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Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 Episode 1 Recap- To the Waters and the Wild

BY Arabelle

Published 3 weeks ago

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 Episode 1 Recap- To the Waters and the Wild

The series starts with an old man checking their sheep. He noticed that some of the sheep were missing, so he went out further to check them, but he saw a dead one hanging on the tree. He looked around him and saw something about to attack him. He tried to run, but he was caught by it.

The scene changes to a girl – Bloom – entering a university and looking around. She received a text message telling her to meet Stella.

A boy approached her and told her that she looked so lost, and he was impressed with her confidence in her ignorance. She told the guy that she didn’t need his help. She told him that she was a fairy and was not used to being surrounded by fairies considering where she came from. He asked her where she came from, and she told him that she came from California.

The guy pointed to the places that she needed to know before Bloom continued walking. She meets with Stella, and they start to enter the university together. Stella showed Bloom her ring and told her about the seven worlds inside the university. The old lady told Bloom that her classes would start tomorrow and that she would begin with the basics. She needed to learn how to use her magic slowly but surely. She reminded Bloom that their magic was dangerous and they needed to use it wisely. Bloom told the old lady that she had entered that university because the latter had promised to teach her how to control her magic.

Bloom told her parents she got four roommates, and everyone seemed cool. Bloom ended the call with her parents. She told Aisha that her parents were both humans. She left their room and saw Stella changing her clothes for their orientation. Stella told her that people care about her looks, so she must dress differently. Stella used her magic, and Bloom wants to know how she did that, but Stella tells Bloom that she was a mentor and not a tutor.

Stella told Terra to stop putting plants in their house. Terra talks to the other roommates and asks if she wants some succulents. Musa accepted the plant, and she put the headphones on so that she would stop listening to Terra. Aisha talked to Terra and told her about the pool. Sky and Riv are training together when Riv tells Sky that he got slower that summer.

Sky told Riv not to tell everyone because he might drop out of their class. Sky is walking past the students when their mentor starts to train with him as he tells everyone that if they keep on training, they can be as good as Sky. He is a legacy, but he still attends the first day of their class. The mentor warned the students that their stay would feel like hell. He continued to explain their training method when one student laughed, and he didn’t like it.

Riv went out of the university to smoke in the forest when he heard something, and when he looked to his right side, he saw a dead body being eaten by something he didn’t know. The mentors and forensics went to the place to check the body and the reason for its death. The old lady told them that the barrier was doing its job. Musa talked to Aisha, and Terra noticed she heard what they were talking about earlier. She told Musa that she ignored her when talking to her, but she heard what Terra and Aisha were talking about.

Musa told Terra that it was just her thing and there was nothing wrong with Terra. Still, Terra told Musa that she had already said enough and that maybe she was talking too much before she walked out on Musa. Terra saw her father and asked if he needed help, but her father told her to enjoy Alfea since it was her first day there. Beatrix entered the office of the headmistress.

Someone is stopping her because the door is closed, meaning that Miss Dowling doesn’t want to be disturbed, but the door suddenly opens, and Beatrix tells her that she is a big fan of her. Mrs. Dowling told Beatrix to start studying their history in their library. Bloom recalls her mother asking her to go out since it is Saturday. Still, Bloom told her mother that she is a loner and no one wants to be friends.

Bloom entered the party when she saw Sky and told him many people were at the party. Bloom wanted to go out of the barriers, but Sky told her it was dangerous to go outside. Bloom asked if he wanted to escort her when Stella called for Sky. Bloom started walking as Stella told Sky that she didn’t saw him all day. Stella told Sky that Bloom was her suitemate, and Sky didn’t like her tone. He asked her so what if Bloom is her suite-mate?

Does that mean that he cannot talk to her anymore? Sky told Stella that he didn’t want to upset her since he knew what she could do if she were upset, and he told her that he always does the right thing. Aisha was swimming when she saw Bloom walking around the barriers. Bloom went out of the barriers and saw magic flying around the forest.

Bloom is trying to use her magic, but it is not working. She started looking at some pictures hoping she could feel anything and use her magic, which worked. Bloom successfully uses her magic but doesn’t know how to stop them and is losing control. Aisha saw her and told Bloom to calm down as she helped Bloom to stop the fire around her.

Bloom told Aisha that she shouldn’t be in the forest because it is dangerous. Aisha told Bloom that everyone experiences the worst, and being a fairy doesn’t mean they cannot experience any shit anymore. Bloom started to tell Aisha that she didn’t get along with her mother, and the flashback started. She was so mad when her parents removed her door, and her rage was building up, and that’s when the fire started all over their house. She told her she was sleeping in the warehouse until Miss Dowling found her.

Aisha told her that she finds it odd that her parents are human while she is a fairy. Bloom told her she was a miracle baby, and Aisha told her about a changeling. Bloom didn’t like what Aisha told her, and Musa asked her what she told Bloom because she was so mad. Aisha told Musa that she had just told her the truth because someone was lying to her. Riv saw the first year, and he asked him to drink. Terra saw Riv forcing the first year to drink the whole alcohol, and she told him that he was bullying the first year.

Terra started to get mad at Riv, so she used her magic against him. Bloom got curious about a changeling, so she searched for it. Stella entered her room and got the picture frame in her hands. She told Bloom that there was nothing wrong with feeling homesick. Aisha asked Stella if she had seen Bloom, and Musa told Stella that she was calm, but she was feeling guilty. Terra told them that Bloom was talking to Sky, and she knew what happened to the last girl who talked to Sky.

Stella tells them that Bloom is feeling homesick, so she lends her ring so she can go home. Terra told Stella that it was deep in the forest and dangerous. Bloom went home, and she stayed outside as she called her parents. Bloom kept crying while looking at her parents before she started walking away. She went to the warehouse and held onto the ring Stella gave her. She looked out the window and saw something that scared her, making her lose the handle on the ring.

She hides, but the monster keeps on attacking her. Bloom tries to run back to Alfea when Miss Dowling sees her and tells her not to stop while pointing toward their university. She ran as fast as she could, and Aisha, Musa, and Terra asked if she was okay. Bloom asked about Stella because the monster took her ring.

Sky saw Stella on his bed and told her that she could not be there, but Stella told him that she would leave before sunrise. Sky told Stella that she had broken up with him and Stella apologized to him. Aisha told Bloom that her parents were safe, so she didn’t have to worry anymore. Musa tells Terra to stop faking being happy.

After all, she can feel it because she is an empath. Miss Dowling told Saul about the Burned One, and she found a changeling. She also told him that she is worried about their students and that they need to protect them from everything. Someone from the students went out of the university to wake up the Burned One, and it turned out to be Beatrix.

Our Thoughts

It is an excellent way to introduce the characters. The story progresses while they manage to give all of the important characters in one episode. Bloom meets Sky when he approaches her because he notices she seems lost inside Alfea. He tries to help her, but Bloom tells Sky she doesn’t need his help. Stella saw them talking with each other, and she started not to like Bloom because of that. Sky was Stella’s ex-boyfriend, but she broke up with him for an unknown reason.

Sky told Stella that she could not stay in his room, but Stella told him to let her stay there because she could not stay in a place where everyone hated her. She is pertaining about her roommates because of what she did to Bloom. How will Stella react once she knows Bloom missed her ring? Beatrix is the villain as she wakes up the Burned One while knowing that it is dangerous t everyone.

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