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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – The Ugly Truth

BY Arabelle

Published 2 weeks ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - The Ugly Truth

The episode starts with people inside the temple meditating. Nanno, the protagonist of the story, tells us how people in this world always want to have a beautiful life despite the world being grey. However, she also says that a coin always has two sides, and so do people. Many pretentious people make themselves look kind, but in reality, there is always a bad side to them. Mr. Win, a university professor, explains the importance of meditating inside the meeting room.

Everyone inside agrees with him and tells him that his project needs to start because it will bring an excellent reputation to their school. The principal also asks other teachers if they have other suggestions. One teacher suggests the importance of safe sex among their students. Another teacher argues with her because they have different beliefs, but the former says that using condoms is essential in preventing the spread of STDs when having sex. The others disagree with her, telling her that her idea would make their students obsessed with sex.

Mr. Win stops them from arguing. He says they need to check the project’s pros and cons before deciding what to do with that. He also instructs them to make another video project, showing the students’ daily activities. He suggests doing yoga to help the students ease their minds and not think of sex or other things.

Nanno is in front of everyone, and she introduces herself. She is a transfer student, with Mr. Win as her new homeroom teacher. Mr. Win asks the class if someone is interested in taking part in their yoga video. A girl raises her hand to volunteer, and Nanno also volunteers. 

Mr. Win was still looking for volunteers when Ms. Mali called out a student named Mei and asked her if she wanted to take part since the former knew Mei practices yoga. However, Mei sat still and didn’t say anything. Mr. Win told Ms. Mali that it was okay if Mei didn’t want to be part of the yoga video because she seemed busy, and two volunteers were already enough. He told the two volunteers to meet him in the audiovisual room. There, they rehearsed for the video.

After that, Mr. Win goes home and eats dinner with his wife and daughter, Vaew. At the table, his wife reads the letter Vaew made for him.

The next day, Nanno had told Ing that their rehearsal was canceled. However, Nanno attended their rehearsal and was alone with Mr. Win in the audiovisual room. They continued to practice for the video.

While rehearsing, Mr. Win is being touchy with Nanno. After a while, Mr. Win tells Nanno that she looks tired already and that she needs to rest, all while his face is too close to Nanno. He tries to kiss Nanno, but Nanno asks if he is sure about that. After that, something happens to them, and Mr. Win records everything. He tells Nanno to meet him tomorrow at the same time.

Mei visits Ms. Mali in her office and tells her she needs to tell her something. She reveals to Ms. Mali that her friend is pregnant. Ms. Mali asks her some questions about the pregnancy.

Mei tells Ms. Mali that the baby’s father wants her friend to get an abortion. Her friend doesn’t want to do that but doesn’t want to keep the baby either. After a while, Mei asks Ms. Mali if she knows a place to get an abortion. Ms. Mali says she can take her there. Mei panics tells Ms. Mali that it’s not her, and walks out of the room. Nanno hears everything from outside Ms. Mali’s office when Mei leaves the room. Nanno told Mei that she knew a place and could take her there. Nanno also said to her that she would not tell anyone.

After their class, Mr. Win is waiting for Ing and Nanno. He announces that their rehearsal is canceled, but he also tells Nanno to meet him in the audiovisual room simultaneously. Ing asks him if she doesn’t need to come with Nanno. Mr. Win said that the video they will rehearse is just Nanno’s part. Mei hears the conversation. Inside the media room, Mr. Win immediately kisses Nanno, and she asks him if he is not afraid that someone will enter the room.

Nanno stood still, and Mr. Win told Nanno that he had something to show her. He then played the video of what they had done the day before. Nanno reminded Mr. Win that he already had a family and that what they did was wrong. Mr. Win threatened Nanno that he would release the video if she didn’t do what he wanted. Nanno shakes her head.

After that, Mr. Win went home. He went to talk to his wife, Wan, but she didn’t reply. She gave him his phone, and Mr. Win asked her where she had found it. Wan told him that it was not she who found his phone, but Nanno gave it to her. He wondered if Nanno had already gone home, but Wan told him that Nanno was with Vaew upstairs and that she invited her for dinner.

At the dining table, Nanno is smiling creepily at Mr. Win while looking around the house. Vaew tells Nanno to eat more food because she looks so thin. Nanno told them that Mr. Win had said that her body was good, so he invited her to film the yoga video project for their school. Vaew says Nanno has helped her with her assignment, so Wan asks Nanno if she can help and tutor Vaew whenever she’s free because she and Win have not been available that much lately. Nanno agrees, and Vaew is happy to know that Nanno will tutor her.

After their dinner, Win steps outside and listens to the recording on his phone. After that, he receives a text message from Nanno. The next day, Win looks for Nanno. He asks Ing about Nanno and Mei’s whereabouts, but Mei says they have both been sick that day. Ing then asks Mr. Win about their rehearsal, but he replies that it is canceled again. Win then immediately got out of the room. In his office, he tries calling Nanno and asks her what she is doing. He also asks her why she has sent him the audio recording. Nanno tells him that he looks like he loves recording things, so she has sent him one.

Mr. Win threatened her and told her to meet him again in the audiovisual room at the same time. Mei warned Nanno about Mr. Win, but Nanno told her not to worry. She told Mei to decide for herself.

Vaew and his boyfriend are hanging out together in their house because her parents are not home. They have almost kissed when Nanno enters the house. She invites the two to study outside the house, and Vaew brings them to her room. Nanno tells them she must run some errands and leave them in the room. She borrows Vaew’s phone before she goes. Mr. Win is inside the audiovisual room, waiting for Nanno.

When Nanno didn’t come, he called her. He told her to go there within 15 minutes or else he will release the video. After a while, Nanno called Mr. Win and said that the school gate was already closed. She then asked him if he could come and get her. He agreed, but he noticed that the school gate was still open. He went back to the audiovisual room, and Nanno greeted him. Mr. Win told him that she couldn’t access the computer because it had a password.

Nanno told him that she might not have access to the computer, but there was something she wanted to show him. She played the video of Vaew and her boyfriend. Mr. Win asked him what she was doing to his daughter. Nanno told him that she didn’t do anything, and Vaew was happy with what she was doing. Mr. Win tried to call Vaew, but Nanno answered it instead because Vaew’s phone was in her hands. Mr. Win attempted to leave the room, but it was locked. Nanno told him to kneel and beg. Mr. Win did what she wanted, and Nanno laughed loudly. She also told him to give her the password to the computer.

Mr. Win drove so fast to get to where his daughter was. Nanno was still inside the audiovisual room, checking the videos on the computer. Vaew’s boyfriend started receiving several notifications, which Vaew also noticed. She asked him what it was and wanted to see it. Vaew then saw the videos of his dad harassing girls. Mr. Win arrived at the room where Vaew and her boyfriend were and immediately hit Vaew’s boyfriend. Vaew confronted her father and walked out of the room. Mr. Win chased and slapped her. Vaew ran away after that and got hit by a car, resulting in her death.

After this, Ms. Mali can be seen walking home when Mei texts her to say thank you. The episode ends with reports about the school’s dark side that was once called “PURE.”

Our Thoughts
This episode shows the consequences of our actions. We must think about our life decisions and look at the bigger picture. Every action has consequences, and we need to be ready for it. We don’t know what and when will karma will strike us.

Mr. Win did something awful to his students by harassing them. Nanno came into the picture and helped students being sexually harassed by their school teacher. Mr. Win needed to be stopped, and Nanno did just that. Although dragging Mr. Win’s daughter into her plan wasn’t a good move, some may justify it by saying every wrong action has consequences. Mr. Win lost his family because of what he did.

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