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Feel Good Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Episode 6

BY Angela

Published 10 months ago

Feel Good Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Episode 6

Mae wakes up in Lava’s bed. Lava talks to her about their plans for that day, but Mae imagines that it is George talking to her. When she snaps back to the present, she asks Lava to repeat what she just said. Lava tells her that she should start going outside because it’s been two weeks since their break-up and George is probably on a date already. “Are you going to have sex with me or are you just gonna sleep in my bed indefinitely?”, Lava asks. Mae tells her she’s sorry and that the reason why she has not slept with her yet is she doesn’t know how it would make her feel. Lava challenges her to find out. Mae kisses her and they have sex.

At her flat, George watches a video of Mae’s act while crying. Phil tries to cheer her up. He holds up a tub and tells her that he wanted her to have something to share her feelings with so he went to get her a therapy dog, but since all the puppies look like Mae, he just settled for worms. George tells Phil to leave her alone but asks him to leave the worms with her.

Back at Lava’s flat, Mae tells Lava that she needs to get to a meeting. Lava tells her that she will pick her and Maggie up after the meeting. She tells Mae that she is trying to be more open to Maggie. She asks Mae if she should tell Maggie what happened between them. Mae tells her that she does not think Maggie needs to know they slept with each other because Maggie might make a big deal out of it when it is nothing but a casual mistake. Lava gets mad and walks away.

Before the meeting starts, Mae is getting coffee when Maggie asks her what she and Lava were up to last night. She says they braised a big beef, and avoids any further conversation with her.

During the meeting, David asks Mae to share her experience with the group because Maggie told them that she had a rough week. Mae says that she’s just tired of trying to do the right thing all the time and never having joy. She says that she feels worse than she did before she attended the meeting. She says she feels nothing, and that she cannot even taste food anymore. She tells them that she tried to have sex with someone the previous night and it made her feel lonelier. Maggie asks who she had sex with, so Mae lies and tells her she had sex with Peter Piper.

Kevin follows her and asks her to hang out. Mae tells him that she hates everything he represents, but when she sees that Lava is calling her, she changes her mind and asks Kevin to get drunk with her.

At school, Geroge snaps when one of her students called another student a fag. She swore and barged into Joyce’s office to say that she is going to teach her students about LGBTQIA issues. Joyce says she really should be teaching that because she should be teaching sexual health, LGBT history, and human rights. She even says that two of George’s students are trans.

Kevin and Mae get drunk and end up getting a matching Sum 41 tattoo. Mae brings Kevin to the Gag Bin for her act. Mae notices that there are visibly more people at the club than before, so she asks Nick why. Nick tells her that the people are there to see Mae, after Arnie’s video of her goes viral, with close to a million hits. Because of this, Nick asks Mae to headline that night’s show.

George is having dinner with Jared, Binky, and Hugh. Hugh talks about his and Jared’s dick and George asks them why they are talking about that and asks them when the last time they had a proper conversation was. She confronts them for not even asking about how she feels when they know that she has just broken up with Mae. She says she doesn’t know what kind of friendship they have. Binky tells her that they didn’t bother asking about Mae because they thought she was just a random chick that George is with for her jokes. George tells them she’s in love with Mae and walks out.

After Mae’s set, Maggie comes barging in. She confronts Mae for sleeping with Lava and then abandoning her. Mae tells her that what happened between them was just casual, but Maggie insists that Lava has spent her life being abandoned by addicts she cared for so she shouldn’t have let Mae near her because she used her. Mae says that Maggie is the one who used her so she could fill her time until she got Lava back. Maggie says Lava told her that she doesn’t want to see either of them, so she has to rebuild their entire relationship with her from scratch again. Mae asks Maggie where she’ll stay. Maggie tells her that she doesn’t care and that she is not Mae’s sponsor anymore. Maggie leaves and Mae groans in disappointment.

Kevin approaches Mae and tells her that Maggie is a Dementor trying to suck her joy away. They both see that Nick left his backpack on the table and they both get the idea – they are going to get high with coke. They snort coke at a restroom cubicle before Nick comes looking for his bag. They make a run for it and end up taking more coke into Kevin’s house. When they run out of coke, they decide to have sex. However, Kevin gets turned off by the music, so they decide to just order more coke.

The doorbell rings and Mae thinks it is Kevin’s drug dealer, so she rushes to get it. However, she gets surprised when she sees Brenda instead. Kevin tells Mae that Brenda is his sponsor. Mae leaves. Having nowhere else to go, Mae makes her way to the community center for yet another meeting even when she knows she is early. She waits for the center to open.

Once inside, David tells her that everybody else bailed, so they will be alone. Mae tells David that she knows he doesn’t like her very much. David tells her she’s not wrong, but he says she does not have to like her in order to help her. Mae tells him she doesn’t like him very much either. Mae walks to a nearby table, so David thought Mae is celebrating a sobriety birthday. He congratulates her, but Mae scoffs as she gets the token marked ‘Day 1’. When David sees this, he realizes what has happened. He encourages Mae not to ask why she used, but why the pain because he says they all know why they use.

Phil plays the harp when George comes down from her room. He gets shocked when George hugs him. George tells him that she wants to make him feel like her house is really his home and presents a gift to him – a framed photoshopped photo of him and George. George tells him that he is really her friend. Phil says he thought George is going to say something about Mae, but George tells him that Mae has moved on.

Mae calls her mom who does not immediately pay attention to her. However, when Mae starts talking and Linda hears that she is crying, she gets serious and asks Mae what’s wrong. Mae asks her if she can come home. Linda tells her she’ll book her a flight and that they’ll send her money so she can get to the airport. Mae asks Linda if she’s mad at her. Linda says she was never mad at Mae and tells her that she will call her back.

Mae comes out of the community center and sees George outside. George invites her for coffee and says that there is something she’d like to show and tell her. They go to George’s house.

George tells Mae that she thought she was doing the right thing when she ended it. She says she should have taken care of Mae instead of doing the easy thing. Mae tells her she’s going to Canada in a few days. George’s mom comes out of the closet and starts a speech, but George tells her that it is already too late because Mae has made up her mind. George’s mom leaves ad Mae says she’s sorry. She says George was right – she has to be okay on her own. George tells her she’s in love with her and when does not know what she’ll do without her.

They kiss and end up having sex. Right after, George feels that Mae’s heart is pounding. “Is there anything you need to tell me?”, she asks.

Our Thoughts

Again, I feel so sad for Lava because, yes, Mae used her when she did not have anywhere to stay. I wish Mae just didn’t have sex with her just so she would not have hoped that there will ever be something between them. Now, even the relationship Maggies has just got back with Lava is in danger because they both have been careless.

I like that George made an effort and even included her mom, but she’s correct, Mae has already made up her mind. It’s good though, that Mae realized that she really needs to work on herself before she can enter another relationship again. When George and she were together, they were nothing but toxic, and if they will force themselves into another relationship before addressing their current issues they are bound to hurt themselves again. They had sex and I hope that’s just it.

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