju-Hyeok is fine and nothing bad happened to him, her eyes tear up but she bows her head so Ju-Hyeok won’t notice. Meanwhile, Hye-won arrives at a shopping mall. She hears a familiar voice in the parking lot. “I’ll play with her for a while, get some money off her, and end it when it’s time. I’ll tell her I’m traveling abroad,” Hyeon-Su says. Hye-won gets angry and hits him with the bag she’s holding. “Pathetic jerk!” she says. She thinks back on the times she spent with Hyeon-Su and realizes everything was part of his plan. She then calls the mall’s management to report Hyeon-Su, but she can only tell them that Hyeon-Su, who works as a valet, is repeatedly driving customers’ cars.

After the marathon, they eat dinner together to celebrate getting third place. When Ju-Hyeok goes out of the restaurant, he sees Wu-jin sitting outside, drunk. They go to the playground not far from the restaurant. Ju-Hyeok asks Wu-jin why she drank so much, but Wu-jin refuses to answer. He says they should go back because everybody might be looking for them. Because Wu-jin is too drunk to walk, they use the mini bike they found. Wu-jin rides the bike while Ju-Hyeok pushes her. Wu-jin falls off the bike after going too fast; Ju-Hyeok comes closer to help her. “I’m not okay at all. I know this can’t be. I know this can’t happen. But it happened against my will. Nothing else matters. Conscience. Guilt. I don’t care about those. One thing that I know is that I like you so much,” Wu-jin says. Ju-Hyeok says they can’t be together, but before he gets the chance to get up, Wu-jin pulls him and kisses him.

Our Thoughts

Finally, Hye-won knows the truth about Hyeon-Su. We’re glad it ended quickly. If it didn’t, Hye-won would just get even more attached to Hyeon-Su after separating from Ju-Hyeok. But because she can’t be with Hyeon-Su, does that mean Hye-won will get back with Ju-Hyeok? What’s going to happen to Jong-hu after Wu-jin kissed Ju-Hyeok? It’s not like Wu-jin and Ju-Hyeok can just act as if nothing happened. We feel sorry for Jong-hu because he and Wu-jin are already dating, and Ju-Hyeok is his best friend.

Maybe the tollgate only appears at night. Why didn’t Ju-Hyeok think about that? When he came back there in his current life, it was daylight. He should have tried to look for it at night just like before. But does he still need it? Wu-jin admits she likes him, and the only thing Ju-Hyeok wants is to be with Wu-jin. But will it work out? How can they tell everyone about it? If they end up together, maybe it won’t end up like the relationship they had in their previous life.

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